Monday night RAW latest episode got live aired  Tropicana Field. This post discusses about WWE RAW 15th Feb 2021 full show highlights along with the detailed match analysis and results. In the commentary, we had Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Samoa Joe.

 5 Top Hits Of WWE RAW 15th Feb 2021

On the latest episode of RAW, we got to see many exciting matches. Before we begin with WWE RAW 15th Feb 2021 full show highlights let us quickly check out the top moments of the Monday Night RAW show.

  • There was a Gauntlet Match on the show.
  • Miz told Adam Pearce that he had a superstar name in his mind who can be his replacement and said he is Morrison.
  • Backstage Randy Orton said he is quite sure about winning the Gauntlet Match and becoming the Elimination Chamber’s final entrant.
  • Alexa Bliss was talking about The Fiend and gave hints of his returning.
  • Braun Strowman demanded that he should be added to the Elimination Chamber.

WWE RAW 15th Feb 2021 Full Show Highlights And Match Winners

Here we have discussed all the matches in details and WWE RAW 15th Feb 2021 full show highlights. Along with Gauntlet Match, the match card had other exciting games too.

 The Hurt Business vs The Lucha House Party and Matt Riddle

On the latest Monday night RAW Matt Riddle joined hands with the Lucha House Party brothers for having a face-off with Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin RAW tag team champions and MVP.

wwe raw 15th feb 2021 full show highlights

This was to gain some momentum right before his match at WWE Elimination Chamber, which will be a US championship triple threat match.

The match began with Shelton and Lince. Shelton isolated Lince and then went for tagging Cedric in the game. Gran Metalik received the tag. The Lucha House Party got moved out of the ring. Matt Riddle and MVP got tagged in the match. MVP went for hitting balling elbow, and soon there was a flurry of finishers in the ring by the six men.

MVP got hit with a Final Flash, and Floating Bro and Matt Riddle became the match-winner.

Bobby Lashley attacked Matt Riddle and The Lucha House Party and then tossed them all around the ringside.

MVP took the Final Flash and then the Floating Bro as Riddle picked up the win on RAW.

Result: Matt Riddle and The Lucha House Party are the winners.

Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans vs Asuka and Charlotte Flair

Peyton Royce, Lacey and Ric Flair showed up. Lacey began to pass comments on both Asuka and Charlotte before the bell rang for the match. The match started, and champion began to dominate the game before Charlotte got the tag in the game.

wwe raw 15th feb 2021 full show highlights and winners

Lacey and Royce were at the corner and planning right before Charlotte hits Royce with a fallaway slam. Charlotte tagged Asuka. For a moment Peyton got the upper hand, and then Charlotte was tagged again.

Lacey got tagged in the match and Charlotte was almost about to attack her, and soon Lacey made a surprising announcement that she is pregnant and Charlotte can not hit her. After this, the match was called off, and Ric Flair was seen celebrating.

Result: DNF

The Miz vs Kofi Kingston

On latest RAW episode Kofi showed up with great strength and soon moved down Miz. Kofi received a near fall. It appeared like The Miz’s head is still hurt and to receive one more near fall Kofi hits with top rope axhandle.

wwe raw 15th feb 2021

The Miz looked for hitting DDT, and he moved out Kofi and sent him to the barricades. Inside the ring, The Miz received a couple of near falls before Kofi showed up again.

Miz dodge one Trouble in Paradise but got hit with the SOS. Kofi Kingston wins the match by hitting Trouble in Paradise.

Result: Kofi Kingston is the winner.

 Shayna Baszler vs Lana

As the bell rang for the match, Shayna unloaded on Lana and then locked in submission moves. Lana then rolled up Shayna. Lana went to the top of the rope and looked for hitting a crossbody and received a near fall. Soon Nia was seen attacking Naomi.

wwe raw 15th feb 2021 results

Naomi moved Nia inside the ring post. Lana pinned Shayna almost, but Baszler managed to kick out, and for winning the match Shayna locked in the Khirifuda Clutch.

 Result: Shayna Baszler is the winner.

 The Gauntlet Match on Monday Night RAW

Kofi Kingston and AJ Styles started the match. At the beginning of the game, AJ Styles had the upper hand. Kofi fought tough and moved AJ towards the corner and then moved AJ over the ropes. Xavier was passing comments on AJ, Omos came and moved him away.

wwe raw live


Omos was moved to the backstage after this. AJ used the opportunity as there was a distraction. AJ hits with the single leg crab lock, and then a SOS was hit by Kingston.

Kingston got hit with a couple of big moves, and soon Styles hits with the Phenomenal Forearm.

Kofi Kingston got eliminated.

Next, it was Drew McIntyre; he unloaded on Styles. AJ was moved to the corner and Drew hits with a reverse Alabama Slam. Styles countered a Claymore, and he moved McIntyre out of the ring.

McIntyre hit with a neck breaker and received a kick. Styles then locked in the calf crusher. McIntyre managed to come out of it and went for hitting Claymore.

AJ Styles got eliminated.

Jeff Hardy was spotted next, and he unloaded on Drew straight away. Jeff soon got overpowered, and he received a neck breaker. Jeff got stuck in a DDT. Drew hits with a Superplex and then put his knees up as he looked for the Swanton Bomb.

Jeff Hardy got eliminated.

Now it was time to watch Randy Orton in the Gauntlet Match. Lights in the arena turned purple, and on each screen, Alexa’s face was seen. Orton was confused and got counted out. McIntyre hits with a Claymore.

Randy Orton got eliminated.

Last Sheamus showed up, and he attacked McIntyre. Sheamus hits Drew with chops. Sheamus hits with a power slam. McIntyre hits with a Glasgow Kiss and hits with a Futureshock. McIntyre hit with a spine buster and got hit with a Brogue kick.

Result: Sheamus is the Gauntlet Match winner, and he is all set to enter the Elimination Chamber.

 3 Top Predictions For RAW 22nd Feb 2021

  1. The match card might have Xavier Woods vs AJ Styles.

In today’s episode, we saw that Omos moved out Woods during the Gauntlet Match. In the next episode possibly we might get to see AJ Styles vs Xavier Woods. Based on what happened on the show, there is a high probability of this match. We think if the game happens for real AJ Styles might win it.

  1. Rhea Ripley might officially become the part of the RAW roster.

Rumours are there that Rhea Ripley might join the WWE main roster. After the departure of Lacey Evans, the red brand might add Rhea to the roster. Also, Rhea and Charlotte Flair have some unfinished business with each other.

  1. There might be a brawl between Sheamus and Drew McIntyre.

We think the feud between Sheamus and Drew might continue despite whatever will happen at Elimination Chamber. There are chances that soon we might get to see Drew McIntyre vs Sheamus. In the next episode of RAW chances are there that a brawl between both might take place.

Concluding WWE RAW 15th Feb 2021 Full Show Highlights And Match Winners

A fantastic show of Monday Night RAW it was. Gauntlet match was worth watching and exciting announcements for Elimination Chamber we had.

  • Alexa Bliss teased that Bray Wyatt might make a come back soon.
  • The Miz gave up his place in the Elimination Chamber match.
  • Sheamus won the Gauntlet match.

We hope you enjoyed reading WWE 15th Feb 2021 full show highlights and match results. Soon we will be sharing top predictions for Elimination Chamber. Stay tuned and keep visiting us for latest updates on wrestling events.