We just witnessed a spectacular evening and here we bring you with WWE Crown Jewel full show highlights 10/21/21  and match results. WWE Crown Jewel 2021 event held at Saudi Arabia on Thursday, 21st Oct. And we are sure you guys must be excited to know about the Crown Jewel highlights and results.

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WWE Crown Jewel Full Show Highlights 10/21/21 Insights

Before we begin with WWE Crown Jewel full show highlights 10/21/21 lets us quickly learn what all happened on the show in a nutshell.

WWE Crown Jewel 2021 Quick Overview

  • Zelina Vega won Queen’s Crown tournament.
  • Goldberg crossed all the limits to punish Bobby Lashley and take his revenge.
  • In the main event of show Paul Heyman threw the title belt inside the ring for any of the superstar to use it.
  • Xavier Woods won the finals of king of the ring.

Guys a lot more happened on the show. Read the complete post to get full insights of WWE Crown Jewel 2021.

WWE Crown Jewel Full Show Highlights 10/21/21, Match Card & Results

Let us know check out WWE Crown Jewel Full Show Highlights 10/21/21, match card, who all turned out to be winners. Here we have discussed all the matches in detail.

Edge vs Seth Rollins A Hell In A Cell Match

In the opening minutes of the match, Edge moved Rollins to the corners and Rollins responded with a couple of strikes.

Rollins looked for a massive dive but failed as Edge sidestepped. Inside the ring, Edge hits with an Edgecution and went for breaking the steel chair. Rollins got himself free and attempted to stab Edge with the metal spike of the chair but couldn’t do so as Edge went away. Rollins shifted Edge down and brought in two chairs. As Seth was looking forward to con-chair-to, Edge went for locking a cross-face. Rollins stabbed in the eyes of Edge.

wwe crown jewel full show highlights 10/21/21

Rollins went to hit a frog splash to get near fall and looked for going on top once again but Edge didn’t let him do so. Edge brought in the lower part of the ring steps and hits Edge-o-Matic on its top then Rollins hits with a pedigree. At the corner of the ring a ladder was set up, Rollins moved Edge onto it and then dropped it back on top of Edge. Both fought their way to reach the top of the ladder.

Edge got hit with a couple of superkicks. Rollins brought in a steel chain which was earlier placed inside the ring. He wrapped the chain around Edge’s foot. Rollins looked for a stomp along with a chain but got hit with a low blow. Edge further hits with superkicks. Edge won the match by hitting stomp on Seth on the top of the steel chair.

It was a great victory for EDGE and all the WWE fans watching Crown Jewel live there loved it.  Edge defeated Seth Rollins finally after what Seth Rollins did to him, injured him brutally before, and cost him Universal Championship.

Match Result- Edge is the winner

Mustafa Ali vs Mansoor

At the beginning of the match, Mansoor showed great strength. Mansoor shifted Ali outside the ring and Ali was shouting at the commentary team at Crown Jewel.

wwe crown jewel 2021 match results

Ali returned and went for locking in a camel clutch but Mansoor brooked it soon. Ali looked for hitting a 450 splash but Mansoor managed to escape. Mansoor hits a moonsault and then Ali went for locking in the Koji Clutch. Mansoor soon got free and won the match in his hometown by getting a springboard neck breaker.

Match Result- Mansoor is the winner

AJ Styles and Omos vs RK Bro: RAW Tag Team Championship Match

Very interesting entry of superstars we had in this match. What we see is Matt and Orton came and Matt was on his scooter. Soon Matt ran back and reappeared on a camel and came to the ring on it.

wwe crown jewel 2021 live

At the beginning of the match, RK bro had control of the match. RK bro went for a double-team move and then Omos looked for the tag.  Omos tagged in and then the match turned around. He knocked Riddle around the ring and then Matt tagged Randy in the match. Omos hits Randy and he was about to get with the end of a snake eye.

Things worked in Randy’s favor and Riddle returned. Randy showed up back and hits an RKO further Riddle hits Styles with a floating bro and guess what? RK bro won the match. RK Bro once again became the RAW tag team champions.

Match Result- RK Bro are the winners

Doudrop vs Zelina Vega:  Finals Of The Queen’s Crown Tournament

At the starting of the match, Vega got shoved down by Doudrop. Doudrop moved Vega to the mat once again and then Vega dropped her onto the ropes.

crown jewel match results 10/21/21

Vega successfully hits a Tornado DDT and then dodged the cannonball. Vega had to drag Doudrop away from the ropes to have the pin. Vega had a sidewalk slam to get a near fall. Doudrop looked for senton. Zelina won the match by rolling up Doudrop off a counter. What an amazing victory we saw on Crown Jewel 2021.

Match Result- Zelina Vega is the winner

Goldberg vs Bobby Lashley No holds barred match

Right off the bat, Goldberg unloaded on Bobby. The All-mighty has a chain around his fist and he attacked Goldberg with it.

crown jewel 2021 updates

Bobby continued to punish Goldberg. Lashley brought in a steel chair and then attacked Goldberg using it. Bobby got a table inside the ring but could not do anything by doing so as he got dodged and ended up going through the table himself.

