In this post we  have covered some common questions asked by the viewers, like-

  1. Why WWE is popular?
  2. Who is the most popular WWE wrestler?
  3. Who writes WWE Scripts?
  4. Who are the highest-paid wrestlers in WWE?
  5. Are the weapons used in WWE real?

And so on.

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Why WWE Is Popular? 

Undoubtedly WWE is popular worldwide, but have you ever wondered why WWE is popular? Here can you check out reasons behind its popularity in details.

Reasons Why WWE Is Popular Globally

For more than 20 years WWE is having a monopoly in the industry of professional wrestling. Though AEW came up as an interesting alternative, there are various reasons why WWE is so popular globally.

why wwe is popular

On social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter there are millions of followers of WWE and it has entertained its fans for more than three decades and generates handsome revenue. Seeing these revenue figures fans of WWE and other sports like martial arts has left in a never-ending debate that in reality which sport is more famous. Oh yes, WWE is a sport that is evolving with time and entertaining its fans.

How Popular WWE Stars Are? 

As of now we think you might have learned why WWE is popular? Moving further let us tell you interesting facts about popularity of WWE.

wwe popular superstars

WWE possesses many talented wrestlers with it, and it has developed several on-screen characters who often become household names across the globe.

Superstars like Dwayne Johnson, John Cena, Dave Batista, Hulk Hogan are now Hollywood stars and their achievements had contributed a lot to the popularity of WWE which it has achieved now. WWE’s global reach has made it more popular. WWE is available in almost 20 different languages in more than 180 countries.

It has diversified events, other matches for women with attractive personalities, and its shows are very appealing to its fans. WWE has undoubtedly made its fights more popular and interesting by attaching storylines to them. Every wrestler of WWE maintains an on-screen character of its own and has a storyline with its opponent.

wwe women wrestlers

For wrestling fans, it’s thrilling to watch big-time fights but what makes these fights more interesting is the drama part which is attached to it. And WWE offers such fascinating fights in its weekly events like RAW, NXT, SmackDown. Usually wrestling fans are passionate ones as compared to all different types of sports fans and so they personally get attached to the storylines of wrestlers which are their personal favorites. Being an entertainment company WWE attracts various types of fans because it has something to offer to everyone.

Some Other Interesting Facts About WWE

So far we got to know why WWE is popular and how famous superstars of WWE are. Let us know check out some really intresting facts about your favorite show.

Who Writes The Scripts Of WWE? 

Definitely matches of WWE are indeed scripted and most of the time wrestlers are aware that who is going to win the match. WWE supports a separate team of writers who look after the match scripts. For the storylines of RAW, SmackDown, and other events, a creative department works.

wwe scripts

Though writers put their inputs it is Vince McMahon who finalizes the script and decides what storylines will be showed behind the wrestling feuds. At present the Vice President of WWE creative writing is Koskey. He has been associated with WWE for more than 18 years. The lead writer for Monday night RAW is Jonathan Backstrom. He works under the executive director of the brand Paul Heyman.

Have You Thought That Can You Write The Scripts For WWE Fights?

Being a WWE fan it might be a dream come true if you ever get a chance to write the scripts for WWE right? Guys if you want to be a part of the creative team of WWE and write for it then yes you can. WWE frequently seeks new writers to enter their team. Keep looking for any job opening with them and make sure you fulfill the eligibility criteria. It will be a plus point if you graduate in drama, communication, or any other subject related to it. Gain enough experience to join their team. You need to have immense knowledge of WWE and the storylines. So if you meet their criteria, you can become a writer for them.

Who Is The Highest-Paid Wrestler In WWE? 

The highest-paid wrestler is Brock Lensar who is a part-time wrestler. His annual earning is $12 million approximately. By getting headlined in the PPVs of WWE Brock Lensar made WWE hand over him the most lucrative contracts of WWE.

wwe brock lensar

Brock Lensar takes part in almost 2 to 3 PPVs of WWE every year and for every PPV WWE pays him $500,000 approximately. He also gets featured for the promotion of the main event in the weekly show.

Wondering How Much WWE Pays To John Cena? 

