WWE NXT latest episode was live on 3/3/21 from Capital Wrestling Center. This post is on WWE NXT 3rd March 2021 match results and detailed match analysis.

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5 Top Moments from WWE NXT 3/3/21

Here you can check out WWE NXT  3rd March 2021 match results and full show highlights in a nutshell.

1.Finn Balor vs. Roderick Strong was the show’s main event, and Finn has a big victory over Roderick Strong.

2.After winning the match, Finn had set the stage for having a face-off with Adam Cole in the coming week.

3.Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler once again become the WWE Women’s Tag Team.

4.Tommaso and Timothy were moved down by Oney and Danny in an exceedingly physical encounter.

5.LA Knight was present on the show. Ever- Rise and Breezango got attacked by Legado Del Fantasama.

For this week’s NCT show Two Tag Team Championship matches were decided. Sadly Wes Lee of MSK was injured and the NXT tag team championship matches were removed from the match card. Although we had Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax on the show to have a face off with Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai.

With this quick overview of the show now, it is clear that quite a fantastic show it was this week. Read the full post to know what more happened on your favorite show.

WWE NXT 3rd March 2021 Match Results And Show details

WWE NXT 3rd March 2021 match results and complete show highlights have been discussed here. The match card had some of the most interesting matches this week.

Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan vs. Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher

At the beginning of the match, Timothy used his mat-based arsenal to attack both the opponents. Later he went for tagging Tommaso in the game.

wwe nxt 3rd march 2021 match results

After joining the game, Tommaso too complimented his teammate’s pattern and blasted with crisp strikes. Tommaso and Timothy got derailed because of the Imperium’s presence. Ciampa and Timothy were distracted, and Timothy missed making the much-required tag. Oney moved Tommaso outside and, along with Danny, dropped Timothy by going for a combination of DDT. Danny and Oney earned the victory in the match.

After the match, Tommaso was seen frustrated over what Timothy did in the game and how he failed to make the tag because of Imperium’s presence.

Result: Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch are the winners.

Ember Moon w/Shotzi Blackheart vs Aliyah w/Robert Stone and Jessi Kamea

Robert Stone was going through horrible flashbacks after she saw Blackheart and Moon. Ember went after Aliyah initially, but there was a distraction by Robert Stone Brand, which gave Aliyah a chance to catch Ember.

wwe nxt 3rd march 2021 match winners

The move did not impact Moon as it appeared to be, and soon she responded by hitting a spiking release back suplex. Ember and Aliyah were fighting on the floor, soon Robert once again got the attention of the earlier Women’s champion of NXT. Aliyah got laid out as she got hit with a running boot. Robert and Jessi seemed to be anxious after this. Aliyah got hold of Ember with a running boot, but it was not sufficient to keep Ember down. Ember Moon won the match via pinfall.

Result: Ember Moon is the winner.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler vs Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez

Shayna Baszler and Dakota Kai do not have good relations, and from the past of NXT, this rivalry is getting renewed. Shayna and Dakota were all set to face each other inside the ring and intensely began things. Shayna attempted a similar move which she used for breaking Dakota’s arm a few years back.

wwe nxt 3rd march 2021

Dakota dodged the move and slapped Shayna defiantly. After the entry of Raquel Gonzalez, things changed inside the ring. Now there was a showdown between WWW’s two most powerful women Nia and Gonzalez, in the ring post. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, the WWE Women’s tag team champions, won the match.

Result: Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are the winners.

Cameron Grimes vs. Bronson Reed

Before the match, Reed faced LA Knight on his way, and LA played a significant role in decision-making in this match. Grimes looked for buying of the Colossal One, but Reed could not be bought.

wwe nxt 3rd march 2021 live

Grimes went for a Collision Course and got hold of Reed. Grimes wanted to get for a cross face, but soon NXT’s resident powerhouse broke it out. Reed hits Grimes at the corner with a body splash and then clothesline, and these moves turned Grimes inside out. Grimes looked for leaving the ring and go outside but failed as he got hit by a suicide dive. Reed moved Grimes back inside the ring, and LA Knight ran a distraction. Grimes got a chance to get hold of Reed with Cave In and won the match.

Result: Cameron Grimes is the winner.

Legado del Fantasma moved out Breezango and Ever Rise

On the NXT show today, there was a match scheduled between Ever Rise and Breezango, which never happened, and all thanks to Legado del Fantasma.

wwe nxt 3/3/21

He attacked both of them.

Finn Balor vs. Roderick Strong

Strong moved the fight to the NXT Champion. It seemed like Balor has not yet broken away from The Undisputed Era. Finn moved Roderick down to the mat and began to attack his left arm.

wwe nxt 3rd march 2021 highlights

Strong successfully hits Finn with a backbreaker. Throughout the commercials, the earlier champion of NXT North America hit Balor and got moved down to the mat after getting hit with an arm wrench.

Balor maintained the pressure and almost kicked Strong’s left arm. Roderick Strong was successful in cracking the spine of Finn once again.

Strong unloaded on Finn and hit him with a pendulum backbreaker and got two counts. Balor got hit with Olympic Slam and powerbomb. Balor failed in blocking the Stronghold.

After few minutes, Finn countered into a rollup. Balor hits with a leaping double stomp. Finn moved Roderick to the corner by hitting him with a shotgun dropkick, and further looked for Coup De Grace. Strong could not stop Finn. Balor then hits with 1916 DDT. Finn Balor earned the victory in the NXT main event.

Result: Finn Balor is the winner.

Concluding WWE NXT 3rd March 2021 Match Results And Show Updates

So this is all about WWE NXT 3rd March 2021 match results and highlights. Excellent matches we got to see.

  • The main event of the show was worth watching.
  • At the top of the ramp, Fin saw Adam Cole.
  • In the next episode of NXT, Finn will be facing Adam.

Guys What do you think who is going to win? Will Adam Cole be able to dethrone The Prince or not? Let us know what you think will be the final result of this match in our comment section below.

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