The latest edition of Monday Night RAW was held at Amway Center, Florida. Our new post is on WWE RAW Highlights 21st Dec 2020 And Match Winners. Read the full post to get complete insights into the latest episode of RAW.

4 Top WWE RAW Highlights 21st Dec 2020

Right after TLC 2020, we had Monday Night RAW show. Here are the top WWE RAW highlights 21st Dec 2020, which you should not miss.

1.The main event of the show was a Holiday Street Fight. The match was against AJ Styles, John Morrison, The Miz vs. Keith Lee, Sheamus, and Drew McIntyre.

2.T-Bar told Ricochet after their match either he should join The Retribution or continue to face the assault.

3.Randy Orton received a scary message from Alexa Bliss, and she said The Fiend is back home, giving hints that he might return.

4.Charlotte Flair and Asuka were full in action.

The show began, and Charlotte Flair showed up. She said though she had been away from WWE for about six months, nothing has been changed.

She was then accompanied by Asuka and both the champions celebrated their victory from WWE TLC 2020. Nia Jax and Shayna came interrupted them.

WWE RAW Highlights 21st Dec 2020 And Detailed Match Analysis

Here you can read about full WWE RAW highlights 21st Dec 2020. We have also discussed the full match card and the final match results.

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax vs. Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax come to the RAW angrily, and they looked at Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose for taking out their frustrations.

wwe raw highlights

Shayna and Mandy kicked off the match. Mandy hits with some massive kicks to keep the former champion in control. The game took a turn as Nia and Dana tagged in. Meanwhile, Flair and Asuka got involved in a funny banter with the announcers.

Asuka referred to Mandy and Dana as ‘Sexy Muscle Friends.’ Mandy and Dana moved down Nia. Baszler was under control, and Flair and Asuka were getting along really well. Shayna got moved down as she got hit with a kick. Dana hits with a top rope senton, and Nia Jax broke the pin.

Dana and Mandy once again moved out Nia. Inside the ring, Mandy countered Shayna. Shayna hits with a Kirifuda Clutch, and after this, Mandy Rose had to tap out.

Result: Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax are the winners.

When the match was over, Shayna and Nia shifted their focus to the new championship holders. Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke dispatched them from the ring happily and proved both are not backing down from chasing the title.

Angel Garza vs. Drew Gulak

As the match began, Angel Garza threw his pant on Drew. Garza went for hitting the double knees, and then Drew looked for locking in an abdominal stretch.

wwe raw highlights 21st dec 2020

Drew received massive superkicks, and Angel Garza received an easy win.

Result: Angel Garza is the winner.

 T-Bar vs. Ricochet

Ricochet started the match by hitting a big dropkick. Soon, Ricochet got stuck, and he was tossed away by T-Bar. After this, T-Bar looked for attempting a big lariat, and Ricochet was shifted down.

wwe raw 21st dec 2020

Ricochet successfully sent T-Bar out of the ring, and then he moved out Slapjack and Mace as they were looking to interfere in the ongoing match. Mustafa Ali showed up, and he shouted at Ricochet. As Ricochet went after hitting Ali, there was a distraction that was used by T-Bar. T-Bar moved down Ricochet, and then he won the match.

Result: T-Bar is the winner.

Bobby Lashley and MVP vs. Jeff Hardy and Matt Riddle

Jeff Hardy began the match, and Matt Riddle received the tag in the beginning. Lashley moved Riddle to the corner and then tagged MVP in the game. Lashley got tagged again, and Hardy hits Bobby with an atomic drop followed by a moonsault.

wwe raw 21st dec 2020 match results

MVP and Lashley got hit with Bro-etry in motion, followed by Floating Bro, and then Matt and Jeff moved both out of the ring. Inside the ring, Jeff Hardy was getting punished; he dodged a massive hit and went for hitting MVP with the Whisper in the Wind. Riddle went for a dive and moved out the tag champions. Jeff went for hitting Bobby with a Swanton Bomb. Bobby hit with a spear and picked up the victory in the match.