We know that John Cena is the most famous WWE wrestler. He is also among the top paid wrestlers and makes around $8.5 million yearly. John Cena has won most of the championship matches and gave WWE fans the experience of watching the most iconic matches.

Who Is The Best WWE Wrestler? 

A wrestler can not merely become the most splendid one if he/she is not presenting the best version of them regularly. Every WWE wrestler possesses something exciting about them which fans love to watch. Hence we can not take the name of one wrestler as there are many which can be added to the list of best WWE wrestlers.

best wrestlers of wwe

Talking about some of the best wrestlers ever in the history of WWE are The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Triple H, The Big Show, Ric Flair, Mick Foley, Batista, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, Brock Lensar, and there are many more who have been loved by WWE fans. In the history of WWE Ric Flair is believed to be the no. 1 wrestler. He almost invested 40 years in wrestling. Flair has won the world champion about 16 times and never failed to entertain WWE fans.

WWE Secrets

Let us check out interesting secrets of WWE which is why WWE so popular. We know that different weapons are used by the fighters to hurt their opponents but are they real?

Are The Weapons Used In WWE Real? 

Most of the weapons used in WWE by wrestlers are REAL, yes they get hurt terribly but WWE makes sure that wrestlers don’t get severely injured by the weapons. WWE ensures the safety of wrestlers by undertaking necessary steps like slightly modifying the weapons, training the wrestlers on how the weapons are to be used inside the ring, and more.

are wwe weapons real

Weapons popularly utilized inside the ring are thumbtacks, tables, chairs, and all of these can cause severe pain if a wrestler got hit by them. Some weapons like tables are made easily breakable by placing its legs apart so that when it breaks it will give an explosive sound and everything will look real. We can say that almost every weapon used by wrestlers is real with the fact that they are safe to be used in the fight.

Let Us Check Out Some Interesting Facts About The Popularly Used Weapons By Wrestlers


This is the most dangerous weapon of all, and the shocking part is this is real. For wrestlers, it is really difficult to remove the thumbtacks post their match, and its pain lasts for several weeks.

thumbtacks wwe real or fake

Barbed wire

Very famous WWE superstar Mick Foley made this weapon popular and this particular weapon can grievously injure the wrestlers. On several occasions, it was practiced in its real form. In 2005 Batista used real barbed wire in his match against Triple H at a Hell in a Cell match.

barbed wire real or fake

There are times when it was used in its fake form. Therefore, we can say that it depends on the risk-bearing capability of superstars. If he/she has enough guts to utilize the real one or not.

Garbage Can

It is not the real weapon but is frequently used in fights. Although one can see its most extensive use in the Attitude Era. Presently the weapon is not much popular. On occasions when it has been used, it was either made of using aluminum and thus easily breakable. So if the weapon is used it will not injure the wrestler badly and at the same time make everything look real.

wwe weapons fake or real

Sledgehammer, Kendo Sticks, and guitar are some more weapons used. Guitar and kendo sticks are slightly tampered with and not used in their real form.

Sledgehammer was initially not used as a real weapon but after some time WWE permitted to use a sledgehammer in its real form.

Do Wrestlers Really Hit Each Other?

Why WWE is so popular is clear by now. Let us know check do wrestlers really hit each other or not?

Wrestling is a combination of both real and fake events. You can check out post on WWE history to learn about it in detail. Wrestlers are trained athletes and execute the moves which they have learned. They fly, hit each other meanwhile remain in their character too. They hit each other for real by being in their character. Like stunt performers, they also perform with a difference that in one go they have to perform in front of the live audience.

Has Anyone Died In WWE?

Yes, unfortunately, some wrestlers lost their lives inside the ring. There are many cases documented of wrestlers who died inside the ring. Owen Hart’s accident happened in 1999, and other cases are not being publicly available.

Is The Blood Real In WWE? 

Yes, the blood is real. When wrestlers get seriously injured in their fights, they bleed for real.

wwe facts

For entertaining WWE fans, wrestlers cross every limit and for this, they always deserve our respect and love.

That’s all we want to share with you all. If you want to know any other info on WWE, feel free to suggest in the comment box below. We will definitely try to cover it in our next posts.