WWE’s latest episode of SmackDown was kicked off from WWE ThunderDome, Amway Center, Florida. WWE fans can read about WWE SmackDown highlights 23rd Oct and match results in this post. In the commentary section, we had Michael Cole and Corey Graves.

Kevin Owens began the show. We had the first guest of the season, Daniel Bryan, with us. KO and Bryan talked about the future of the blue brand. Daniel suggested that every Friday Intercontinental Championship should be challenged. KO shared other plans like he and Bryan can form a tag team for challenging the tag titles.

Top Hits of WWE SmackDown Latest Episode of 23rd Oct 2020

  • Roman Reigns got humiliated by Jey Uso right before the PPV.
  • Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode said they are the best tag team so far.
  • Miz’s lawyer charged Otis for giving him emotional and physical losses.
  • Sami Zyan told Bryan he should stay away from the Intercontinental Championship.
  • Seth Rollins was planning to take revenge on Murphy as he was all set to face him in a match.
  • Gable said that he quits being Shorty G, and now he will be Chad Gable again.
  • Bayley mocked Sasha Banks, and then she showed up with the WWE Hell in a Cell match contract.

WWE SmackDown Highlights 23rd Oct 2020

Read about complete match details and winners here.

1. Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura, Roode and Ziggler vs. Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens, The Street Profits

Cesaro was in control initially; meanwhile, Dawkins was getting hit, and Roode received the tag. Ford received the tag; the champions hit Roode with a double team move. Dolph returned and hit a dropkick.

wwe smackdown highlights 23rd oct

Daniel Bryan, after receiving the tag, hits with a massive dive on Cesaro towards the outside. Daniel got stuck inside the ring while he attempted to strike a dive.

Bryan further hits Cesaro with a running knee, but his knees got injured while he tried to perform his signature move, i.e., the turnbuckle’s flip. Cesaro hit Bryan with a weakened knee and moved him outside.

Bryan returned to the ring and got hits by Dolph, Roode, and Cesaro. Bryan gave a tough fight to all and went for hitting Roode with a missile dropkick. Bryan tagged in Dawkins.

Inside the ring, Cesaro and Dawkins were there. Bryan moved down Shinsuke, and Roode and Ziggler were hit with a cannonball by Kevin.

Ford received the pin, and Cesaro hits a Spinebuster to Cesaro.

Result: Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan, and The Street Profits are the winners.

2. Zelina Vega vs. Bianca Belair

Belair tossed Zelina around the ring. Zelina attempted to hit a hurricanrana, but it was countered. Bianca was passing comments on Vega, and Zelina returned to hit Belair with massive kicks and began to dominate the match with a Rana.

wwe smackdown 23rd oct 2020 results

Vega attempted a move that was countered by Belair. Belair lifted Zelina and tossed her aside. Zelina was hit with a KOD, and Belair wins the match after this.

Result: Bianca Belair is the winner.

3. Shorty G vs. Lars Sullivan

Shorty G was all prepared to show Lars Sullivan that he actually is a part of SmackDown and truly belongs to it. Initially, Shorty was getting thrown as some ragdoll. Shorty went for hitting the eyes of Lars. Gable received some shots in, and seeing this, Lars became furious.

smackdown 23rd oct match results

Inside the ring, Lars hits the Freak Accident and becomes the winner. Shorty G crawled outside the ring after the match was over, and he said, “he quits.”

Result: Lars Sullivan is the winner.

4. Seth Rollins vs. Murphy

Seth was taunting Murphy, and soon the control of the match was with Murphy. Seth looked for a headlock, and Murphy moved Rollins outside the ring and then from the commentator’s table.

wwe smackdown results

Murphy hits with a Meteora, which injured the arms of Seth. Rollins benefited himself by holding Murphy with a dive. Murphy got hit with an arm breaker and got dropped down. Aaliyah saw the match from backstage. Rollins receives a near fall as he hits with a buckle bomb. To gain more near fall, Seth hits a Falcon Arrow. Rollins was furious and looked for hitting stomp twice. Murphy countered the move of Seth and went down for his good.

 Result: Seth Rollins is the winner.

Top 3 Predictions For Next Week’s WWE SmackDown 30th Oct 2020      

Here are the top three predictions that we think could happen for the next episode of WWE SmackDown 30th Oct 2020

1. Kevin Owens and Daniel Bryan might get a Tag Team victory.

In this episode of SmackDown, we got a sneak peek by WWE that KO and Daniel Bryan might soon form a tag team. We think this is likely to happen for real.

There is a probability that in the coming episode of SmackDown, we might see a tag team of KO and Daniel Bryan. If it happens to be, the newly formed tag team might look to face Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode or Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura.

We predict that if things happen, the newly formed tag team of WWE might win the match.

2. Bayley might attack Sasha Banks to continue the feud.

In WWE Hell in a Cell 2020, Sasha Banks might win the SmackDown Women’s Championship. After the event, things between them won’t be sorted if our prediction is right. So we think on next Friday night SmackDown to keep the feud continue Bayley might attack Banks.

The feud between Bayley and Banks is not likely to get over in just one PPV. If Banks wins the match, there is a high probability that she might get attacked by Bayley.

3. Lars Sullivan might look to face Kalisto and defeat him.

In this episode of SmackDown, we saw Lars defeating Shorty G. Since the last few weeks, WWE has been awarding Lars’ matches, and we think this won’t be stopping soon.

On SmackDown’s next episode, Lars might look to face Kalisto, and we can expect he might win the match as well.

Concluding WWE SmackDown show Highlights And Match Results 23rd Oct 2020

We had a go-home episode with the return of Daniel Bryan and some big announcement by Roman Reigns.

  • Bayley attacked Banks with a steel chair while she asked her to sign the contract.
  • Morrison testified against Otis.
  • JBL, in his final decision, offered Miz a match in the Money in the Bank contract.
  • Aaliyah stopped Rollins from hitting Murphy with a kendo stick.
  • Seth Rollins attacked Dominik Mysterio and Rey Mysterio.
  • Roman Reigns said that he loses the ‘I Quit’ match; his only loss will be the title. If Jey loses the game, both Uso and their family will be out of the Anoa’i family by The Tribal Chief.

This is all we want to share about WWE SmackDown on 23rd Oct 2020. We will share WWE Hell in a Cell complete match results and show highlights in our next post.