WWE TLC 2020 kicked off from WWE ThunderDome. This post is on WWE TLC Results Dec 20th 2020 and full highlights. 

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5 Top WWE TLC Results Dec 20th 2020

Let’s quickly have a look at WWE TLC results Dec 20th 2020, and highlights.

  1. Randy Orton Vs. The Fiend-Bray Wyatt was the main event. And at the end of the match, Randy Orton set The Fiend on fire for real and won the game.
  2. Roman Reigns retain his WWE Universal Championship against Kevin Owens.
  3. The Hurt Business became the new RAW Tag Team Champions.
  4. Drew McIntyre retained the WWE Championship against AJ Styles and the MIZ in a surprising Triple Threat Match.
  5. The tag team partner for Asuka turned out to be Charlotte Flair, and they defeated Nia Jax and Shayna Bazler.

In the TLC Kick-off show, we had an Eight-Man Tag Team match where Gable, Otis, Big E, and Daniel Bryan faced King Corbin, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, and Shinsuke Nakamura. Daniel and Otis, along with Gable and Big E, had the victory.

And a lot more happened at TLC. Don’t go anywhere. Get a cup of coffee, sit nicely, and enjoy reading detailed analysis post on TLC highlights and results episode.

WWE TLC Results Dec 20th, 2020 And Match Card

In this post, we have covered the WWE TLC Results Dec 20th 2020 detailed analysis, review of the TLC event along with the full match highlights, results, and winners. Let’s check out WWE TLC 2020 detailed fight summary.

Drew McIntyre vs. AJ Styles

AJ Styles had the opportunity to win the WWE Championship against Drew McIntyre. AJ showed good strength in the beginning. Drew soon hits with a suplex and tosses AJ around the ring post.

wwe tlc results dec 20th 2020

Outside the ring, Drew was setting up the table and then moved Styles into the barricades. Drew had the ladder set up, but soon AJ came inside the ring with a steel chair and moved him out. AJ looked for building the Styles clash set up and got hit with a Future shock DDT by Drew. AJ looked for damaging Drew’s knee using a steel chair and went for locking him to another calf crusher. Styles moved Drew out of the ring. When AJ attempted to climb up the ropes, McIntyre showed up again and tossed a chair. Drew brought a table inside the ring. 

AJ moved him to the ladders before he could use the table. Styles looked for going on top of the ladders but soon, Drew moved him outside all the way through a table. It was initially a one-on-one match when AJ Styles and Drew McIntyre were inside the ring.

But when McIntyre was about to win the match, Miz and Morison interfered in the match and moved Drew through the table. And guess what Miz cashed in Money in the Bank contract and joined the game. When Miz was about to secure the victory, AJ’s bodyguard-Omos dragged him outside. There was chaos as Morrison also attacked Olmos. Styles and McIntyre regained the strength, and both went on the ladder to take the hanging title. Miz joined the battle by setting up a ladder beside them. AJ went down, and Miz followed him. AJ returned to the ladder before McIntyre could proceed to finish the match. Drew tossed the ladder, and Miz and Styles were on it. McIntyre hits Miz with a claymore and picks up the WWE Championship title. In the end, Drew McIntyre retained the WWE Championship title by defeating AJ Styles and Miz.

Result: Drew McIntyre is the winner.

Carmella vs. Sasha Banks

Carmella and Sasha Banks had a face-off for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. As the match began, Carmella escaped from the ring, and Sasha did not utilize the early advantage and acted recklessly.

wwe tlc 2020 full show highlights

Sasha successfully receives a near fall and moves out Carmella. Carmella’s assistant Reginald showed up. Banks received a Meteora and went for hitting Carmella with the Three Amigos. Sasha received the frog splash as well, but Carmella managed to come out of it. Carmella moved Sasha to the mat and went for a superkick. Carmella then locked in the Code of Silence, which was broken by Sasha. As Sasha looked for locking in the Bank Statement, Reginald came and moved her out. Carmella used the distraction, and she hits with a couple of superkicks. Sasha Banks locked in the Bank Statement and won the match by retaining her SmackDown Women’s Championship title.

Result: Sasha Banks is the winner.

The New Day vs. The Hurt Business

Kofi and Alexander started the match. In the beginning, The New Day was dominating the game. Xavier went for a drive through the ropes and moved Cedric outside.

wwe tlc 2020 winners

Kofi hits Shelton inside the ring with a stomp. Cedric got hit with SOS, but he went for hitting the Brainbuster. Xavier then got hit with Neutralizer followed by a Paydirt, and they shifted their focus on Kofi. Shelton went for hitting a suplex, and Cedric returned with a tag and went for hitting the Lumbar Check for winning the match. And the match result was that The Hurt business became the new RAW tag team champions.