Goldberg further hits the spear and looked for Jackhammer. Lashley ended up outside and got speared through the barricades. Goldberg then brought in the ring steps and almost moved Bobby between its two halves.

To help The Almighty Cedric and Shelton came with the kendo sticks. Goldberg attacked them all and moved Cedric and Shelton outside the ring. Goldberg attacked Bobby with the stick and broke it into two. Goldberg won the match in an extremely crazy way by spearing Bobby off the stage.

A breathtaking thrilling match it was. The rivalry was taken up to the entire next level and Goldberg did everything possible he could to take his revenge on Bobby.

Match Result- Goldberg is the winner

Finn Balor vs Xavier Woods: Final Of King Of The Ring

The benefits of the match were with Finn in the starting. He locked in a rear chin lock. Things took a turn and Finn received a senton on his back and then got hit with a dropkick.

crown jewel king of the ring tournament

Finn had a double stomp followed by a sling blade then Xavier had a near fall. Woods almost got rolled up but he catches the member of the New Day on the ropes via kick. Finn was there on the rope and he looked for hitting a superplex to receive another near fall.

Xavier picked up the mesmerizing victory by going for a gutbuster and then moving on the ropes for Elbow Drop which is his patent.

Match Result- Xavier Woods is the winner

BIG E vs Drew McIntyre: WWE Championship Match

Initially, things started slowly but soon we saw the match took a turn as both moved out of the ring. Drew hits Big E with a massive suplex.  Inside the ring, McIntyre continued with his onslaught. Champion returned with massive suplexes.

wwe crown jewel wwe championship match

McIntyre hits a big splash to get a near fall and then hits the Michinoku Driver. McIntyre returned with a Glassgow kiss and a future shock DDT. Big E looked for locking in the stretch muffler. Big E further hits the Big Ending and McIntyre responded with a Bulldog. Big E once again became the WWE championship as he hits with the Big Ending on McIntyre for the second time.

Match Result- Big E is the winner

Bianca Belair vs Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch:  Triple Threat SmackDown Women’s Championship Match

In the opening minutes of the match, Sasha got dropped by Belair. Banks and Becky were after each other and countered all the moves. Sasha went for Banks Statement and Bianca returned to break it. Sasha got stuck in a KOD position but soon came out of it as Becky hits with a missile dropkick.

triple threat match crown jewel 2021

Becky had a near fall off a Bulldog and then attempted to pin both. As Becky was at the corner Sasha hits Belair with the trio of suplexes. Bianca moved Sasha out of the ring and then tried for KOD.

Becky saved herself from the move and Sasha returned. Sasha again went to lock in the Banks Statement on Bianca and at the same time, Lynch got the Disarmher on Bianca. Becky got hit with a KOD by Bianca. Becky won the match and retained the SmackDown women’s title by reversing the pin and using the ropes to receive a pin on Sasha. All this she did before Bianca could make a come back again.

Becky won her title back in an extremely amazing way. The match was worth watching as women’s tried their level best.

Match Result: Becky Lynch is the winner

Roman Reigns vs Brock Lensar: WWE Championship Match

Time to witness the most awaited match and the main event of the Crown Jewel 2021. People were really excited about this particular match and finally, it was the time for the BIG DOG to Face Brock Lesnar.

wwe crown jewel 2021 main event

Right off the bat, Brock was after Roman. He beat him down in the corner and then Roman was back with some massive strikes. Brock moved the champion down in the corner and then Roman escaped from the first German Suplex but got hit with the second one.

Roman moved Lensar back inside the ring and hits with massive dives from the ropes. Roman had a near fall off a spear and hits with a couple of Superman punches. Roman got hit with a couple of German Suplexes and then Lensar hits the F5.

Roman blocked the other F5. Lensar did not stop and again hit an F5 and referee got hit on his face and got knocked out and failed to mark the three counts. Lensar moved the referee outside the ring and Paul tossed the title inside the ring for any of them to use. The USOS showed up and started hitting Lensar. Roman Reigns won the title back by hitting Lensar with the title belt.

This is how Roman Reigns won the match and he retained the Universal Championship title against Lesnar. Thanks to the blood line (USOS) and quite suspicious behavior of Paul Heyman who helped Roman Reigns.

Match Result- Roman Reigns is the winner and still the Universal Championship

Concluding WWE Crown Jewel Full Show Highlights 10/21/21

  • It was indeed an extremely amazing PPV event for the WWE Fans in UAE.
  • Lashley and Goldberg did everything they can and we saw a dangerous side of Goldberg in the match.
  • The main event of the show was worth watching.
  • Rollins got brutally defeated by Edge.
  • Xavier earned the biggest victory of his career.
  • Vega became part of the history of WWE by becoming the first-ever winner of the Queen’s Crown in Saudi Arabia.

So this is all we have for you from the WWE Crown Jewel full show highlights 10/21/21 and match results. We hope you enjoyed reading this post of WrestlingOceans. Do let us know which was your favorite match in the Crown Jewel. Or what else you wanted to see in the event. Do leave your thoughts in the comment section below.