Do you know WWE SmackDown 29/10/21 results and highlights? If not, you can read WWE SmackDown 29/10/21 results and full highlight of show in this post of WrestlingOceans. The latest edition of the SmackDown show was held on 29th Oct 2021 at Mohegan Sun at Casey Plaza.

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The show was kicked off by Flair and she declared herself SmackDown’s Women’s division leader and also of WWE. She was interrupted by Banks also Sasha asked for a title match. Flair responded by saying that this is the new era of the Blue Brand and Banks is now the old news.

And the hot news is – Brock Lesnar was fined $1 Million. Yes, you read it right. The Beast was already suspended by the General Manager of SmackDown last week for his actions after a defeat against Roman Reigns in Crown Jewel 2021. And now in this week’s SmackDown episode, a video was played featuring Adam Pearce, punishing Lensar further with a fine of $1 Million.

wwe smackdown 29/10/21 results

During an interview, Paul was being asked about Lesnar. He was anxious and said he had no clue how Lesnar will react to the suspension and fine. He further added that Lesnar has not spoken to him and walked off.


 WWE SmackDown 29/10/21 Results & Show Highlights

In this SmackDown’s post you can check out match list held on WWE Friday Night SmackDown,  matches highlights and match WWE SmackDown 29/10/21 results with the winners.

WWE SmackDown 29/10/21 Match Cards

  1. Shotzi faced the Queen- Charlotte Flair
  2. Mustafa Ali was one-on-one with Drew McIntyre
  3. Rick Boogs and Shinsuke Nakamura vs Madcap Moss and Happy Corbin in a Street Fight
  4. Naomi vs Shayna Baszler
  5. The Usos vs The new day

Charlotte Flair vs Shotzi

From the ringside Sasha was cheering up for Shotzi before the match kicked off. Shotzi’s offense was reversed by Flair in the beginning but soon Shotzi returned with a basement dropkick.

wwe smackdown 29th oct 2021

Shotzi got dropped in the corner and Flair received a near fall for this. Shotzi then reversed a suplex into a rollup and got another two counts. Flair began to taunt Sasha meanwhile Shotzi was down. Shotzi soon got dropped on Flair by making a dive from above the ropes.

Match began to take turns and Shotzi was continuously receiving the near falls. Flair went for hitting a backbreaker and received a moonsault for the two counts. Sasha created a distraction to help Shotzi but was not successful as things worked in favor of Flair. She got a chance to go for Natural Selection and pick up the victory in the match.

Match Result- It was a victory for Charlotte Flair.

Mustafa Ali vs Drew McIntyre

Drew showed great strength at the beginning of the match. But things were not in his favor for a long time. Soon he got hit with a big boot followed by a dropkick. Drew responded to the moves by hitting Ali with an overhead toss.

smackdown live

Ali got hit with a neck breaker but was successful in dodging a Future shock followed by Claymore. Ali looked for a hold but failed as it was reversed into a Kimura Lock by Drew.

Match Result- McIntyre won the match by making Ali submit the match.

Rick Boogs and Shinsuke Nakamura vs Madcap Moss and Happy Corbin:  Street Fight or Trick

Nakamura and Rick came to face Happy and Moss next in a Street Fight. In the beginning minutes of the match, Nakamura and Rick dominated it. Rick moved outside the ring and started playing guitar which made absolutely no sense. Happy attacked Rick from the back and moved him out.

smackdown full show highlights 29th oct 2021

24/7 champion Reggie along with the title chases ran towards the ring. Rick moved Moss outside and moved him in a bucket that was full of apples. Rick was back inside the ring and got beaten up by Kendo sticks.

Happy and Moss attempted to move Nakamura over a table but failed as Rick saved him. Nakamura returned with a Kendo Stick and Moss got moved out by Rick. Further, Nakamura looked for hitting Corbin with Kinshasa but he was stopped by Moss.

Inside the ring, Rick was looking to hit a massive move but two people wearing some costumes showed up and began to with Rick with kendo Sticks. Moss got a chance to pin Shinsuke and pick up the victory in the match.

Match Result: Madcap Moss and Happy Corbin are the winners.

Naomi vs Shayna Baszler

The match kicked off and Sonya was favoring Shayna. Naomi showed up and hits with a Hurricanrana and moved Shayna to the corner. Things turned around; Shayna got control of the match with herself but soon Naomi went for a pin attempt.

smackdown winners 29th oct 2021

Shayna defeated the former Women’s Champion by moving her shoulders on the mat.

Match Result: Shayna Baszler is the winner.

The Usos vs The New Day: A Tag Team Match   

Xavier and Jey started the match and in the beginning, Xavier was in control and he tagged Kofi. Kofi had a near fall on Uso. Jimmy showed up for a double team.

wwe smackdown live 29th oct 2021

Kofi looked for a trust fall but failed as he got caught by Usos. They dumbed Kofi in the timekeeper’s space. Jimmy got hit with a massive move by Xavier and then got dumped from the ropes. Uso got a tag and returned with a neck breaker.

Jey was commenting on King Woods and then Kofi received the tag. Kofi had double superkicks and was further kicked out of the pin. Woods was tagged again but Usos failed to notice it and they tried to pin Kofi. Woods came and won the match by rolling up Jimmy in the main event of the show.

Match Result: The New Day are the winners.

Concluding WWE SmackDown 29/10/21 Show Highlights & Results

  • The initial first hour of the Friday night SmackDown was a little fun.
  • But in the second half, we saw some really good fights like a Streetfight and a tag team match in the main event.
  • It was quite shocking to know Brock Lesnar got fined such a huge amount for his attack on Adam last week.
  • Shotzi and Flair had an impressive face off and there was a no-show of Tribal Chief Roman Reigns on the show.

So, this is all from WWE SmackDown 29/10/21 show highlight. We hope you guys enjoyed reading this post.