This Week’s WWE Monday Night RAW was held in Orlando, Florida (Amway Center). WWE Fans witnessed the event’s new edition and here we have covered WWE RAW Results Highlights 14th Sep 2020. Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and Dolph Ziggler/MVP were there in the commentary box.

Monday Night’s RAW begins with Drew McIntyre; he states that he sent Randy Orton to the hospital by hitting three Claymore Kicks. Drew is now back despite his injured jaw. He said that at WWE Clash of Champions, the WWE title match should be an ambulance match.

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Adam Pearce showed up, and he said that Randy’s condition is yet not confirmed, and there is a probability that he might not be present for competing at the PPV. Later in the show, Keith Lee vs. Drew McIntyre was scheduled, and if Lee wins the match and Randy’s condition did not improve in two weeks, Lee might take Randy’s place at the PPV, according to Pearce.

WWE Monday Night’s RAW In Your Face Edition Top Moments-

  • Asuka: RAW Women’s Champion got introduced with a new challenger in an insulting manner.
  • A wild steel cage match between Seth Rollins and Dominik Mysterio.
  • The Retribution crashed at the show and led to a brawl between The
  • Hurt Business, The Limitless one, and the WWE Champion.
  • Keith Lee almost had a title match for the WWE Clash of Champions.

WWE RAW Results Highlights 14th Sep 2020: In Your Face Edition

Check out the complete match details of RAW held on 14th September 2020-

1. Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro vs. The Street Profits

The Street Profits showed up for defending their turf against Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro, The SmackDown Tag Team Champions. The champs got the opportunity to show up at RAW by quarterly invitation of the brand to brand.

wwe raw results highlights 14th sep

Cesaro and Shinsuke were double-teaming Dawkins; he somehow managed to move down Nakamura and further tag in Ford. After receiving the tag in Ford hits with a dive on both the champions of Smackdown. Ford was caught after this, and he was sent into the barricades.

Dawkins then counters the Kinshasa, and then Ford hits with a FrogSplash, but Shinsuke got his knees up. Cesaro hits Ford with the uppercut followed by the Superplex, and then Dawkins sneaked in a tag. Cesaro appears to be distracted, and he got hit by Dawkins with a splash, and The Street Profits picks up the quick win on the show.

Result: The Street Profits is the winner.

2. Cedric Alexander vs. Ricochet

After aligning with The Hurt Business wallet of Cedric Alexander might be brimful, but it seems that he still has to look over his shoulder for Apollo Crews and Ricochet, his former friends.

monday night raw results

The match kicked off, and Ricochet unloaded on Alexander. Ricochet hits Cedric with a moonsault. Shelton Benjamin attempted to interfere, but Crews took him away, and then Bobby moved down Apollo Crews. Bobby Lashley got attacked by Erik of the Viking Raiders.

Cedric receives a near fall inside the ring, and then Ricochet went for hitting a dropkick. Cedric Alexander hits Ricochet with a Michinoku driver, followed by a Lumbar check, and defeats Ricochet.

Result: Cedric Alexander is the winner

3. Mickie James vs. Asuka- A RAW Women’s Championship match

Mickie James knew that this would be her last chance at a championship, and therefore inside the ring, she left it all against Asuka. Mickie James was wholly prepared for Asuka, and it seems that Asuka, too, was well prepared. The Empress of Tomorrow locked on the Asuka Lock; James tried her best to fight out, but she got ruled out by the referee. The match was awarded to Asuka as Mickie was unbaled to continue now. The referee stopped the game without stating any apparent reasons.

asuka wwe raw highlights

After the bell rang, Asuka got to face a new challenger. On RAW, Zelina Vega showed up, and she said her time was getting waste with Angel Garza and Andrade’s argument. Zelina continued by saying she is entirely ready for The Empress of Tomorrow and the RAW Women’s Championship, too, and slapped Asuka on her face before leaving.

Result: DNF

4. Erik vs. Bobby Lashley

There was a brawl between Bobby and Erik when Cedric Alexander and Ricochet’s match was ongoing earlier at RAW.

bobby lashley wwe raw results

As the match starts, Erik and Bobby began to fight in the corner. Erik hits Bobby with a shot to the stomach. Bobby then hits Erik with a Gutwrench Slam. As always, Bobby was dominating the match, and he locked in the Hurt Lock. Erik had to tap out as he was taken down to the mat by Bobby.

Result: Bobby Lashley is the winner.

5. Dominik Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins- A Steel Cage match 

Before the match began, Rey Mysterio was present at the backstage, and he said this time, Rollins should be afraid of Dom. Rollins had control at the beginning of the match, and Dom moved him down using a leg sweep and then attempted to climb out from the cage. Murphy gave Seth a Kendo Stick from outside the ring, and Seth used it to get Dom down.

seth rollins vs dominik mysterio

Seth Rollins was moved inside the cage using a powerbomb position. Rey Mysterio gave a Kendo Stick to Dom to he used it to attack Seth and gets a near fall.

Dom again tried to get out of the cage, but Seth climbed up along with him, and both of them tossed into the ropers. Dom attempted to escape from the door. Murphy began to beat Rey, and he slammed the door, but Seth Rollins was moved out of the cage by its entrance.

Dom tried to move out again, but Rollins got caught at the top of the cage. Rollins hits Dom with a Superplex into a Falcon Arrow to receive one more near fall.

Rollins was distracted for a while as he was passing comments on Rey. He hits Dom with a couple of stomps and wins the match.

Result: Seth Rollins is the winner.

6. Kevin Owens vs. Aleister Black

Kevin Owens and Aleister Black were involved in a brawl earlier week in the Raw Underground. This week both continued their rivalry by taking it to the WWE Thunderdome. Aleister went for destroying the knees of Kevin.

wwe raw highlights results

He eventually got distracted as in the arena; the lights began to flicker. Though it was not the signal for the intervention by The Retribution, it gave KO a chance to hit a stunner and pick up the quick win on the show.

Result: Kevin Owens is the winner.

7. Lana and Natalya vs. The Riott Squad

The Riott Squad was eager to convey a message to Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax in defeating Lana and Natalya as they will soon be heading for their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship at WWE Clash of Champions.

wwe raw highlights 14th sep

As the bell rang, the champions replied to their self-assertive challengers by making a surprise attack of Lana and Natalya. Nia finished off the attack by holding Lana and moved her through the commentary table using a Samoan Drop.

Result: Riott Squad is the winner.

8. Keith Lee vs. Drew McIntyre

Initially, Lee had the control but Drew moved him down. Both of them were down, and Drew regained the strength, hits with the Spinebuster to have a near fall. Keith overpowered Drew’s suplex. Lee hits with a clothesline to have a near fall of his own. Lee went for hitting Superplex, but McIntyre successfully kicked out.

drew mcintyre wwe raw

Previously Lee and McIntyre were involved in the brawls, and Lee was intensely focused too move out McIntyre and bring himself a chance for WWE Champions at WWE’s upcoming PPV. Lee did not get the opportunity to do so as The Retribution showed up once again and surprisingly hits both the superstars.

Until the arrival of The Hurt Business, the assault continued.

Result: DNF

Concluding WWE RAW 14th September 2020: In Your Face highlights and Winners

In Your Face Edition of Monday Night RAW was quite an amazing one. Blue Brand’s Champs got defeated by the RAW tag champs. WWE fans got to see another brutal match between Seth Rollins and Dominik Mysterio.

Asuka was introduced to her new challenger, and The Retribution once again intervened in the show. SmackDown’s Braun Strowman invaded RAW Underground.

So, this is all about this week’s RAW. Did you enjoy reading the post? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.