We are back with a new post on WWE RAW 25th Oct 2021 updates. In this post, we have covered RAW Show full highlights and match results.

Here is a full video episode on WWE RAW 25th Oct 2021 full show highlights, match winners and updates.

WWE RAW 25th Oct 2021 Full Match Card

Before we begin with WWE RAW 25th Oct 2021 highlights and match results let us quickly check out the matches held on RAW this week:

RAW Match Card This Week

  • Alpha Academy vs Dirty Dawgs vs Street Profits for the No. 1 contender match for the RAW tag team championship.
  • Zelina Vega vs Doudrop
  • T-Bar vs Damien Priest
  • Liv Morgan vs Carmella
  • Cedric Alexander vs Keith Lee
  • Dominik Mysterio vs Austin Theory
  • Dirty Dawgs vs Rk Bro RAW tag team championship match
  • Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor vs Rey Mysterio

WWE RAW 25th Oct 2021 Full Show Highlights & Results

Let’s begin with the WWE RAW 25th Oct 2021 match highlights and results. Here we have discussed all the matches in detail for you along with the match results.

WWE RAW 25ht Oct 2021 Matches, Highlights & Winners

 Alpha Academy vs Dirty Dawgs vs Street Profits

Profits showed up and he took the control of the match soon. Dolph was present inside the ring along with Montez and got hit with a powerbomb. In the ongoing match, Otis received the tag. Angelo Dawkins came inside the ring and hits Roode with a spinebuster.

wwe raw 25th oct 2021

Angelo looked for tagging Montez but soon Omos came and distracted him. Dirty Dawgs got lucky because of the chaos and picked up the victory in the match by hitting a combination of zigzag-spine buster to Angelo at the red brand.

Match Result: The winner of the match turned out to be  the Dirty Dawgs.

 Zelina Vega vs Doudrop

The match began and Doudrop went on attacking Zelina. She tossed her all around the ring and hits her with a Senton. Vega responded to the moves by moving her into the corner of the ring post.

wwe raw this week

Zelina hits with a huge codebreaker but was not successful as Doudrop came out of it. Zelina was looking forward to the turnbuckle cover but the referee stopped her. There was a distraction and without wasting time Vega hits Doudrop with her scepter and won the match.

Match Result: The winner of the match is queen Zelina.

T-Bar vs Damien Priest

The match began and Priest got dumped onto turnbuckles. T-Bar had control of the match initially. He went on the top of the ropes, hit a 450 splash and receives a near fall.

raw winners

Damian came with a broken arrow and moved T-Bar out of the ring. The match turned quite dramatic as T-Bar went for tossing chairs at Damian which made him furious. Damian soon responded by hitting a clothesline and slamming the chair on T-Bar’s back. Damian earned the victory in the match via disqualification.

Match Result: The winner of the match is Damian Priest.

Liv Morgan vs Carmella

The match kicked off and we see Carmella unloaded on Liv. Morgan came back and hits strikes but soon she got hit on her face. The match shifted outside the ring and Morgan tossed Carmella into the commentator’s desk.

wwe raw 25th oct 2021 full show highlights

Carmella had a near fall but soon got rolled up by Liv as she looked for winning the match. The match took a turn, Carmella returned and won the match by hitting a facebuster.

Match Result: Carmella earned the victory in this match.

Cedric Alexander vs Keith Lee

Cedric got tossed around the ring by Keith as the match started. Cedric returned and hits some massive kicks. Alexander moves Lee towards the corner.

raw full highlights this week

Keith Lee hits with a Claw Slam. Alexander was looking forward to returning but got tackled by Keith. For winning the match Keith Lee hits Cedric with a Big Band Catastrophe.

Match Result: The matchwinner is Keith Lee.

Dominik Mysterio vs Austin Theory

Austin hits a massive dropkick earlier in the match. Dom returned and went for arm drag off the ropes. Dom got hit with a half nelson backbreaker.

raw 25th oct 2021 results

The match took turns Dom almost rolled Austin off the ropes. Austin picked up the victory by hitting Dom with the ATL.

Match Result: Dom lost the match to Austin.

Dirty Dawgs vs Rk Bro RAW Tag Team Championship Match

Matt Riddle and Dolph marked the opening of the match. Soon in the match tags were made, Randy had the control and Roode got hit with a double team floating bro. Matt moved Roode to the corner.

wwe monday night raw

Randy was moved over barricaded by Big bob. Randy was isolated in the match by Dirty Dawgs but he soon managed to go for the tag. Riddle wiped out both his opponents. Randy hits RKO on Roode. Dolph hits Randy with a superkick but soon got rolled up by Riddle and dirty dawgs lose the match.

Match Result: RK bro once again became the RAW tag team champions.

Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor vs Rey Mysterio

Time to check out the main event of the show. As the match began Seth and Kevin both went after each other. Finn and Rey did the same. Soon match was shifted out of the ring and the usage of the ladder came into play. Owens moved Seth and Balor out.

raw fatal 4 way match this week

Finn got dropped on the ladder and Kevin moved Seth up on one. Kevin looked for a dive but failed as Rollins moved away. On the top of the ladder, Finn and Rey were present but got down as Owens moved the ladder down and hits Rey with a White Noise.

Seth and Rey did not let Owen climb the ladder. Owens brought a table and Rey hits him in the 619 positions. Rey hits a 619 by using a ladder on Rollins. Seth moved Finn on the ladder and Owens moved Rey out. Once again Rey and Finn faced each other on the ladder and Kewin hits Finn with a stunner and powerbombed Rey. Seth Rollins hits Balor with a stomp and then climbed up the ladder and got the contract.

Match Result: For this match, Seth Rollins turned out to be the winner. He has earned the opportunity to fight for the WWE Championship match against Big E.

Concluding WWE RAW 25th Oct 2021 Highlights & Results

  • What an amazing season premiere of RAW it was. RK bro once again successfully took their championship.
  • Things between Becky and Bianca got heated up once again
  • The evening ended up with a super exciting fatal four-way match which was won by Seth Rollins.

So this is all about the latest episode of Monday Night RAW. We hope you enjoyed reading the post.