Here we covered WWE SummerSlam results 23rd Aug 2020, highlights and match winners held on Sunday. Check out all the SummerSlam updates, news on who wins, and who loses the match fights. Go on and read what all happened at WWE SummerSlam 23rd August 2020.

We had some fantastic matches worth watching and lots of exciting moments at SummerSlam 2020. After a one-hour pre-show showing MVP being defeated by Apollo Crews and retaining the US Championship, the show aired. 

SummerSlam 23rd Aug 2020 Quick Overview

  • Some of the most brutal matches happened at SummerSlam in this history of WWE.
  • Dominik was successful in impressing WWE fans in his debut match.
  • At backstage, Dominik told Rey not to interfere in his match against Seth Rollins.
  • Come back of the BIG Dog- Roman Reigns.

WWE SummerSlam Results from 23rd August 2020 

Here are all the matches took place on the mega event of WWE SummerSlam 2020:

1. Asuka vs. Bayley (c) – A SmackDown Women’s Championship match

Asuka was dominating and took Bayley to the apron, hits her with a hip attack to move her outside. Asuka then went for hitting DDT at the floor, Bayley hits a cutter followed by the elbow drop and receives a near fall. Bayley got hit by a Superkick, and both collapsed after that.

wwe summerslam results 23rd aug 2020

At the apron, Bayley drove Asuka’s knees and locked in a submission move inside the ring. Asuka got dropped at the turnbuckles by Bayley. Next, Bayley proceeded to hit a massive dive, which was countered by Asuka into an armbar. Sasha was making attempts to interfere by now, and she took a hip attack. Bayley made use of the opportunity and rolled up Asuka to retain her title.

Result: Asuka got defeated, and Bayley retains the title of the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

2. Angel Garza and Andrade vs. Street Profits (c) – A RAW Tag Team Championship Match

Montez Ford kicked off the match against Andrade; at the beginning, Ford was dominating. Dawkins moved out Angel Garza after they got tagged in, and Ford went for hitting a massive dive to the outwards direction. The move was though caught by the opponents of Ford. We had Kevin Owens as a guest commentator for this match at the PPV.

summerslam 2020 results

As the match continues, we saw Ford having a difficult time and somehow successfully tagging Dawkins. Andrade was moved out by Dawkins using a spear; he also punched Angel Garza off the apron. Vega was attempting to distract the referee; Ford moved her out at the event accidentally. 

Andrade was occupied in keeping a check on Vega; meanwhile, Dawkins set Angel Garza up for making top rope crossbody from Ford, who marked the victory via pinfall on the 23rd August SummerSlam 2020.

Result: Angel Garza and Andrade got defeated by The Street Profits. The Street Profits retained the RAW Tag Team Championships.

3. Sonya Deville vs. Mandy Rose- A No DQ match

Sonya made the first punch in the match, and she was moved outside, where Mandy Rose was successful in getting the advantage with a suplex at the ramp. Mandy Rose went for hitting the clothesline from the desk of announcers before she brings out the table.

sonya deville summerslam

Soon Deville recovered, and she slammed the head of Mandy into the announcement desk and received a near fall inside the ring. Sonya locked in a sleeper hold followed by the triangle; Many Rose managed to get out of it.

Many Rose set up Sonya on the table, but Sonya rolled off in time. Mandy began to toss chairs at Sony and made a huge kick. Mandy hits a trio of running knees, followed by a fourth one for achieving the big win at the PPV.

Result: Sonya Deville got defeated by Mandy Rose.

4. Dominik Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins- A NO DQ Match

At SummerSlam 2020, Dominik marked his debut inside the ring, and Rey Mysterio (his dad) was standing in his corner, and Murphy was present in the corner of Rollins. As the match started, Seth Rollins was very confident, and Dominik was making attempts to take it slowly in the beginning. Seth Rollins got impressed as Dominik hits some arm drags.

seth rollins summerslam

Seth Rollins bring in Kendo Stick, and Dom snatched it right away, but a veteran took it down. Rollins began to taunt Rey as he was having Dominik inside a submission move as the match continued.

Seth Rollins brought a steel chair inside the ring and sat on it. Rey was eager to get inside the ring, but his son denied and said no to him.

Dominik then moved Seth Rollins into the steel chair and then hit a DDT to receive a near fall. Dom brought a Kendo Stick and began to attack Seth Rollins using it. Rollins was hitting the Superplex to Falcon Arrow, and he used Kendo Stick when Dom kicked out at the event.