Result: The Hurt Business is the winner.

 Asuka and Charlotte Flair vs. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler

It was now time for the SmackDown Women Tag Team Championship match. As you guys know that Lana got seriously injured on WWE SmackDown on 18th Dec 2020.

wwe tlc 2020 results

So Asuka had a new tag team partner who turned out to be Charlotte Flair. Yes, the Queen made her return to support her last rival Asuka in a tag-team match. Shayna and Asuka started the game, and Flair got tagged in the game. Flair overpowered Nia and tagged Asuka. Before Shayna returns, Asuka hits with a codebreaker. Asuka was facing a difficult time as Baszler began to hit her arm. The Nature Boy-Ric Flair was watching the match from backstage. We had a tag from both ends. Flair hits with a moon sault towards the outside, move down Shayna and Nia, and drags Jax inside the ring. Flair picked up the victory by countering with the Natural Selection. Asuka and Charlotte Flair are now the NEW SmackDown TAG Team Champions.

Result: Asuka and Charlotte Flair are the winners.

Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens

The BIG Dog-faced Kevin Owens. Roman was making his entry inside the ring, and soon he got hit with a cannonball by Owens. Owens went for hitting a splash, and soon Uso interfered with the match.

wwe tlc 2020 roman reigns vs kevin owens

Uso was moved out of the ring with the steel chair by Kevin. At the ringside, Kevin continued his assault on both the brothers. Roman hits with a drive-by and Uso gets carried away. Roman was furious, and he attacked Kevin and smashed steel steps into Owens. Roman then attacked Kevin with a ladder. 

Roman hits Owens with chairs. Kevin hits with a suplex and goes for climbing on the ladder. Uso returned and looked for a move down Kevin and Roman hits with a Superman Punch. As Kevin went climbing the ladder, Roman followed him and hit him with a powerbomb, and moved Kevin through the table out of the ring. Kevin managed to get up and went for dodging a spear. Kevin went up the ladder, but he was dragged back by Roman. Owens hits with the superkicks and moves Roman through the table.

 Kevin was about to win the belt, but then Uso was back again. Roman badly assaulted Kevin Owens, and Owens was barely moving. It was the BIG DOG at the end who retained the Universal Title. 

Result: Roman Reigns is the winner.

Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt

Next, the main event of TLC 2020 which was between Randy Orton and The Fiend- Bray Wyatt in a Firefly Inferno match. The Fiend showed his version of Christmas Carol before the match kicked off.

wwe tlc 2020 results and highlights

The Fiend continued to laugh as Randy punched him on his face a couple of times. Randy looked for an RKO, but The Fiend blocked it, and he hit Sister Abigail. The Fiend then blocked one more RKO and hit Sister Abigail. The match moved outside as both Randy and Bray were pushing each other into the fire. For attacking Randy, Bray looked for a leather strap. The strap was set up on fire by The Fiend and failed to hit it with Randy. The Fiend then brought the Wyatt Family rocking chair, and he applied gasoline on the chair.

He then put Randy on the chair. The Fiend set the chair on fire, but Randy got up at the very last moment. Orton looked for taking down Bray and then tried to move him into the fire. Randy made use of metal chains and got caught by The Fiend. The Fiend went after Randy with a flaming axe handle. Orton moved him down and hit a DDT, and threw the Fiend towards the fire. It was the time to see an RKO by Randy Orton again.

Orton checked on The Fiend’s body whether he was moving or not. Randy literally looked for setting The Fiend on fire, which he eventually did. It was Randy Orton who won the Firefly Inferno match. This is not the first time when Randy Orton had defeated Fiend Bray Wyatt. It has happened before too.

Result: Randy Orton is the winner.

Summing Up WWE TLC Results Dec 20th, 2020 And Highlights

The show ended up, and we had The Fiend continued to be on fire inside the ring. Not sure whether we see The Fiend again inside the ring or not? The TLC event’s end was quite horrifying.

  1. Some of the best title matches happened in TLC 2020 this time. 
  2. Watching Asuka and Flair picking up the tag team gold was sheer pleasure.
  3. The Big Dog showed that he is the king of the YARD.
  4. Seeing the end of Fiend was quite horrible.

And that’s pretty much it about WWE TLC results Dec 20th, 2020. We hope you enjoyed reading the TLC event post. Do share your experience on WWE TLC 2020?