WWE SmackDown’s latest edition was held on 8th Jan 2021 at Amway Center. This post is on WWE SmackDown 8th Jan 2021 results and full highlights. Welcome to the one-stop destination for all wrestling updates.

Here is the video episode of WWE SmackDown 8th Jan 2021 results and show highlights.


A Quick Overview Of WWE SmackDown 1/8/21

Before we began with the SmackDown show’s details, let us quickly look at an overview of the WWE SmackDown 8th Jan 2021 results and show updates.

  • There were two title matches on the show, one for the Intercontinental Championship and the next one for the SmackDown tag team Championship.
  • Guess what? For deciding the opponent for Roman Reigns for Royal Rumble 2021, a Gauntlet Match was held in 5 parts.
  • It’s Adam Pearce who will be facing the big dog for the universal championship at Royal Rumble 2021.

As the show began, Bianca Belair confirmed her presence for the women’s Royal Rumble 2021. As the show continued Bayley and Bianca traded some words at backstage.

WWE SmackDown 8th Jan 2021 Results, Match Card, Detailed Show Analysis

All the title matches and the gauntlet match held on Friday night SmackDown is discussed here. You can explore WWE SmackDown 8th Jan 2021 results and matches and learn what happened on the show.

1.Big E vs Apollo Crews- The Intercontinental Championship Match

On last week SmackDown Apollo accepted the open challenge by Big E. Crews showed up all set to face The Powerhouse of Positivity in an Intercontinental Championship Match.

wwe smackdown 8th jan 2021 results and highlights

Apollo hits with a superplex, and after that, things seemed to be unclear. It was soon realized that both the contenders had earned the pinfall simultaneously, resulting in a draw. Big E retained his Intercontinental Title.

Honestly, Crews seemed to be upset with the result of the match. Apollo slapped Big E, and he hits with a fist bump. After this, Big E agreed to have the game again right there. Big E earned the title back by getting the victory in the match with a real Big Ending.

Winner: Big E

2.Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler vs The Street Profits: SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match

The Street Profits had gone through a vicious chair assault by Robert and Dolph last week. The Street Profits faced The SmackDown Championship tonight and looked for taking revenge.

wwe smackdown live

It was soon realized that the leg injury of Montez Ford is not improved yet. Despite the injury, Ford fought in all pain as his opponents continued with their heinous actions.

For winning the SmackDown Tag Team title, Dolph and Roode hit with a Spinebuster into the ZigZag. After the match, Robert and Dolph went to attack The Street Profits adding insult to the injury, and moved them outside.

Winners: Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler

It was time to witness the most awaited match of the night. The Gauntlet Match.

Sami Zayn, Rey Mysterio, Shinsuke Nakamura, King Corbin, Daniel Bryan, Adam Pearce were in the pursuit of the WWE Universal Championship.

3.Gauntlet Match Part 1: Sami Zayn vs Rey Mysterio

While making his way in the first part of the Gauntlet Match, Sami Zayn said he had decided to have a documentary crew to check and reveal the conspiracy planned against him. He had lost his title of Intercontinental Champion.

wwe smackdown sami zayn vs rey mysterio

Sami didn’t realize that the opening bell has been already rung; Mysterio took full advantage and won the match by hitting Sami with the 619 into the splash from the top’s rope.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

4.Gauntlet Match Part 2 Rey Mysterio vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Shinsuke overcame Rey in an extremely challenging matchup in the second part of the Gauntlet Match. When the match was about to end, Mysterio looked for hitting with 619. When Rey hit the splash off the top rope, Shinsuke moved his keens up and made Rey tap out in the match by locking in the armbar.

wwe smackdown highlights

After the bell rang, King Corbin came and began to attack Dominik, Shinsuke, and Rey before his part of the Gauntlet Match could start.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

5.Gauntlet Match Part 3 King Corbin vs Shinsuke Nakamura

After facing a prematch attack by King Corbin, Nakamura was all set to have a third part of the Gauntlet Match against Corbin.

wwe smackdown 8th jan 2021 match card

Corbin fought mercilessly but lost the match as suddenly The King of Strong Styles hit with a Kinshasa and marked his second victory of the night.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

6.Gauntlet Match Part 4 Shinsuke Nakamura vs Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan had already told about his plans of winning the match on 31st Jan at Royal Rumble 2021. He showed up for the fourth part of the Gauntlet match to face Nakamura.

smackdown results 8th jan 2021

There was an incredible showdown by both Daniel and Shinsuke. Nakamura once again hit with a Kinshasa suddenly and defeated Daniel.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

7.Gauntlet Match Part 5 Shinsuke Nakamura vs Adam Pearce

Nakamura was exhausted by now after defeating Daniel Bryan. He shifted his focus to Jey Uso, Paul Heyman, and Roman Reigns. Before Adam could enter the ring, Uso, along with The Head of the Table, entered suddenly and attacked the war-torn Artist.

smackdown 8th jan 2021 gauntlet match

Reigns moved Pearce back in the ring and sent Uso for hitting Pearce with a superkick. Reigns asked for the opening bell after this. For the three counts, Uso draped Adam’s body over Shinsuke Nakamura. It is now confirmed that Roman Reigns will face Adam Pearce at Royal Rumble 2021 for the Universal Championship.

Winner: Adam Pearce

4 Top Predictions for WWE SmackDown 15th Jan 2021

1.The match card might have the rematch of The Street Profits vs Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode.

On today’s edition of Smackdown, we saw that Dolph and Robert defeated The Street Profits. In the next episode, we think there might be a rematch between them, and if it happens, chances are Dolph and Robert will retain their SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

2.For Royal Rumble 2021we might have the confirmation of Carmella vs Sasha Banks.

Watching the current scenario, we can say that there might be a match between Carmella and Sasha Banks. We think this match could happen at the next PPV by WWE. There is a possibility that WWE might officially announce for this match on WWE SmackDown 15th Jan 2021.

3.Big E might suffer an attack by Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews lost the match to Big E in this edition. Apollo slapped Big E on this episode and the game between them restarted right there. We think in the next episode of SmackDown Big E might get attacked by Apollo Crews.

4.For Men’s Royal Rumble 2021 match, Seth Rollins might officially confirm his entry.

Seth Rollins is among the top contenders of WWE to win, and his presence at Royal Rumble will make a lot of sense. We think Rollins might confirm his entry for the PPV in the next blue brand episode.

Concluding WWE SmackDown 8th Jan 2021 Results and Show Review

We must say a splendid start by the blue brand for the year 2021 it was. WWE has already made fans hell excited for Royal Rumble 2021. Memorable matches we got to see.

  • Shinsuke Nakamura was the star of the night.
  • Dolph and Roode won the SmackDown Tag Team Title.
  • For Royal Rumble, Roman Reigns vs Adam Pearce is confirmed for the WWE Universal Title.

So this is all about the new episode of SmackDown. We are coming up with exciting predictions on Royal Rumble 2021 soon. Do share your experience of watching SmackDown latest show in our comment section.