Rollins brought a table, and he was about to move Dominik through it, but he countered him, and both of them went through the table. Dominik then hits the frog splash to get a near fall. Seth Rollins then hits a superkick followed by a powerbomb and hits Dom with the stick again.

Rollins tried for some handcuffs, and by now, Rey’s wife was coming out. Rollins was distracted by this, and Dom tried to receive the pin, but Murphy moved him out with a knee. Murphy was attempting to take out Dominik’s eye, but Rey Mysterio attacked him, and a brawl started between them at the PPV.

Rey was handcuffed to the roped before they moved towards his wife. Dom then attacked Rollins from the back and pushed him inside the ring for a 619. Dom attempted for another frog splash, but Seth managed to move his knees up on time. Rollins hit a stomp and pinned Dom to win the match.

Result: Dominik Mysterio got defeated by Seth Rollins

5. Asuka vs. Sasha Banks ( c) – A RAW Women’s Championship match

Sasha Banks started the match by being strong, and she attempted to hit Asuka’s injured leg. Asuka was able to counter some moves and locked in a kneebar out of the ring before she got dropped from the apron.

sasha banks vs asuka summerslam

By now, Sasha was in control and hitting massive kicks at the corner before she got stuck in a kneebar. Asuka hit a DDT from the top and received a near fall. Sasha then hits double knees and gets a near fall of her own as the PPV continued.

Sasha got caught up in the Asuka Lock, but she reversed that in a Banks Statement. Bayley started to make attempts for distracting, Sasha got caught in Asuka lock, and she had to tap out at the SummerSlam 2020.

Result: Sasha Banks got defeated by Asuka. The new RAW Women’s Champion is Asuka. 

6. Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre (c) – A WWE Championship Match

As the bell rang, Randy Orton fled the ring, and he was back for a moment before leaving again out of trouble. McIntyre was chased Randy, and this opportunity was used by Orton to attempt for RKO a couple of times, but McIntyre stopped him.

randy orton summerslam

As the PPV continued outside the ring, Randy began to toss Drew towards the barricades and announcer’s desk. Inside the ring, Orton was stalking McIntyre before Drew came back and started making huge moves to move Randy to the corner.

McIntyre is now locked in the Figure Four Leglock, and Randy jabbed Drew at his eye meanwhile distracting the referee. We saw blood around Drew’s eyes as they were trading fists, and McIntyre was hitting a couple of Suplexes and then a top rope clothesline.

McIntyre was hitting Future Shock DDT, and Orton kicked it out. Randy was now looking for hitting the finisher, but McIntyre dodged the Punt Kick into a powerbomb, and then he was trying to hit the Claymore but was not successful in doing so. Randy was looking for the RKO, but he got rolled up by McIntyre.

Result: Randy Orton got defeated. Drew McIntyre retained WWE Championship. 

7. The Fiend vs. Braun Strowman (c) – A Universal Championship match

Braun went towards Bray as the match begins, but he laughed at him and started hitting his ‘trying to decapitate’ move. Bray attacked Braun using a toolbox and then sent Wyatt into the barricades out of the ring at SummerSlam 2020.

summerslam 23rd aug 2020

Braun bounced off Bray to the announcer’s desk and then hits a running power slam on him inside the ring to receive a near fall. Braun moved Bray into the LED screens and then to the backstage where Bray hits Sister Abigail on the floor to obtain an immediate fall in the PPV.

By now, Bray started to dominate the match and attempted for the Mandible Claw, but Braun gave him tough competition. Braun then brought in box cutter and started cutting the ring mat for exploring the wood inside it. Bray then hits a Sister Abigail onto it.

For picking up the win at SummerSlam, a thread Sister Abigail was hit by Bray. 

Result: Braun Strowman got defeated by The Fiend. Bray Wyatt is now the new Universal Champion.

Soon after Bray Wyatt won the match, from no where he got a spear from Roman Reigns. Yes, the BIG DOGG made a come back to WWE SummerSlam. And his new t-shirt clearly says- Wreck Everyone & Leave! He not only attacked the new Champion but also Braun Strowman.

Concluding WWE SummerSlam 23rd August 2020 Highlights & Results

Under the latest broadcast format, we had quite a fantastic night at SummerSlam 2020. Asuka showed two great matches, and Rollins vs. Dom and Randy vs. Drew was among the most physical matchups this year.

Watching Sonya and Mandy was also quite good, and Braun and Bray got the most memorable exchange at the PPV. Guys, we are keen to know from you all about SummerSlam 2020. Please share your views, thoughts, and was the event up to your expectation or not in our comment section. Stay tuned with us for latest updates on WWE events.