WWE Elimination Chamber got live aired from St. Petersburg, Florida (Tropicana Field). WWE fans can explore WWE Elimination Chamber 21st Feb 2021 highlights and full match details here in this post.

3 Top Moments From WWE Elimination Chamber 21st Feb 2021 Highlights

Let us first check out the show’s top three moments before we proceed with WWE Elimination Chamber 21st Feb 2021 highlights and full match details.

  1. Edge showed up and pointed towards WrestleMania’s sign revealing his decision to face The Big Dog at the biggest event of the year.
  2. Bunny hits Miz on his face, but soon Damian Priest interrupted before Miz can retaliate.
  3. The show had a shocking ending witnessing a new champion getting crowned.

WWE Elimination Chamber began with the Elimination match, and in the final results of the game, it was to be decided who will be facing The Big Dog. In the kickoff show, Jhon Morrison was seen beating Mustafa Ali, Ricochet, and Elias to replace Keith Lee in the United States Championship match later on the show.

WWE Elimination Chamber 21st Feb 2021 Highlights And Match Results

Here you can read about the WWE Elimination Chamber 21st Feb 2021 highlights, full match card, and match winners.

Elimination Chamber Match SmackDown

The winner of the match will face Roman Reigns later on the show for the Universal Championship match it was pre-decided. The match kicked off, and Daniel and Cesaro were the first ones to show. Cesaro got hit with a knee on his face, and he and Bryan looked for trading the uppercuts.

wwe elimination chamber 21st feb 2021 highlights

King Corbin joined the ongoing match. King Corbin went for attacking both Daniel and Cesaro and hits with a couple of Deep Sixes. King Corbin received a near fall on Daniel.

Bryan got attacked on his knees by King Corbin. Next, it was Sami Zayn who joined the match. Sami looked for getting locked in the pod as a safety measure but failed as Cesaro moved him out.

Sami hits Daniel with a Helluva Kick, but Daniel sidestepped, following which Sami crashed at the plexiglass. Zayn attempted to climb the cage, Cesaro came and moved him back inside the Elimination Chamber.

Kevin Owens joined the match, but before that, King Corbin got eliminated by Cesaro. Sami Zayn looked for joining hands with his friend, but Kevin moved him down.

Sami, Daniel, and Cesaro got hit with Cannonballs by Owens, following which all hits Zayn with their finishers.

The last one to join the match was Jey Uso. As he entered, Kevin went straight after him. Kevin then eliminated Sami. As Zayn was moving out of the chamber, Uso got hold of Owens arm at the Elimination Chamber’s door.

Uso hits Owens with a frog splash and then eliminated him. Cesaro was back in action; he hits Uso with an uppercut to receive a near fall. Daniel Bryan attempted to hit the finisher, but Cesaro countered the move.

Bryan moved to the ropes, Cesaro hits with a gutbuster. Cesaro got eliminated by Uso, and he tried to eliminate Daniel too.

Uso once again hits Daniel with a frog splash, but he moved his knees up. Daniel hits with a running knee and becomes the winner of the Elimination Chamber match.

Result: Daniel Bryan wins the match and faced Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship.

Universal Championship Match: Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns

As the SmackDown Elimination Chamber match ended, Roman Reigns came out, and the Universal Championship match began straight away. Roman looked for attacking Daniel; he managed to lock in the Yes Lock at the very exact moment.

wwe elimination chamber 21st feb 2021

Roman Reigns destroyed the Elimination Chamber and hit Daniel, and then slammed him into the ring. He then got a couple of strikes in before he looked for locking in the Guillotine.

 Result: Roman Reigns wins the match.

John Morrison vs. Matt Riddle vs. Bobby Lashley: A United States Championship Match

Lashley moved out both the challengers. Morrison and Mat, after this, decided to join hands and moved Bobby to the corner. The champion still managed to roll them up. Riddle successfully moved Lashley outside and then shifted his focus on Morrison. Riddle hit Morrison with a Broton and received a near fall. Lashley returned and received the Flash Knee, followed by a Floating Bro, and Morrison broke the pin.

wwe elimination chamber 21st feb 2021 show highlights

Morrison looked for hitting a Startship Pain and wanted to pin Lashley, but he managed to kick out. MVP was passing comments of Morrison, following which he went outside to give him a reply.

Morrison held MVP’s crutch. Riddle hits Bobby with the crutch. Morrison tapped out in the match after this and moved Bobby outside. Riddle hits Morrison with a Bro Derek and wins the game.

Result: Matt Riddle is now the United States Champion.

Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks vs. Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax: Women’s Tag Team Championship Match

Nia and Bianca started the match. Both moved Nia outside, and then Shayna came inside. Banks came, and hits with a Meteora and Baszler locked in a submission.

wwe elimination chamber 21st feb 2021 highlights

Shayna tagged Nia in the match, and both isolated Sasha before she got receive a tag. Bianca got stuck in the Khirifuda Clutch but managed to come out of it.

Bianca was moved outside by Nia. Jax hits with a Samoan Drop, and then Bianca showed up to hit with a Meteora. Reginald was spotted having a Champagne. Sasha attempted for the Banks Statement, but Nia broke it up.

Reginald offered the Champagne bottle to Sasha Banks, but she refused to hold it. Nia used the opportunity and won the match on Sasha Banks.

Result: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler won the match and retained the Women’s tag team championship.

RAW Elimination Chamber Match

The match began, and Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy showed up first. Randy tossed Jeff all around the chamber. Jeff returned and hit with the vast sequence. Drew McIntyre came in the match and went for attacking Randy.

wwe elimination chamber 21st feb 2021 results

Drew then moved Randy into the chamber pod of Kofi. Kinston was next to join the match. Kingston straight eliminated Randy, and then Orton hits everyone with RKO.

AJ Styles began to shout and was to be allowed to join the match. Omos, for real, removed the plexiglass, allowing AJ to enter the cage. Seeing this, Adam Pearce became furious, and he moved Omos backstage.

Inside, the ring drew was dominating, and he tossed all his opponents into the cage walls. Sheamus was the last one to join the match. Sheamus went after Drew and gave him a chance to drop him to the ropes.

Kofi Kingston got eliminated by Sheamus as he hits him with a Brogue kick. Jeff hits AJ with a Swanton bomb. Drew then eliminated Hardy by hitting him with a Claymore.

Drew showed up again and hit Sheamus with a Futureshock DDT. Drew received a Brogue Kick, and then AJ eliminated Sheamus by hitting him with a Phenomenal Forearm. Drew wins the match by hitting AJ with a Claymore kick.

Result: Drew McIntyre is the winner, and he retained the WWE Championship.

The Miz vs. Drew McIntyre: WWE Championship Match

After the match was over, Bobby Lashley came and attacked Drew McIntyre. Lashley locked in the Hurt Lock and moved him out. The Miz came once Lashley was done. Miz cashed in the contract of Money in the Bank.

wwe elimination chamber 21st feb 2021 match details

Miz hits with a massive DDT, and McIntyre was successful in kicking out of it. Miz picked up the win by hitting with Skull Crushing Finale, and he is now the new WWE Champion.

Result: The Miz is the winner and now the WWE Champion.

Concluding WWE Elimination Chamber 21st Feb 2021 Highlights And Match Details

WWE has set a new level of excitement for WrestleMania by crowing two new champions at Elimination Chamber.

  • The Miz joined hands with hurt business.
  • Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks lost the tag team championship match.
  • Edge confirmed his decision of the WrestleMania challenge.
  • For Daniel Bryan, it was one of his career’s biggest nights, but The Big Dog ruined it.
  • Roman Reigns retained the title of Universal Championship.

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