In this post, we have covered WWE Payback 30th August Highlights Results held on Sunday this week. Check out the match winners, updates on WWE Payback 2020. 

On 30th August 2020, Payback was live from WWE Thunderdome. The first match of the night was the US Title Championship.

After the return of Roman Reigns at the SummerSlam 2020 on the show, we would have his first match; this could be possible only if he is ready for signing the match contract at the PPV.

WWE Payback 2020 Top Highlights-

  • A newcomer defeated the legend of WWE.
  • Mysterio’s family was able to provide some payback.
  • Big E picked up another huge win on the show.

WWE Payback 30th August Highlights Results 2020

Here are match highlights and winners-

1. Bobby Lashley vs. Apollo Crews- A US Championship match

The match starts, and Bobby was dominating; Apollo then countered him using a dropkick and moved him outside to attack with moonsault from the apron. As we saw Crew moved out, there was a distraction ran by Shelton and MVP, and this allowed Lashley to have the control back.

wwe payback 30th august highlights results

Apollo got manhandled, and he countered the Suplex using a kick to the head. Bobby hits the Dominator to receive a near fall, and then Apollo went for a crossbody from the rope top. Apollo hits a standing moonsault, but he went for German Suplex before getting a near fall with a frog splash.

Bobby had the full force for the second time, and at this moment, they dropped to the mat, and next at Payback, we see Bobby Lashley became the first winner of the night via submission.

Result: Bobby Lashley is the winner and the new United States Champion

2. Big E vs. Sheamus

Sheamus kicked off the match by being strong, and soon he was moved down by Big E before he got hold of momentum back using a knee to the heat and a couple of fists at the Payback. Sheamus got dropped by Big E at the apron, Big E was then trying for a splash, but Sheamus moved aside.

payback highlights results

Big E attempted for the apron spear, but he got caught up by Sheamus as he made a knee strike. Big E went for Belly to Belly but took an Alabama Slam, and next, both men moved down.

Sheamus made use of a single leg sharpshooter, but Big E got the bottom rope at the event.

Sheamus was there at the apron and got hit with the spear, but Big E just missed the Big Ending. Sheamus locked the Heel Hook, but Big E was able to come out of it. Sheamus was then hitting the knee on Big E and then fell on him to get the cover, but Big E successfully got free somehow.

Sheamus was attempting for the Brogue Kick, and he got caught by Big E.

Result: Big E is the winner.

3. King Corbin vs. Matt Riddle 

Before the match kicked off at Payback, Corbin began to attack Matt Riddle. Matt gave the clear, and then the referee marked the starting of the game. King Corbin unloaded on Matt Riddle and the corner, and then he tossed him outside the ring. King Corbin started to hit him at the announcer’s desk after this.

wwe payback highlights

Matt Riddle was looking for the standing sleeper but got overpowered by King Corbin. Matt Riddle was going for submission again after they both fell to the mat. King Corbin was trying to make his submission, but Riddle got it instead.

Matt Riddle hits a kick and elbows at the corner and went for hitting the Broton to have a near fall. Matt had the deep six to get a near fall and then hit the Bro to Sleep, followed by Floating Bro-to win at the Payback.

Result: Matt Riddle is the winner.

4. Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax vs. Bayley and Sasha Banks- Women’s Tag Team Championship

Nia wished to go first, but Shayna tagged herself in and took Sasha to the corner and then tossed her around for a while then stepped on her arm. Bayley got tagged in, and Banks dropped Jax from the apron in the outward direction and then double-teamed Baszler at their corner as Payback went on.

bayley and banks

Nia sent Sasha into the barricades over and over before being tagged in. Nia was steamrolling Bayley in the ring before Sasha took her out while the ref was distracted. Jax hit the Samoan Drop and went for the leg drop, but Bayley countered and turned it into a kneebar.

Bayley hung on, but Nia dragged Bayley across and tagged in Shayna. Shayna hit shot after shot and then a running knee to both Bayley and Sasha before tagging Jax back in. Bayley tagged in to hit the elbow, and Banks came back in for the Frog Splash, but Nia kicked out as Payback went on.

Shayna was manhandling both the champions and then locked in modified three-way submission and wins for her team.

Result: Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax are the winners and now the new Women’s Tag Team Champions.

5. Randy Orton vs. Keith Lee 

Randy headed straight for a headlock before he hits chops to the chest of Keith, turning him furious. Keith moved to the ring post after Orton sidestepped, and then he got tossed him to the announcement desk by Randy.

orton vs lee

Back inside the ring, Keith tossed Randy outside and gave the favor ago by moving Orton to the announcer’s desk. Randy went for hitting a draping DDT, followed by RKO inside the ring. Keith dodged the RKO and hit a Spirit Bomb for marking his victory at the Payback.

Result: Keith Lee is the winner.

6. Murphy and Seth Rollins vs. Dom and Rey Mysterio

Dom went after Seth and Murphy, and Rollins voluntarily got tagged in for taking care of him. Seth was moved outside, and he was getting frustrated as he was unable to get any offense in. Murphy returned, and Dom was under control, and he tagged in Rey Mysterio to have a double team at the show.

wwe payback 2020 results

Rey then calls Rollins inside the ring, and Seth tagged in before they were going for each other. Seth had the control back with a gutbuster and tagged in Murphy. Rollins moved Rey outside the ring towards the knees of Murphy.

Rey went for making the tag, but Dom was stuck in a Falcon Arrow by Seth. Rollins was now dominating inside the ring, and Murphy and Rollins after him were moved out of the ring. Dom was attempting for the tag; meanwhile, Rey hits a massive sequence of moves on Seth.

Rey hits the moonsault to have a near fall before he missed a 619. Seth Rollins moved Rey down and told Murphy to kick him at his head, but mistakenly Murphy Kicked Seth at the event.

Rey tagged in Dom and hit the sliding Canadian Destroyer. Back inside the ring, Dom was hitting the 619, followed by Frogsplash on Murphy and wins the match.

Result: Rey and Dom Mysterio are the winners.

7. Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt For Universal Championship

Braun attacked Bray when he was entering and moved him down, but Bray successfully hit Sister Abigail to get an early near fall. We could not see Roman anywhere as Bray drove Braun through the announcement table and then received a massive mallet from under the ring.

roman reigns payback

Braun tossed a chair at Bray and set him up on the steel steps and then tried to hit him with the mallet. Bray quickly recovered, and the brawl continued at the ringside as Bray took Strowman down with the mallet.

The Fiend made use of the steel steps to pummel Strowman to the ground and then dragged him to the entrance ramp. Strowman tossed The Fiend into the LED screen at the show.

Braun dodged another Sister Abigail and then moved Bray crashing into the table. Braun dragged The Fiend inside the ring and climbed at the top of the tope.

Bray also climbed up, hits a Superplex, thereby making the ring crash to the floor, and the official got tossed outside. Reigns was seen entering as Bray and Braun were down and attempted to pin the champion twice. Braun got kicked out too before he got a steel chair and started to destroy Braun but could not put him away.

The Fiend locked in the Mandible Claw, but Reigns hits a low blow for getting out of it. Braun got up and went for a spear from Roman and got pinned by him.

Result: Roman Reigns is the winner and the new Universal Champion

Concluding WWE Payback 30th August 2020 Match Winners and Results

The event was short, but we had some of the best matches. Bobby wins the US Championship title, the Mysterio family, have their revenge on the show finally. Roman’s return marked the ending of the PPV.

Let us know about your experience with the show. Stay tuned for more wrestling updates.