WWE RAW’s latest episode was held at Tropicana Field on 3/1/21. This post is on WWE RAW 1st March 2021 highlights, match results, and complete match details.

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7 Top Hots From WWE RAW 1st March 2021 Highlights And Match Details

Let us first take you on a quick tour of what all happened on the show, and then we will begin with the detailed WWE RAW 1st March 2021 highlights.

1.Braun Strowman was forced to team up with Adam Pearce, which he did at last reluctantly.

2.Flair talked about her ambitions for WrestleMania.

3.Bobby Lashley fought tough for his WWE Championship opportunity.

4.Earlier on the show, Miz complained that he has a severe stomach ache.

5.Bobby Lashley confronted Miz and told him there is no way by which he could escape from the match.

6.The show’s main event was Bobby Lashley vs. The Miz.

7.Randy Orton was spotted backstage, and he seemed to be okay after what happened last week, and behind him, on the screen, Alexa Bliss was talking about getting him back.

Guys, this was just an overview of the red brand’s latest episode. There is a lot more which we will be sharing with you in this post.

The show began with Drew McIntyre. Drew said that The Miz tricked him at Elimination Chamber, and soon he will be taking his title back from him. Drew also said that tonight he will be facing Sheamus.

WWE RAW 1st March 2021 Highlights And Match Results

Here you can read about complete WWE RAW 1st March 2021 Highlights. We have discussed all the matches along with the final match results.

Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre

Inside the ring, things between Sheamus and McIntyre were already heated up; it was visible as both the opponents couldn’t wait for the opening bell to ring and started throwing haymakers.

wwe raw 1st march 2021 highlights

Sheamus had benefits when McIntyre got moved outside with a Brogue Kick. The match took a massive turn as the King Of Claymore Country begins a beatdown over the commentator’s desk. Sheamus countered a Furtureshock DDT, and McIntyre came out of a White Noise.

McIntyre hits with a Futureshock, and Sheamus hits with an Alabama Slam but guess what? Both the opponents kicked out. Drew returned and hit with a Claymore and won the match after having quite a long game with Sheamus.

Result: Drew McIntyre is the winner.

Naomi vs. Nia Jax

After winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship opportunity, Lana and Naomi looked forward to building some momentum. And Nia wanted to smash that momentum.

wwe raw 1st march 2021

Jax fought off the early few attacks and dropped Naomi with an earth-shattering slam, and meanwhile, she sent a message to a Lana in this process.

Result: Nia Jax is the winner.

RAW Tag Team Championship match: Adam Pearce and Braun Strowman vs. The Hurt Business

As the match kicked off, Braun moved both the opponents out of the ring. Braun tossed Cedric at the corner and then stomped on him. Cedric countered a spear and moved Strowman into the ring post. The Hurt Business looked for a two-on-one assault but failed as Braun moved them out and hit Shelton with a Running Powerslam.

wwe raw 1st march 2021 results

Braun was about to receive the pin, but soon Shane came, and he insisted that Braun should tag Adam Pearce in the match. Braun made the tag unwillingly after Adam attempted to pin Shelton. Shelton picked up the victory in the game by rolling up Adam Pearce.

Result: The Hurt Business is the winner.

Elias vs. Damian Priest

Elias got cornered by Damian at the beginning of the match as both looked for a collar elbow lockup. Elias was then tossed on the ropes, and then The Drifter passed comments on the Bad Bunny.

wwe raw 1st march 2021 live

The control of the match was still with Damian. Elias then moved the earlier North American Champion of NXT throat first onto the ropes. The Drifter utilized the opportunity and cornered Damian. Ryker hits with a shot from the apron.

Damian returned, and he unloaded on Elias and then went for hitting Broken Arrow so that he can get a near fall. Elias attempted for a knee strike to get a near fall. Damian Priest won the match as he hits with a Bell Clap and Hit the Lights.

Result: Damian Priest is the winner.

