WWE RAW’s latest episode was held at St. Petersburg, Florida (Tropicana Field). Here in this post, we have discussed WWE RAW 11th Jan 2021 highlights and match results. In the latest RAW edition, we had Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Samoa Joe in the commentary.

Here is a video episode of WWE RAW 11th Jan 2021 highlights, match card, full show review.



5 Top Moments Of WWE RAW 11th Jan 2021

Before beginning with the detailed analysis of WWE RAW 11th Jan 2021 highlights, let’s check out what happened on the red brand’s latest edition in a nutshell.

  1. We got the sad news that Drew McIntyre had been tested COVID-19 positive. We pray for his speedy recovery and good health.
  2. Randy Orton faced Triple H later in the show, and Alexa Bliss showed up in their match
  3. .Drew McIntyre accepted the challenge for Royal Rumble 2021 and said Bill needs to be taught a lesson.
  4. After losing a match with Bobby Lashley, Matt Riddle challenged the MVP for the game.
  5. Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke confirmed their entry for the Royal Rumble 2021.

So this is just a teaser of the latest show of RAW.

As the show began, we had Triple H welcoming us to the ThunderDome; he was interrupted by Randy Orton. Randy wanted that WWE title should be given to him, or he should get the last entry in Royal Rumble 2021.

WWE RAW 11th Jan 2021 Highlights, Match Cards And Winners

This post will walk you through WWE RAW 11th Jan 2021 full show highlights and match results. Let us began with the full match card and highlights of RAW 11th Jan 2021

1.Lacey Evans vs. Charlotte Flair

Flair showed up for the match, and she was furious because of Lacey’s classless actions. On the last week at Red Brand, we saw Lacey playing mind games with Flair with Ric Flair’s support.

wwe raw 11th jan 2021 highlights

Right from the opening bell, Evans was targeted by Flair. The RAW Women’s Tag Team Champion seemed to pick up the victory in the match by going for a natural selection, but soon Ric interfered in the game and moved Lacey’s foot on the rope. He did so to break the count. As the actions continued again in the game, The Dirtiest Player once again tripped Flair like he did the previous week and gave Lacey a chance to use the opportunity and win the match.

Winner: Lacey Evans

2.Jaxson Ryker vs Jeff Hardy

Originally Jeff Hardy vs. Elias was scheduled, but Elias could not face Jeff because of the thumb injury.

wwe raw live 11th jan 2021

For covering his place, Jaxson Ryker showed up. Meanwhile, Elias was present at the commentator’s desk. Elias suddenly got up to distract Jeff, and Jaxson used the opportunity; he rolled up Jeff and won the match.

Winner: Jaxson Ryker

3.Jeff Hardy vs. Elias

After the match, Hardy began to taunt Elias as he is not as good enough as Jaxson.

wwe raw 11th jan 2021 match results

Soon Elias showed up to face Jeff inside the ring, and the showdown began as it was initially planned. The Charismatic Enigma wins the match by hitting with Swanton Bomb.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

4.The Miz and Morison vs. Keith Lee and Sheamus

The Miz and Morison have high expectations since Mr. Money in the Bank had the contract’s return. Facing Keith Lee and Sheamus might be the worst nightmare for Miz and Morison as it is nothing but ill advice for them.

wwe raw full match card

Lee was too furious and smashed Morrison into the corner so hard that the turnbuckle exploded. There was more punishment pending for The Guru of Greatness; Sheamus hit Morrison with Brogue Kick and won the match.

Winner: Sheamus

5.Xavier Woods vs. T-Bar

In the latest showdown of Xavier Woods, he was riding all alone with the T-Bar. Xavier fought tough and hits with a dropkick off the top rope and moved T-Bar outside the ring.

wwe raw xavier woods vs t-bar

All the remaining members of the Retribution came inside the ring for running a distraction. T-Bar used the opportunity and hit Xavier with a crushing knee. T-Bar wins the match.

