On 21st Feb 2021, Elimination Chamber will be live aired from Tropicana Field, Florida. Here you can read about WWE Elimination Chamber confirmed match card along with some predictions.

WWE superstars are all set to once again enter the Elimination Chamber looking for punching their tickets at WrestleMania. The show will start at 7 pm ET, and WWE fans can watch it on the official network of WWE. From 6 pm ET, the kick-off show will begin.

WrestleMania is not very far now, and with this PPV of WWE, it will not only merely mark the comeback of the most iconic structure of WWE but also allow superstars to take next steps towards building storyline for the biggest night of 2021.

Two competitors will start the match inside the ring, having a surrounding of a cage. The other four competitors will be present in the pods surrounding it. With every passing five minutes, randomly competitor will be chosen among them to join the match. Competitors will be eliminated via submission or pinfall until one last remains the winner inside the ring.

WWE Elimination Chamber Confirmed Match Card 2021 

 WWE Elimination Chamber confirmed match card so far looks like this. However changes can be made and few more matches are likely to be added to the card.

Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy vs Kofi Kingston vs Sheamus vs Drew McIntyre (c) vs AJ Styles ( Elimination Chamber)

After Edge’s victory at Royal Rumble 2021, he might now opt to face The Big Dog at WrestleMania. It is high time that WWE needs to build a storyline for Drew, which will lead to a WrestleMania bout.

wwe elimination chamber confirmed match card

The other five men in the match all of them are former world champions. The Miz was also the part of the game, but he gave up his position, which allowed Kingston to secure his place in the match. On WWE RAW 15th Feb 2021, Sheamus won a gauntlet match and became the last man to enter the Elimination Chamber.

Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens vs Cesaro vs King Corbin vs Daniel Bryan vs Jey Uso (Elimination Chamber) 

Roman Reigns successfully weasel out from the title defense in the chamber. Roman is now set to defend his title against the Elimination Chamber winner match. Bryan and Cesaro earned their position by gaining victory in the qualifying match against Ziggler and Rober Roode.

elimination chamber match card

Sami Zayn and King Corbin confirmed their position by teaming up and defeating Rey and Dom. Adam Pearce gave Jey and Owens spots in the match, and by this, he made Roman Reigns rival and back up together in the game.

Roman Reigns vs Winner of Elimination Chamber match- Universal Championship match

As we discussed above, Paul Heyman successfully moved out the Big Dog out of the Elimination Chamber for defending his title.

roman reigns universal championship match

He did so by mentioning the contractual obligations to defend WWE Universal Championship Title at Elimination Chamber but not inside the actual structure. Possibly Kevin Owens will be the one who will face Roman Reigns for the last time.

Lacey Evans vs Asuka (c): RAW Women’s Championship

Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans have much more significant issues between them. Lacey’s relationship with Ric Flair has increased their rivalry. Evans managed to secure her place in a face-off with Charlotte.

elimination chamber

Flair attacked Lacey and was unstoppable and earned herself a disqualification. As a result, Evans will now face Asuka. However, the chances are that this match might officially get cancelled, as on the latest WWE RAW episode, it was revealed that Lacey is pregnant. WWE has not given any official confirmation for any changes made to this match yet.

Matt Riddle vs Keith Lee vs Bobby Lashley: US Championship match

Bobby brutally attacked Matt on a match at WWE RAW, and after defeating Matt in a single game, Lashley again went after Lee and moved out both of them.

elimination chamber 21st feb 2021

Following this, WWE has officially announced a triple threat match at Elimination Chamber.

Some predictions for WWE Elimination Chamber

Here are few predictions which we think might be a part of WWE Elimination Chamber confirmed match card.

Apollo Crews vs Big E: Intercontinental Championship match

Apollo Crews has been trying hard for winning the title from Big E. A reason behind his failure is the interference of Sami Zayn. Crews is now highly frustrating, and this is putting him in the dark.

elimination chamber predicitons

Apollo Crews is most likely to get one more chance to have a face-off with Big E and attempt to win the title from him.

The Street Profits vs Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode: SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Ever since Robert and Dolph have won the tag belts in a match at SmackDown earlier in January, a rematch between both the teams appears to be unavoidable.

dolph ziggler and robert roode

Elimination Chamber can be a suitable event for this rematch.

Sasha Banks vs Carmella: SmackDown Women’s Championship

Sasha Banks is a champion, and she will probably be in busy mode till WrestleMania. Issues between Carmella and Banks are prevailing for quite a long time, and the rivalry might end up by facing each other once again inside the ring.

predictions for elimination chamber

If the match happens for real, Bianca Belair might be seen watching the game from the ringside and waiting for her chance to make her challenge official as soon as the match gets over.

This is all about WWE Elimination Chamber confirmed match card and predictions. Let us know which matches you think are most likely to be added to the match card. We hope you enjoyed reading the post. Keep visiting us to know about updates on latest wrestling events.