We are back with a new post for all you WWE fans. In this post, you can check out WWE SmackDown 12th Nov 2021 full show highlights and match results.

Here is the full video episode of WWE SmackDown 12th Nov 2021 show highlights, match card and match winners

WWE SmackDown 12th Nov 2021 Quick Highlights

Before we begin with WWE SmackDown 12th Nov 2021 match highlights and winners let us have a look at what all happened on the show in a nutshell

  • In the beginning minutes of the show, Sonya Deville introduced the Survivor Series women’s team of SmackDown.
  • Aliyah and Shotzi were selected for the team with Shayna, Natalya, and Banks.
  • Soon there was a brawl between Shotzi and Banks and Naomi showed up. The first match of the night kicked off right away between Shayna Baszler, Natalya & Shotzi vs Naomi, Aliyah & Sasha Banks.
  • The main event of the show was Roman Reigns vs King Woods.

WWE SmackDown 12th Nov 2021 Full Show Highlights & Winners

Let us now see WWE SmackDown 12th Nov 2021 match highlights in detail along with the winners. The match card had many interesting matches and the main event of the show had a shocking end.

Shayna Baszler, Natalya & Shotzi vs Naomi, Aliyah & Sasha Banks

The match kicked off on the blue brand and was being dominated by Sasha. She tagged Aliyah for her in-ring debut on SmackDown. Aliyah got attacked by Shayna. Aliyah managed to reverse the attack and tag Naomi.

wwe smackdown 12th nov 2021

Shayna and Natalya isolated Naomi and later she got moved into the barricades. The match was then being dominated by Naomi and she kicked off Shayna from the ropes and received a near fall. The earlier NXT superstar showed up and went for hitting a massive sequence and then a Neckbreaker.

Natalya was back in action and hits with a Michinoku Driver but soon got hit by Aliyah with a suplex. Banks came and hit the Meteora and Naomi got hold of Natalya as she was looking forward to locking in the sharpshooter with the help of ropes.

Aliyah rolled up Naomi and picked up the victory in her debut match on Friday Night Smackdown.

Match Result: Naomi, Aliyah & Sasha Banks are the winners.

Los Lotharios vs Rick Boogs & Shinsuke Nakamura

The match was started by Humberto and Boogs. Rick hits with some great moves in the beginning. Soon he good cornered by The Lotharios.

wwe smackdown live

Shinsuke successfully broke up a pin by Humberto. Rick got hit with a double dropkick. Shinsuke got tagged in and he went for hitting Humberto with a baseball slide neck breaker followed by a knee strike. Garza moved Rick in to the ring post. Garza and Carrillo pick up the victory in the match by hitting Springboard double team finisher.

 Match Result: The Lotharios won the match.

Flair has a message for Becky Lynch

We had a surprising moment on the show when we learned that Becky Lynch has a message by the Queen. Flair showed up at SmackDown and she took shots at Lynch. The Queen said the new nickname for Becky will be Becky uh oh as she lost her at Survivor Series 2021.

wwe smackdown becky lynch

Flair said she is capable of defeating anyone and people can get fame and become stars by losing to her. Toni Storm interrupted Flair and threw a Championship match challenge. Flair walked off by saying she is not going to have this match at any cost.

Sami Zayn vs Jeff Hardy

Jeff received an early near fall. Zayn reversed it and unloaded on Jeff. Sami moved Jeff down and escaped the ring as Jeff regained the strength. Jeff hits with a dropkick and looked for hitting a Senton on the barricade but failed as Sami moved aside.

wwe smackdown 12th nov 2021 match winners

Jeff had Whisper in the Wind to receive a near fall. Sami dodged the first Twist of Fate but failed to do with the second. Hardy picked the match’s victory by hitting a Swanton Bomb. Sami Zayn is now removed from the Survivor Series team of SmackDown.

Match Result: Jeff Hardy won the match.

 Roman Reigns vs King Woods

The match kicked off and what we see is Woods moved Roman out of the ring. Woods moved Roman over the announcer’s desk by hitting him with a dropkick. Roman then attacked Woods and hits with a single right hook followed by an Uranage.

wwe smackdown roman reigns

Roman had a near fall off a massive boot and Woods received a huge kick followed by a DDT. Both of them went down and Woods hits a hell kick. Woods looked for going on top but got caught by Roman via right hook and one more Uranage. King moved Roman back inside the ring and hits coast to coast.

Woods thought it was time to win the match but no Usos came attacked him and moved him out. Usos moved Woods to the steel steps and then over the commentator’s desk. The match ended up in disqualification. Woods was down and his crown was taken by the Usos. They placed the crown on Roman’s head and the whole bloodline began with a celebration with the questionable king.

Match Result: DNF

Concluding WWE SmackDown 12th Nov 2021

Guys this is all from WWE SmackDown 12th nov 2021. An amazing show we had this week.

  • Quite a shocking moment we had watching Sami and Aliyah getting removed from the Survivor Series team of SmackDown.
  • Roman vs Woods ended up in disqualification and Roman has taken his feud with Xavier to the next level now.