This week’s WWE NXT was live aired from Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. Here we have covered WWE NXT Highlights 16th September along with match results and winners. You can find information about all what happened on WWE NXT this week here. 

WWE NXT 16th September 2020 Episode’s Top Moments

  • Damian Priest defends his championship of NXT North American, which he has recently won against Timothy Thatcher.
  • Killian Dain and Drake Maverick keep aside the differences they had and team up against Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong.
  • There were important announcements made related to the NXT Women’s Championship and NXT.
  • The match card of NXT includes two big championship matches.

NOTE: WWE revealed on twitter earlier that we will have another NXT TakeOver event scheduled for 4th October 2020, just a few weeks away.

WWE NXT Highlights 16th September 2020 Match Results

Find all the match details of WWE NXT 16th September 2020 here.

1. Io Shirai vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Showing sportsmanship Shotzi offered her hands to Io Shirai, but she gave rude responses to it. Shirai slapped it away, and both of them traded pinfalls.

wwe nxt highlights 16th sep

Shirai went for hitting a combination of powerbomb/jackknife pin followed by an armbar. Shotzi locked in Shirai with a modified double armbar. Shirai could hardly make it to the ropes. Shirai took some time to get over with what she was feeling on her arms.

Blackheart attempted for wrecking ball dropkick but failed, and she got stuck in a springboard moonsault. To have two-count, Shirai moved Blackheart inside.

Shirai was unsuccessful in attacking her in the corner, and she got hit with a shotgun dropkick. Blackheart continued the attack and hit her with a spinning bulldog and next with a knee to a kneeling.

Shirai gets the advantage as they trade blows, and she moved Blackheart to the mat using a cross-face.

Same as Shirai, Blackheart made it to the ropes with great difficulty. Blackheart didn’t go for 619; she attacks Shirai with a step-up enziguri and hits her with running senton. Shirai attempted to block a German suplex. Blackheart turned it into a tiger suplex using a bridge by holding Shirai’s arms.

Though Shirai managed to get out of it, Blackheart continued to hold her arms and turn it into a Cattle Mutilation. Shirai was again successful in getting out, and she hits Shotzi with a flapjack. Shirai gets a near fall as she strikes a missile dropkick.

Shirai was once again on top, and she got stuck with a hurricanrana. Shirai almost won the match after this. Both moved to the apron, and there Shirai hits Shotzi with a bridging German suplex.

Inside the ring, Shotzi managed to kick out. 

Back inside, somehow, Blackheart kicked out. She was unable to do so, though, when she was hit by the Over the Moon Moonsault.

Shotzi puts courageous efforts while facing Shira. The match was awarded to the Genius of the Sky, and she hits Shotzi with a top rope moonsault.

Results: Io Shirai is the winner.

2. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Desmond Troy

Tommaso moved Troy to the mat right after the match starts and hits him with a big knee on his jaw. Troy opted to sit at the corner after getting hit with a double ax handle and a corner clothesline.

wwe nxt results 2020

Desmond was crawling towards the apron, and there he got spiked with a Willow’s Bell. 

Results: Tommaso Ciampa wins the match via pinfall

3. Kushida vs. Austin Theory

Austin Theory of his own threw an open challenge after Kushida accepted the challenge, Austin might be regretting it.

Kushida hits Austin with an Enziguri, and this was done before the bell austin theory wwe nxtrang. The Theory was having a difficult time while he attempted to shake Kushida.

Austin was successful in creating some space as he made use of a stun gun on the ropes. Austin received one count by hitting a snap suplex. Kushida just avoided a standing moonsault. The Theory was moved to the apron as he was hit with a handspring double kick.

Austin was looking to hit Kushida with a punch, but accidentally he hits the ring post. Kushida went for Austin’s arm and dropped him on the floor by hitting with an arm breaker. 

Kushida showed his intense side this week also as he had shown in the earlier weeks. He submitted Austin in a Hoverboard Lock for defeating him.

Results: Kushida is the winner.

4. Breezango vs. Imperium: A Match for NXT Tag Team Championship

Imperium was too eager for the match, and he jumped right at the Tag Team Champions of the NXT before the bell rang. The referee somehow controlled the situation, and the game starts. Fabian Aichner moved Fandango inside the ring, and Marcel Barthel moved Tyler Breeze to the apron.

nxt highlights 16th sep

Fandango was facing difficulty in getting the control back as Imperium had not stopped beating him. Fandango got dropped with his head down as Aichner hits him with a high angle belly to back suplex. Fandango got hit with a massive clothesline, but he managed to kick out both of them.