Bobby Lashley vs. The Miz

The Miz claimed that Lashley had waited for quite a long time before his title match, and he should get a title shot at WWE’s WrestleMania. Both MVP and Lashley ignored miz, and the game began.

wwe raw 3/1/21

After the bell rang, Miz ran outside the ring and took his title along with him backstage. The referee counted him out after this. Bobby Lashley won the match via count-out. But Guys, according to the rules of WWE, Miz is still the champion.

Result: Count out.

Shayna Baszler vs. Charlotte Flair

Flair fearlessly talked about the intentions she had for the RAW Women’s Championship. Jax and Baszler made The Queen aware that the way to WrestleMania runs through both of them.

wwe raw 3/1/21 news

At the beginning of the match, Shayna had the upper hand and received a near fall. Lana and Naomi were spotted watching the game from backstage. Flair fought back and attempted for the Figure Four, but she got moved outside the ring. Flair won the match by hitting the Natural Selection.

Result: Charlotte Flair is the winner.

The Lucha House Party and Matt Riddle vs. The Retribution

After claiming the United States Championship, Matt Riddle was all set to have a brodown with Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik in a face-off against The Retribution.

wwe raw 3/1/21 show updates

T-Bar begins the match by hitting Riddle with a chokeslam. The Lucha House Party contributed to reversing the game with their high flying action. Gran and Dorado won the game by hitting with a double team move and a frog splash by Gran.

Result: The Lucha House Party And Matt Riddle are the winners.

Mustafa Ali vs. Matt Riddle

After the members of The Retribution tasted failure in a six-man tag team match, The Leader, Mustafa Ali, decided to take the matter into his own hands.

watch wwe raw 3/1/21


The Original Bro seemed to finish the game after he hits a Final Flash Knee strike, but there was a flurry of distraction from outside the ring, which gave Mustafa a chance to hit with a top rope back crusher and won the match.

Mustafa shouted at other members that if they follow his lead, they can achieve something huge.

Result: Mustafa Ali is the winner.

The Miz vs. Bobby Lashley

Finally, it was time to witness the most awaited match of the night Bobby Lashley showed up. He took the frustration out and captured the WWE Championship opportunity from the Miz.

wwe raw 3/1/21 match results

The All-Mighty did not disappoint at all. The A-Lister looked for any possible way to run outside, but the Red Brand’s superstars standing outside made sure to keep him inside.

The Miz had no option to go anywhere, and he straight landed into the waiting arms of Bobby Lashley. Bobby went for the Hurt Lock and won the match.

Result: Bobby Lashley is the winner.

3 Top Predictions For RAW 8th March 2021

1.Braun Strowman might have a face-off with Shelton Benjamin

In today’s episode, Shelton and Cedric defeated Adam Pearce and Braun. After today’s match, Braun seemed to be unhappy with both Adam Pearce and Shane McMahon. In the next episode, we think WWE might plan a singles match between Braun Strowman and Shelton Benjamin.

2.For Fastlane, Mustafa Ali vs. Matt Riddle might be announced officially

Today Mustafa Ali defeated Matt Riddle. We think Mustafa may get a chance for the WWE United States Title match. The chances are that this match might occur at the next PPV of WWE, which is Fastlane 2021. WWE might plan to announce this match for Fastlane in the WWE RAW 8th March 2021.

3.Charlotte Flair might get attacked by Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler

Charlotte Flair defeated today Shayna Baszler. We think Nia and Baszler might look for taking revenge in the upcoming episode of RAW. Either inside the ring post or backstage, Charlotte might get attacked.

Concluding WWE RAW 1st March 2021 Highlights And Results

Wow! There were a lot of surprising moments on the show tonight.

  • Watching Bobby Lashley fighting for the WWE Title Championship opportunity was sheer pleasure.
  • Flair teased about the title challenge at WrestleMania.
  • Miz was not successful in holding the WWE Title opportunity.

Guys, this is all we would like to share with you all about WWE RAW’s latest episode held on 1st of March 2021. We hope you had a good time reading the post.