Winner: T-Bar

6.United States Championship Match: Bobby Lashley vs. Matt Riddle

Lashley jumped on Matt before the match could start. Lashley shifted Riddle to the corner and then moved him out with a clothesline. Matt’s mouth was busted open, and he asked for the bell.

raw latest edition highlights

Matt moved Bobby in the ring and hits with a floating bro. Lashley locked in the Hurt Lock and, before that, dodged the Final Flash. Lashley retained his title at the end, and Matt Riddle tapped out.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

7.Matt Riddle vs. MVP

Riddle had a poor taste of defeat in his mouth after losing the match against Bobby. He called out MVP to earn something for himself in the show.

wwe raw results and show highlights

Soon it was realized that Bobby is not finished with his plan for the night. Riddle was fighting with the Hurt Business leader, and Lashley hits with a crushing spear, and Riddle began to take a beating. Riddle defeated MVP via disqualification.

Winner: Matt Riddle

8.AJ Styles vs. Drew Gulak

Drew Gulak showed up with a dream of punching his ticket for the Royal Rumble 2021. Adam Pearce wanted that AJ Styles should earn it. Gulak had to fight hard with Styles if he wished to have a place in 30 competitors.

raw winners

AJ Styles had his reinforcements. Gulak was very close to a breakthrough, but Olmos made sure that AJ is safe. Styles hit with a Phenomenal Forearm and caused Drew to fail to secure his position at Royal Rumble 2021.

Winner: AJ Styles

9.Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose vs. Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax

Shayna went after Mandy and looked for hitting her arm before Dana received the tag in the match. Nia showed up and locked in a submission move and then tagged Shayna.

raw show highlights and match card

The earlier champions move out both in the corner. Shayna got tagged in the match and locked in the Khirifuda Clutch, and made Mandy tap out in the game. Nia and Shayna win the game.

Winner: Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler

10.Triple H vs. Randy Orton

The main event of the show began. Orton hits Triple H with a punch and left. Orton came back for unloading on the Game. Randy looked for hitting few uppercuts and moved Hunter outside.

wwe raw full show and results

Orton’s left cheek was poorly hurt as Triple H moved him into the barricades. Hunter moved Randy to the commentator’s desk and went to get the sledgehammer.

Triple H moved back to the ring, having a very familiar weapon of his. The light went off in the arena. Randy was back on his feet, and the hammer was set on fire as the ring was entirely dark.

Alexa Bliss was spotted suddenly behind Orton, and the lights turned pink, and the ongoing match was seen nowhere. The show ended up with this, and Alexa Bliss blinded Randy as she was shooting flames from her hands.

Result: DNF

3 Top Predictions For WWE RAW 18th Jan 2021

1.Lacey Evans might have a face-off with Charlotte Flair

On RAW 11th Jan 2021, we saw that Flair got defeated by Lacey, but this was possible because of Ric Flair’s intervention. We think in the next episode of RAW, there might be another singles match between both. This might be possible as today’s win was not a clear win. This time if the game happens, chances are Charlotte might win the match.

2.Keith Lee might confirm his entry for Royal Rumble 2021 match

Today Keith, along with Sheamus, won a match against The Miz and Morrison. We things Keith Lee might confirm his entry for the Royal Rumble 2021 match in the next episode. As Keith Lee is among the top favorites to win, it makes sense that he might announce his entry.

3.Asuka might get a challenge from Shayna Baszler for a match at Royal Rumble 2021

For Royal Rumble 2021 women’s match, Shayna Baszler has not yet confirmed officially. We think Shayna might face Asuka at the PPV. There is a high probability that Asuka might receive a challenge from Shayna for a match.

Concluding WWE RAW 11th Jan 2021 Results, Match Card, And Show Highlights

What a shocking ending of the show it was. For Royal Rumble 2021, we have many entries already confirmed.

  • The main event of the show ended up in disqualification.
  • We got a piece of sad news from Drew McIntyre, but the superstar will hopefully be OK soon and face Goldberg at Royal Rumble 2021.
  • Bobby Lashley successfully defended his title.
  • Randy Orton and Triple H traded haymakers.

Soon we are coming up with some exciting predictions on Royal Rumble 2021 for you all. We hope you like reading the post. Keep visiting us for more updates on recent wrestling events.