Barthel hits Fandango with a European uppercut at the back of his head when Imperium moved him to their corner. Imperium then hits him with a double running dropkick.

Barthel got dropped by Fandango with a back elbow. Barthel and Fandango got tagged out, and Tyler Breeze came after that. Aichner got hit with a couple of moves like running forearms and superkicks, and he was in great pain. 

The Breeze continued to attack Aichner, and meanwhile, Barthel was moved to the floor by Fandango. Breeze got to hit with a Cheeky Nandos kick as Fandango ran a distraction. At the right time, Barthel was successful in breaking the pinfall.

Fandango moved Imperium to the floor, and he hits both the men with a couple of superkicks. Fandango got hits with a kick at his jaw by Barthel. Aichner receives a near fall as he hits a deadlift German suplex.

Aichner got hit with a tornado DDT. Barthel and Breeze receive the tag in. Imperium hit Breeze with spinebuster and went for setting up the European Bomb.

Breeze rolls up Aichner and becomes the winner on NXT.

Results: Breezango is the winner.

5. Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro vs. Xia Li and Jessi Kamea

Kayden and Xia start the match. Carter outmaneuvered Li. Kacy receives the tag in and hits with a drop toe sliding/hold dropkick combination and receives two counts from a talented young NXT team.

kayden wwe nxt 16th sep

Li was successful in getting control by hitting Kacy with a couple of lightning-fast kicks. Li and Kamea got tagged in and out, and they went for hitting Catanzaro. Carter somehow managed to tag in and hits Li and Jessi with some outstanding kicks. Kacy was back as she received the tag, she hits Li with a pump kick.

Results:  Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro are the winner.

6. Killian Dain and Drake Maverick vs. Roderick and Bobby Fish

Drake entered the ring alone. Bobby and Roderick pummeled Maverick. Initially, for some seconds, Drake kept Roderick stunned but then ran into a big boot. Bobby received the tag in and was moved into the middle turnbuckle. 

wwe nxt takeover results

Roderick receives the tag in, and he hits Drake with a couple of backbreakers. Drake has then trapped the former North American Champion of the NXT in a front face lock.

William Regal GM NXT showed up, and he talked to Killian Dain and tried to show him the right path. Killian moved towards the ring meanwhile Maverick got launched. 

Killian destroyed Strong by taking him at the corner.

Results: Killian Dain & Drake Maverick are the winner.

7. Damian Priest vs. Timothy Thatcher: A Match for NXT North American Championship 

Timothy was attempting to move down Damian. Though the left arm of the Priest was trapped, he was successful in moving Thatcher down. Later Thatcher moved down Damian using a side headlock.

priest nxt wrestler

Soon Priest recovered, and he went for a big shoulder block. Damian and Timothy traded strikes. Thatcher sent Damian to the floor as he got hold of him with an uppercut.

The Priest then went for setting up Razor Edge at the Steps, but he was not allowed. The Priest got tossed overhead. Inside the ring, Thatcher countered a running hip attack, and once again, Priest was forcefully made to fight from under Timothy.

Thatcher resisted an assault by Priest. Priest hits Thatcher with a strong combination and stiff clothesline. 

The Priest got vanished and hits with a couple of roundhouse kicks.

Thatcher was setting up for the Fujiwara Armbar. The Priest had the control and, for the time being, avoided it.

Once again, Priest successfully escaped, but clotheslines were converted into the Fujiwara Armbar.

Using his legs, Priest managed to reach the ropes. The Priest got hold of Thatcher via jumping flatliner. Thatcher was able to kick out. The Priest went for hitting the Cyclone kick and right before he blocked one more attempt for the Fujiwara Armbar.

Results: Damian Priest is the winner.

Concluding WWE NXT 16th September 2020 Highlights & Match Results-

This week NXT’s episode had lots of exciting matches on its card.

  • Damian Priest retains his championship.
  • Breezango also retained the NXT tag team title.

So this is all from the WWE NXT 16th September 2020. Keep visiting WrestlingOceans for updates of NXT, RAW, SmackDown, and on other wrestling events.