In this post we are going to share WWE RAW 6th Dec 2021 full show highlights and match results. You can get a full glimpse of what all happened on the show here.

Quick Overview Of WWE RAW 6th Dec 2021 

Before we begin with detail updates on WWE RAW 6th Dec 2021 let us quickly check out what all happened on the show in a nutshell.

  • The match card had interesting matches like the Steel cage match between Kevin Ownes and Big E.
  • The Miz Tv made come back on the show.
  • Damian Priest retained his US Championship.
  • The main event of the show had a controversial finish.

A lot more happened on the show which we are going to share in this post.

WWE RAW 6th Dec 2021 Match Analysis And Results

On the match card of WWE 6th Dec 2021 there were different interesting matches. Let us check out complete match analysis, highlights and match results.

Steel Cage Match: Kevin Owens vs Big E

 Big E WWE Champion and Kevin Owens were all out inside the steel cage in an extremely thrilling match. Seth Rollins made his presence in the match by slamming the door of the cage on both the opponents. Big E connected with a Big Ending on Kevin on the middle of the rope and for winning the match crawled out of the door of the cage.

wwe raw 6th dec 2021

Post Match, The Visionary Jumped over Big E but he defended both of his WWE Day 1 challengers. Soon Bobby Lashley showed up and he loaded up with Spear and Hurt Lock.

Match Result: Big E won the match.

Queen Zelina vs Nikki A.S.H

Queen Zelina the one half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion was all set to have a face-off with Nikki A.S.H. and she successfully did that.

wwe raw 6th dec 2021 match results

Zelina picked up the victory in the match by hitting Code Red on Nikki and left her defeated inside the ring. Nikki A.S.H was being consoled by Rhea Ripley.

Match Result: WWE Women’s tag team champion Queen Zelina won the match.

RK Bro vs The Street Profits vs Omos and AJ Styles

 The match was started by AJ and Ford. Dawkins showed up for a double-team move and got a near fall. Dawkins got dropped by Omos, from apron AJ moved out Ford and went for hitting a dive on Angelo.

wwe raw 6th dec 2021 match analysis

Dawkins got hit by Omos with a massive slam. AJ was back in the match and Ford had a near fall. Dawkins came and Profits went for hitting Omos with a double dropkick. Inside the ring, Style attacked Ford with a vertical suplex. AJ looked for Phenomenal Forearm but at the last moment, Omos forced a tag. Outside the ring, AJ got attacked by Dawkins. Omos ran and tossed Dawkins into the barricades. The referee counted out Omos.

The controversial ending came to end after Omos tagged himself and Street Profits won the match.

 Match Result: The Street Profits won the match.

United States Championship Match: Robert Roode vs Damian Priest

It was time to witness another open challenge for the US championship of Damian Priest. Robert Roode popularly known as Big Bob was super excited to have a faceoff with Priest. Robert’s partner Dolph Ziggler was present in his corner. Robert went for using numbers game for his benefit but was not sufficient as Damian won the match by going for Reckoning and successfully retained his title.

wwe raw 6th dec 2021 live

After the match frustrated Dolph showed up inside the ring and went for attacking the US champion Damian Priest with a swift superkick. Following this Dolph made it clear that his rivalry with Damian is not yet over.

Match Result: Damian Priest successfully defended his title against Robert Roode.

Bianca Belair vs Doudrop

The tension between Bianca and Doudrop was at its peak in this one-on-one match. The match started with Doudrop blindsiding Bianca when she was on her way to the ring.

wwe raw 6th dec 2021 results

The opponents finally met inside the ring and the bell rang for the match. The match kicked off with a sequence of thrilling actions and Beliar moved Doudrop on her shoulders and looked for K.O.D. Doudrop was successful in escaping and she decided to walk off from the ring and get herself counted out. She was mocking Bianca after this. Bianca Beliar won the match against Doudrop via count-out.

Match Result: Bianca Belair won the match.

Miz Got Challenged By The Miz For A Match At WWE Day 1

On WWE RAW, we had the come back of Miz Tv. Edge was the guest of the night. Both Edge and Miz were making fun of each other and Miz called Edge weak as he was nice to him last week.

wwe raw 6th dec 2021 highlights

Miz threw a challenge on Edge for a match at WWE Day 1. The Rated R Superstar taunted him for fighting right there but A-Lister did not fall on his trap.

Alpha Academy vs Dom and Rey Mysterio: RK Bro Nament First Round Match

Dom and Chad kicked off the match. Matt Riddle was calling Alpha Academy ‘greasy’.

wwe raw 6th dec 2021 full show updates


Dom and Chad were trading slaps and soon Dom came in for a dropkick. Chad had a single leg carb and then he dropped Dom in the corner and further looked for a moonsault. For picking up the victory in the match Dom dodged the moonsualt and rolled up Chad Gable. Mysterios won the match.

Match Result: Rey and Dominik Mysterio won the match.

T-Bar vs Fin Balor

The Prince was looking forward to having his winning days back and he was successful in achieving this in his one-on-one face-off with T-Bar. Fin went for hitting his patented Coup de Grace for earning the victory in the match.

raw 6th dec 2021

Finn Balor’s victory celebration did not lasted for long. Post-match Austin attacked Finn. Austin eagerly wanted to impress Mr. McMahon and so he dropped Finn with an ATL. Austin took one more selfie with his current victim.

 Match Result: Finn Balor won the match.

Liv Morgan vs Becky Lynch

 The match was a thrilling one. For liv Morgan it was the moment she wanted as finally, she was trying her luck for the RAW Women’s Champion.

raw 6th dec 2021 results

The young challenger did everything possibly she could in the match. Becky grabbed Liv at the bottom rope when she was trying for the pin and gained the leverage in the match for retaining her title. Becky spoiled Liv’s moment in the main event of the RAW.

Match Result: Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch won the match.

Concluding WWE RAW 6th Dec 2021 Highlights

  • On the show we had two amazing title matches.
  • The thrilling steel cage’s match-winner turns out to be Big E.
  • On Miz TV, Edge got challenged by Miz for a match at WWE Day 1.
  • Bobby Lashley shared a strong message on the show.

This is all we want to share with you all about WWE RAW 6th Dec 2021 full show highlights and match results. Keep visiting us.