WWE’s SmackDown new episode held on 3/5/21 at Tropicana Field. In this post, you can read about WWE SmackDown 5th March 2021 winners and complete match analysis.

Here you can check out the video episode on WWE SmackDown 5th March 2021 results and whole show highlights.


6 Top Moments From WWE SmackDown 3/5/21

The Friday night just got over with a fantastic show of WWE SmackDown. Here you can check out the top moments of the blue brand’s latest episode before we begin with WWE SmackDown 5th March 2021 winners and show highlights.

1.Jey Uso and Daniel Bryan once again had a face-off and this time inside the steel cage. Guess What? Who was the winner? Guys, Daniel Bryan, won the match, and now he will be facing Roman Reigns at Fastlane.

2.Apollo Crews asked for a rematch for Intercontinental Championship against Big E.

3.King Corbin did not want to team up with Sami Zayn this week and challenged The Street Profits for a match with anyone member.

4.Seth Rollins made a statement backstage that Cesaro hits him last week as he is not willing to embrace the vision.

5.The Boss slapped Reginald later on the show.

6.Apollo Crews showed up on the show with guards and a spear in his hands and said now he is the Real Apollo Crews.

Daniel Bryan kicked off the show. Before Daniel showed up, there was a quick recap of Roman getting challenged by Edge for WrestleMania. Bryan said his total concentration is on his match with Jey Uso as by winning the game, he could get a chance for Universal Championship match at Fastlane.

Guys, hold on to your excitement as there is a lot more, which we will be sharing with you in this post.

WWE SmackDown 5th March 2021 Winners And Full Show Highlights

Now let us check out WWE SmackDown 5th March 2021 winners and what all happened on this week’s show.

King Corbin vs. Montez Ford

Last week King Corbin teamed up with Sami Zayn in a match against The Street Profits and got defeated. King Corbin did not want to team up with Sami this week.

wwe smackdown 5th march 2021 winners

Corbin challenged to have a game with either member of The Street Profits for a singles match.

Sami Zayn showed up on the blue brand and began to talk before King Corbin came. The Street Profits agreed to King Corbin’s challenge and moved aside Sami. Sami seemed to be unpleased by this.

At the beginning of the match, King Corbin hit a spine buster and then moved Ford to the corner. Corbin was dominating the game. Ford looked to have a sleeper hold in. Corbin countered the hold. Corbin got hit with a dropkick followed by a standing moonsault.

King Corbin earned the victory in the match by hitting with the End of Days.

Sami Zayn looked for Corbin’s help in his match, but it seemed like Corbin was not in the mood to return the favor.

Result: King Corbin is the winner.

Sami Zayn vs. Angelo Dawkins

Before the match with Sami, Angelo knocked Sami off the apron and straight into King Corbin. Corbin was furious after this and decided to leave and let Sami face his opponent all alone inside the ring.

wwe smackdown 5th march 2021 highlights

The Master of Strategist was successful in coming out of the Silencer. Ford started to mess up with the documentary crew members present outside the ring, and there was a distraction. Dawkins got a chance to roll up Sami and win the match.

Post-match, Sami was furious and began to beat one member of the documentary crew.

Result: Angelo Dawkins is the winner.

Dominik Mysterio vs. Chad Gable

At the beginning of the match, Dom moved Gable out of the ring. Gable returned and received a near fall. Dom moved Gable into the turnbuckles. Dom failed to hit Gable with Tornado DDT.

wwe smackdown

Gable almost received the pin but failed as Dom countered and had the roll-up pin for winning the match easily at the blue brand. Otis was present at the ringside and was looking to assist Chad. Rey showed up and moved him out and then send him to the commentator’s desk.

Result: Dominik Mysterio is the winner.

Shayna Baszler vs Bianca Belair

Soon after the announcement that Bianca will face Women’s Champion of The SmackDown The Boss at WrestleMania and will team up with the titleholder in a face-off with Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions at Fastlane,

Bianca fought with Shayna along with The Boss, Nia, and Reginald all together at the ringside.

 smackdown 5th march 2021 updates

Bianca Belair got moved outside the ring at Reginald’s feet. She was highly pissed and tossed Reginald at the ringside. Nia went after Reginald, but she ended up moving Sasha outside. Shayna looked for utilizing the opportunity and hits with a khirifuda clutch. Bianca left and hit the KOD for picking up the match’s victory.

Result: Bianca Belair is the winner.

Post-match, The Boss, slapped Reginald for interfering in the match.

Murphy vs. Cesaro

In the previous episode of SmackDown, Seth Rollins said that Cesaro does not possess the Killer Instinct, after which Cesaro swung him for about a minute.

wwe smackdown winners and updates

On today’s episode, Seth Rollins joined the commentary team as Murphy went to have a face-off with Cesaro.

Cesaro went for hitting Cesaro Swing and then made him tap out on the match to the Sharpshooter.

After the smoke got cleared, Seth Rollins and Cesaro were spotted starring at each other. Seth Rollins gave a standing ovation to the victorious superstar.

Result: Cesaro is the winner.

Jey Uso vs. Daniel Bryan

On last week SmackDown, Daniel Bryan lost the opportunity for the Universal Championship match. This week Daniel Bryan was once again all set to have a game with Jey Uso, but this time, it would be inside a Steel Cage.

jey uso vs daniel bryan wwe smackdown

If Daniel Bryan turned out to be the winner, he would get a chance to face Roman Reigns at Fastlane for the WWE Universal Championship match. If he does not win the game, he will be asked to declare Roman Reigns as the table’s head.

Inside the cage, both the opponents had a brutal match and tried everything possible they can.

After the opponents went to take action to the new heights, Daniel hit with a butterfly suplex and then moved Uso onto the canvas.

This gave Daniel a chance to secure the “Yes” Lock and made Uso tap out in the match.

Result: Daniel Bryan is the winner.

3 Top Predictions For SmackDown 12th March 2021

1.For Fastlane, Big E vs. Apollo Crews, might get officially confirmed.

WWE officially announced that Big E would be making a comeback in the upcoming show of SmackDown. Today Apollo Crews asked for a rematch against Big E. We think WWE might plan for a match between them at Fastlane.

2.The match card might have Otis vs. Rey Mysterio.

On today’s show, we saw Dominik Mysterio defeated Chad Gable. When Otis looked for interfering in their match, Rey moved him aside and sent him over to the commentator’s desk. We think WWE might plan a singles match between Rey and Otis in the next episode of SmackDown.

3.If Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks happens at SmackDown 3/12/21, Reginald might help Nia.

In today’s episode, Sasha slapped Reginald and made it clear she is no longer interested in being paired with him. Nia Jax said to Shayna that she thinks Reginald is cute. If WWE adds Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks in the match card of the next episode of SmackDown, chances are Reginald might support Nia and cost The Boss her match.

Concluding WWE SmackDown 5th March 2021 Winners And Highlights

What an unexpected end of the show it was. Daniel Bryan will now face Roman Reigns on 21st March 2021 at Fastlane for the Universal Championship Match.

  • As the show’s main event, we had a fantastic steel cage match between Jey Uso and Daniel Bryan.
  • When Murphy asked Rollins to assist him, Rollins told him to go away. It is clear that Seth Rollins is still upset with Murphy.
  • Bianca Belair and Mysterios earned the big victory on the show.
  • Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan for the Universal Championship Match at Fastlane is now confirmed.

This is all about the WWE SmackDown 5th march 2021 winners and match analysis we want to share with you. We will be back soon with our next post. Keep visiting us to get updates on recent wrestling events.