Monday Night RAW kicked off this week at Tropicana Field on 15th March 2021. In this post, you can explore WWE RAW 15th March 2021 full show highlights and full match analysis.

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5 Top Hot Moments From WWE RAW 15th March 2021 Full Show Highlights

Before we begin with the WWE RAW 15th March 2021 full show highlights and match results, here are the quick hot moments of the Monday Night RAW this week.

1.Braun Strowman challenged Shane for a match tonight. The game, however, ended up in disqualification after Shane poured a bucket of slime on Braun.

2.Matt Riddle had a face-off with Mustafa Ali and retained US Championship.

3.AJ Styles and Omos challenged The New Day for the RAW Tag Team Title match at WrestleMania. Kofi accepted the challenge, but before that, he asked them if they even have any idea of working together.

4.At backstage, Bobby Lashley and MVP were present. They said whatever will happen with Sheamus tonight, the same will happen with Drew soon at WrestleMania.

5.Alexa Bliss said that Randy Orton had to face her at Fastlane if he wants the earlier Women’s Champion out of his life.

Bobby Lashley said he is looking forward to finishing off Drew McIntyre and the entire RAW locker room. The Miz showed up, and he was trying to explain to Bobby he won’t perform well after having stomach cramps right before the match.

WWE RAW 15th March 2021 Full Show Highlights And Winners List

Let us check out all the WWE RAW 15th March 2021 full show highlights, match analysis, and winners list.

Drew McIntyre vs. The Miz

McIntyre had a Glasgow Kiss at the beginning of the match and moved The Miz at the corner for beating him. Drew hits with a clothesline. Morrison showed up, and he distracted Drew by getting hold of his legs.

wwe raw 15th march 2021 full show highlights

McIntyre destroyed the sunglasses of Morrison when he threw them on him. Drew hits The Miz with The Alabama Slam. The referee came and moved away Morrison leaving The Miz alone for facing Drew.

The A-Lister looked for hitting the Skull Crushing Finale but failed. Drew moved The Miz outside. Drew hits The Miz with spine busters and then smashed his face on the steel steps.

Drew got the Furthreshock DDT followed by a Claymore. Drew didn’t go for pinning the Miz after this and pointed towards the sign of WrestleMania. Drew went for the Hurt Lock meanwhile sent a clear message to Bobby. Drew McIntyre wins the match.

Result: Drew McIntyre is the winner.

Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose vs. Lana and Naomi

Dana and Naomi kicked off the match. At the beginning of the game, Mandy Rose received the tag.

wwe raw 15th march 2021

Mandy hits former Women’s Champion with a massive suplex. Lana showed up and began to dominate the match. Lana hits with a bulldog, followed by a double knee.

Lana went for hitting a neck breaker to receive a near fall. Mandy Rose broke the tag.

Asuka interrupted in the match. Shayna looked for attacking Asuka at the ringside. Asuka unloaded on Shayna Baszler, soon WWE officials came and separated both.

Inside the ring, Dana Brooke hits with a spinning neck breaker and wins the match.

Result: Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose are the winners.

RAW Tag Team Championship match: The New Day vs. The Hurt Business

Xavier Woods and Cedric Alexander started the match. At the beginning of the game, The New Day was in control, and they isolated Alexander. Benjamin showed up and began to dominate the game. Benjamin hits Xavier with a knee strike.

wwe raw 15th march 2021 winners

Shelton moved the member of New Day into the steel steps. Kofi Kingston made the tag, but before that, he hits with a missile dropkick.

Xavier Woods was present inside the ring. Kofi tagged in and went for hitting Shelton with the Trouble in Paradise. Kofi moved Cedric out of the ring.

Xavier hits with the elbow drop and then hits with a double team finisher on Shelton and picks up the match’s victory.

Result: The New Day is now the new RAW Tag Team Champions.

Jaxson Ryker vs Damian Priest

Jaxson moved Damian to the corner and pounded on him at the beginning of the match.

wwe raw 15th march 2021 results

Ryker looked for hitting a suplex, but Damian hits with a Broken Arrow. Damian picked up the victory in the game by going for Hit The Lights.

Result: Damian Priest.

Braun Strowman vs. Shane Mcmahon

Shane showed up and was passing comments on Braun while doing stretching and warming up. The former Universal Champion became furious and began to hit Shane.

wwe raw

Before the opening bell for the match could ring, Shane was moved to the barricades by Braun. Shane moved Braun over the commentator’s desk and hits him with an elbow drop. Shane went to get buckets of slime present inside the ring and poured it on Strowman. Shane taunted and threatened Braun before leaving.

Result: DNF

Asuka vs Shayna Baszler

The match was all about payback for Asuka as a few weeks ago, Shayna attacked The Empress of Tomorrow with a jaw-shattering kick.

wwe raw results

After escaping from a kirifua clutch, Asuka rolled up Shayna for winning the match, but Asuka looked for an entirely new level of brutality. Asuka went for crushing the face of Shayna into the turnbuckle. It seems like Asuka took tooth for tooth revenge by doing so. Asuka wins the match.

Result: Asuka is the winner.

Mustafa Ali vs. Matt Riddle

At the beginning of the match, Riddle was in control. Ali tossed Matt to the commentator’s desk. Ali kicked Riddle when he was rolling back inside the ring. Ali got hit with a swinging neck breaker.

raw live

Ali looked for hitting a neck breaker. Riddle responded to the move by hitting with a Pele kick followed by Bro-ton.

Riddle failed to hit the Final Flash and got rolled up by Ali. Matt Riddle hits with Bro-Derek for winning the match and retained the US championship.

Result: Matt Riddle is the winner.

Sheamus vs. Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley, The WWE Champion, and Sheamus showed up at red brands’ clash of titans to have a face-off with each other having their common enemy Drew McIntyre at the ringside.

wwe raw this week

Sheamus left Lashley in a shock by going for a White Noise Finale. The All-Mighty responded to the move by hitting with a spear and won the match.

Result: Bobby Lashley is the winner.

3 Top Predictions For WWE RAW 22nd March 2021

1.For WrestleMania 37, we might get official confirmation for Damian Priest and Bad Bunny vs. The Miz and Morrison.

At WrestleMania 37, there might be a tag team match between Damian Priest and Bad Bunny vs. The Miz and Morrison. We can say this by seeing what Miz did with Bad Bunny on today’s episode. We think on WWE RAW 22nd March 2021, WWE might make this match official.

2.The match card might have Mandy Rose vs. Nia Jax

In today’s episode, we saw Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke defeated Naomi and Lana. For the Women’s Tag Team Championship, Mandy and Brooke are the top contenders. We think WWE might plan a match between Mandy Rose and Nia Jax in Monday Night RAW’s next episode.

3.A feud between Asuka and Charlotte Flair might get developed.

As we are heading towards WrestleMania 37, Asuka now needs a new feud. We think the rivalry is going to develop between Asuka and Charlotte Flair. We believe Charlotte Flair won’t be left off the Wrestlemania 37. WWE might plan RAW Women’s Championship match Asuka vs. Charlotte for the PPV.

Concluding WWE RAW 15th March 2021 Full Show Highlights And Match Analysis

The Monday night raw this week witnessed two titles changing hands right before Fastlane.

  • AJ Styles and Omos challenged the New Day for the RAW Tag Team Title match.
  • Asuka was back, and she took her revenge on Shayna.
  • Matt Riddle defeated Mustafa Ali and retained the US championship.

That’s pretty much it about the WWE RAW 15th March 2021. We hope you had a good time reading the post.