In this post, we have covered WWE RAW Show Highlights 31st August 2020 and match winners. Read the post to get full insights about the show, match details, results, and more.

After a fantastic night at Payback, RAW kicked off with Randy Orton standing inside the ring. As Rey Mysterio got injured at Payback, Dominik had to fight alone in the show. 

Randy Orton shared the pictures of all those whom he had kicked in the skull. Keith Lee entered to confront Orton.

WWE Monday Night RAW Highlights Top Moments

  • Drew McIntyre won’t be competing till Clash of Champions 2020 because of the injuries he suffered last week.
  • The Retribution marked their presence.
  • Next, opponents for Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler get confirmed.
  • Kevin Owens gets attacked at his ongoing match.

WWE RAW Show Highlights 31st August 2020

Here are the complete match highlights and all details on what happened on Monday Night RAW 31st Aug 2020-

1. Dolph Ziggler vs. Keith Lee

Dolph initially made attempts to shoot in on Keith. Ziggler instead got stuck in Greco Roman knuckle lock. Keith then lifted Dolph with his arms and tossed him into the turnbuckle. Dolph gets rolled up outside the ring. Dolph made attempts to hit a neck breaker. Dolph moves down Keith and locks him in a modified chin lock. Lee gets back on his feet and gets dropkicked by Dolph. 

wwe raw show highlights 31st aug

Lee flipped Dolph off and his back and hit him a couple of strikes before hitting him with a Flapjack. Lee got hold of Dolph, and he collides with the Swinging Powerslam. Dolph went for ZigZag, but Kieth once again kicked out. Using Spirit Bomb, Lee marked his victory on the show.

Dolph Ziggler almost threw everything, possibly looking at Lee, but this time Lee was unbeatable. With this victory, Lee has become one step closer to his first-ever opportunity for the WWE Championship.

Result: Keith Lee is the winner.

2. Mickie James vs. Lana

Asuka was present in the commentary section, and she was yelling in Japanese. Natty ran a distraction, and this allows Lana to take control of Mickie. James gets kicked out, and also she got slammed down by her hair.

monday night raw

Lana went for slapping Mickie, and next, James again slapped Lana. James then proceeded for two clotheslines and set up the MickDT. Lana gets vanished, and Mickie marks her victory in the RAW by hitting the Mick Kick.

Result: Mickie James is the winner

3. Kevin Owens vs. Randy Orton

On his way towards the ring, Kevin Owens got attacked by Aleister Black. He hit and tossed him inside the ring.

kevin owens vs randy orton

Kevin pressurized the referee to begin the match on the show. Orton hits with sudden RKO, and within a fraction of seconds, he took Kevin down. It appears as Randy has succeeded in earning a new ally.

Result: Randy Orton is the winner.

4. Shelton Benjamin, Bobby Lashley and MVP vs. Cedric Alexander and The Viking Raiders

Bobby tossed Erik inside the ring. Soon MVP got tagged in and moved Erik at their corner and went for tagging in Shelton. Ivar also got tagged in and moved Shelton down and tagged in Alexander. 

wwe raw results

Bobby and Shelton double-teamed Alexander. MVP got hold of Cedric, and Bobby and Shelton together moved out The Viking Raiders. Cedric has no option left to tag in now. Alexander managed to roll up MVP and thereby wins the match on RAW.

Result: Cedric Alexander and The Viking Raiders are the winners.

5.The Riott Squad vs. The IIconics

At the starting of the match on Riott, Kay unloaded herself. Soon, Royce entered for making a double team move; Morgan received the tag; she went for a dropkick on Peyton and acquired some momentum. Kay gets tagged in, and she gets a near fall.

wwe raw show highlights

Liv hit a massive kick straight to the face and tagged in Riott. Kay was moved to the corner by Riott, but Royce managed to run at her. Inside the ring, Kay and Riott were left as Morgan moved out Royce. Kay and Riott traded roll-ups, and Riott becomes the winner at RAW.

Result: The Riott Squad is the winner.

6. Dominik Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins was angry at Murphy as the previous night; he kicked him because they lost and moved him at the backstage before the match kicked off at RAW. Dominik made his entry by running from behind; he moved Murphy down towards the ramp and went inside the ring.

seth rollins vs mysterio

Rollins was facing a difficult time, and he left the ring. Inside the ring, Dominik attempted for the 619, but Rollins moved out on time.

Dominik got stuck in a bearhug by Seth and was trying to stand on his feet. Dom receives a near fall; he hits a DDT followed by standing moonsault.

Seth Rollins got stuck up in the ropes, and Dom went for hitting the 619, but he missed a Frog Splash. Seth hits a stomp and becomes the winner on Monday night RAW.

Result: Seth Rollins is the winner.

7. Angel Garza and Andrade vs. The Street Profits

The four of them were inside the ring to have a tornado tag match. Andrade’s team had control in the starting, but after a few moments, Dawkins moved both of them through the middle rope. Ford was there in the superplex position.

wwe raw highlights results

Andrade and Angel Garza moved Ford inside the ring. Dawkins was back, and he took a massive kick from Angel Garza. Dawkins was successful in managing to have a double team move. Dawkins moved out Andrade before he got kicked in the head by the Angel Garza.

Andrade hit a double stomp on Dawkins. Andrade receives a near fall, and after this, Ford came and took him out. On RAW, lights began to flicker as it was The Retribution again marking their presence on the show. Garza took Demi and escaped.

Result: DNF

8. Seth Rollins vs. Keith Lee vs. Randy Orton- A match for No. 1 Contender for the Championship of WWE on RAW

Rollins attempted to ally with Randy, but he denied. Lee moved Orton down and dragged him inside the ring, holding his hair. Orton starts hitting Lee as he was distracted. Lee was successful in wiping out both superstars.

randy orton wwe raw

Orton tossed Lee into the announcement desk and the steel steps after it. The Viper moved out Seth Rollins after Lee was moved down. 

Keithere Lee was back; he tossed Rollins into Randy and wiped Randy out of the ring. Keith hits Rollins with a Spirit Bomb. Orton moved Lee out and hits the RKO. Randy picked up the win as he pinned Seth Rollins. 

Result: Randy Orton is the winner and becomes the No.1 Contender for the WWE Championship.

Concluding WWE RAW 31st August 2020 Show Highlights And Results

We had a fantastic show of RAW on Monday Night. Some of the fantabulous fights were there. Randy Orton is now eligible for a title opportunity. The IIconics had a lousy time at the show and faced severe loss. The Retribution was present at the show this time also, and they made a violent entry.

Stay tuned for more wrestling updates.:)