Result: Bobby Lashley and MVP are the winners. 

Gran Metalik vs. Jaxson Ryker

As Jaxson Ryker was ready to face Gran Metalik before their match, Elias sang a song. The performance of Elias was interrupted by Gran, and after this, the game was started shortly.

wwe raw 21st dec 2020 match winners

Elias was singing a song from the top of the rope, and the match started. Jaxson moved down Gran. Gran moved out Elias with a Rana. Jaxson Ryker quickly won the game as he hits with a sit-out choke.

Result: Jaxson Ryker is the winner.

Asuka and Charlotte vs. Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans

At the beginning of the match, Asuka showed good strength. Asuka had the Asuka Lock on Royce, and Lacey got the tag in the game. Evans looked for showboating, and Peyton made a tag and attempted to receive a pin on The Empress of Tomorrow.

wwe raw 21st dec 2020 match updates

As Peyton and Lacey were engaged in an argument, Asuka took control of the match back and went to make a tag. Flair showed up and hit Royce with a backbreaker, and moved her out. Evans was also moved out, and Peyton then locked in a submission.

Lacey attempted to move out Asuka. Asuka instead took Lacey at the ringside. Flair picked up the win by locking in the Figure Eight.

Result: Asuka and Charlotte Flair are the winners.

AJ Styles, John Morrison and The Miz vs. Keith Lee, Sheamus and Drew McIntyre: A holiday street fight

Sheamus and John started the match. Morrison showed good strength as the game began. Miz came and went after Sheamus. John Morrison came for hitting some cheap shots. AJ Styles got tagged in the match. AJ had a clothesline, and all three men went for cornering Sheamus. Morrison was facing a difficult time as the WWE champ received the tag by the Celtic Warrior.

wwe raw 21st dec 2020 live

Morrison got tossed by Keith Lee. Keith tagged Sheamus in the match. McIntyre, along with Sheamus, moved out Miz and Morrison. AJ returned, and this distracted Sheamus. Morrison moved Sheamus through a table. Sheamus regained the strength and hits AJ with White Noise and tagged Drew. McIntyre cleared the ring and hit Morrison with an Alabama Slam. Drew McIntyre looked for finishing the match. He failed as Keith and Sheamus stole the tag. Amos moved Morrison over a table. For winning the game, Keith Lee hits with a Spirit Bomb.

Result: Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, and Keith Lee are the winners.

3 Top Predictions For RAW 28th Dec 2020

1.AJ Styles and Omos vs. The Miz and Morrison might be there on the match card.

In today’s episode of RAW, Omos moved John over a table. Amos did so in the main event of the RAW when the 6 man tag team match was going on. We think on next Monday Night RAW; we might get to see another tag team match, possibly between Omos and Styles vs. The Miz and Morrison. If the game happens for real, our prediction says Styles and Omos might turn out to be the winners.

2.The Hurt Business might attack R-Truth.

On WWE RAW 12/21/20, we saw a celebration for the Championship with The Hurt Business. The celebration was interrupted by R-Truth, and he got chased to the locker room. We think in the next RAW show, The Hurt Business might look to attack R-Truth.

3.In the feud between Ricochet and The Hurt Business, New Day might support Ricochet.

Ricochet faced T-Bar today and lost the match. For the last few weeks, we have seen Retribution is making an effort to recruit Ricochet. We think in the next RAW edition, The New Day might show up to help Ricochet. Although Ricochet had been self-sufficient for a long but seeing the current scenario, it does make sense if he reaches out for someone’s help.

Summing Up WWE RAW Highlights 21st Dec 2020 And Winners

WWE fans saw exciting matches on the latest Monday Night RAW.

  • After the light went off, Randy Orton and Alexa Bliss fled.
  • The Holiday Street Fight was quite fun to watch.
  • New WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions showed WWE fans a great match.
  • The Miz and Morrison, and AJ Styles showed significant segment.

This is all about WWE RAW highlights 21st Dec 2020. I hope you enjoyed reading the post. In our comment section, let us know how was your experience of watching Holiday Street Fight.