WWE Extreme Rules is around the corner. Here you can read about WWE Extreme Rules 2021 confirmed match card, predictions, and live streaming show info. WWE is all set to host it’s another PPV Extreme Rules 2021 on 26th Sep 2021. In India the show will be live telecast on 27th Sep. The event will be held in Columbus, Ohio.

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WWE Extreme Rules is known for having gimmick matches with no holds barred lines and we are expecting some thrilling wrestling fights in this year’s PPV. Rivalries will be taken to the next level; superstars will be taking their revenge and a lot more is expected to happen on the WWE show.

WWE Extreme Rules 2021 Confirmed Match Card

Let us quickly walk you through the WWE Extreme Rules 2021 confirmed match card. Some of the fights have been already confirmed and some other matches that are likely to be added to the match card which we have covered here. We are going to see at least four title matches in the Extreme Rules PPV Event.

Roman Reigns vs Finn Balor “The Demon” for WWE Universal Championship

The next opponent of Roman Reigns is Finn Balor for the Universal Championship title. Earlier it was planned that Finn Balor will face Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship match at SummerSlam 2021. However, things didn’t work as per the plan as John Cena interfered in the match.

wwe extreme rules 2021 confirmed match card

Although Roman Reigns turned out to be the winner and defeated John Cena. Balor is all set to have one more opportunity for the Universal Championship against Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules 2021.Roman Reigns has been the Universal Champion now for over the last 365 days. Though not to forget, Finn Balor was the first Universal Champion and he had also defeated Roman Reigns in his debut match at RAW.  The crowd will favor Finn Balor for winning the Universal Title but we all know BIG DOG is unbeatable and he will not ruin his chance to face Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel by losing his title against Balor.

Prediction: Roman Reigns might win the match.

Bianca Belair vs Becky Lynch for SmackDown Women’s Championship

The Man showed up on the blue brand’s episode for the first time after she gave birth earlier on December’20. Becky gave a shocking experience to Bianca Belair by having an impromptu match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship title.

wwe extreme rules 2021

Becky won the title by defeating Bianca Belair in a very short span. Surprisingly on SmackDown 3rd Sep 2021 Bianca demanded a rematch and challenged The Man. Becky denied the challenge. Sonya and Adam Pearce stopped Becky backstage. Adam-SmackDown Chairman, then announced that Bianca Belair vs Becky Lynch will be happening at Extreme Rules 2021.

Do you think that Bianca will be able to have her title back? Though the MAN is favorite and should win the match.

Prediction: Becky Lynch might win the match.

Alexa Bliss vs Charlotte Flair for RAW Women’s Championship

Earlier on RAW it was Alexa who was coming up next for Flair. The Queen won the Women’s Championship, defeating Nikki A.S.H and Rhea Ripley at SummerSlam.

wwe extreme rules confirmed title matches

The very next night on the RAW episode we saw that Alexa Bliss confronted Flair.  Flair retained her title by defeating Nia Jax. And later, she was challenged by Alexa for a match at Extreme Rules 2021.  It would be interesting to see how Flair defends her title against Alexa Bliss at Extreme Rules. The odds are in favor of  Flair already and she should retain her title.

Prediction: Charlotte Flair might win the match.

Sheamus and Damian Priest for  United States Championship 

Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, and Damian Priest had a triple threat match for the title of US Championship.

extreme rules 2021

The two former friends Drew and Sheamus had a one on one match once again to decide who will be the challenger of Priest for the US championship match. The winner of the match turned out to be Sheamus and now he is all set to face Damian Priest at Extreme Rules.


WWE Extreme Rules 2021 Match Card Predictions

Extreme Rules 2021 confirmed match card have above discussed matches added to it so far .Some of the matches which we think are likely to be included in the Extreme Rules are mentioned here.

Jinder Mahal vs Drew McIntyre

In the last few months, we have seen McIntyre is having issues with Shanky, Mahal, and Veer.

extreme rules 2021 match card predictions

We think there are chances that at Extreme Rules Drew might end his rivalry with Jinder by having some kind of gimmick match.

Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H vs Tamina and Natalya A Women’s Tag Team Championship Match

It is a type of habit for Tamina and Natalya to not win the non-title matches ever since they have become the champions. This includes losing matches both to Nikki and Rhea in tag team and singles matches. We think that at Extreme Rules 2021 this match might end up on the card.


extreme rules predictions

Post-event we are going to cover all the highlights, fights, match results and everything related to Extreme Rules. Stay tuned with us.

WWE Extreme Rules 2021 Live Streaming Info

WWE Extreme Rules 2021 confirmed match card has many exciting matches. Let us know learn how to watch show and when. Here is all you need to know for the live streaming of Extreme Rules 2021.

Wondering when, where, and how to watch the most awaited PPV?

For viewers in the UK, you can watch the event at 1 am on 27th Sept 2021, Monday. And the kick-off show will begin at Sunday midnight i.e 26th 2021 and the main event will be followed by the show.

WWE fans in the US can watch Extreme Rules 2021 on 26th Sep 2021, Sunday from 8 pm PT/5 pm ET. And the kick-off show will be available from 7 pm PT/5 pm ET.

extreme rules 2021 live streaming info

In Australia you can watch the event at 10 am AEST on 27th Sep 2021, Monday and the show is expected to run for some 3 and a half hours. Before the main event , from 9 am the kick-off show will begin which will be an hour long.

In India, the show will be available on 27th Sep 2021 from 5:30 am. An hour-long kick-off show will begin at 4:30 am.

The kick-off show is available for WWE fans on WWE’s YouTube channel and social media platform too for free of cost.

If you want to be a part of a live audience then you can buy the tickets for the event. The venue is Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Grab your tickets as they are available now.

watch extreme rules 2021 on wwe network

To watch the show on TV, go to the WWE Network directly in the UK and in the US on the Peacock which is advisable if you do not have internet with good speed.

If you wish to live stream the PPV on the WWE network then yes you can. For watching premium versions of the PPVs of WWE, the WWE Network is priced at pound sterling 9.99 per month in the UK. New subscribers get the first month free.

So this is all about WWE Extreme Rules 2021 confirmed match card and live streaming info which we want to share with you all. Hope you guys enjoyed reading the post. We will be coming up with complete results of Extreme Rules after the event. Stay tuned for the next post.