The following post is on WWE SmackDown Highlights and results held on 28th August 2020. Check out the full match details of SmackDown highlights results 28th Aug. 

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This week’s SmackDown was both a go-home show before we headed for the Payback and also a blue brand’s SummerSlam fallout episode.

Before the show began, Adam Pearce made sure that security was intact after considering what all happened at SummerSlam and the intervention of The Retribution.

At WWE, Thunderdome Jeff Hardy kicked off the show as we are just two days away from the PPV. Jeff took the mic and began to speak about the first title match of his. AJ Styles came and interrupted him by calling him a cheater as he used a knee brace in his match.

WWE SmackDown Highlights Results 28th August 2020

Here is the quick overview of the show:

  • Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, and Roman Reigns met and signed for their Universal Championship contract. 
  • Braun Strowman got attacked one more time; meanwhile, the PPV’s headline match got the confirmation on show.
  • Five matches were announced during the week, as SmackDown was responsible for filling up the remaining card.

Here are the complete details of matches held on WWE SmackDown 28th August 2020

1. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Jeff Hardy- A Intercontinental Championship Match

Jeff Hardy threw Open Challenge on the blue brand. AJ Styles soon interrupted Jeff’s announcement; he said that he wouldn’t be able to fight today because of the injuries he suffered last week. Jeff Hardy did not hesitate to take out AJ Styles, and soon Shinsuke Nakamura entered and accepted the challenge. 

smackdown highlights results 28th aug

Hardy had full control at the beginning of the match, and he hits Shinsuke with a snapmare takedown. Shinsuke hits Jeffy’s knees, which are already injured, and Styles cheered for him from the commentary table.

Hardy then dodged a knee strike and moved Shinsuke out of the ring. Hardy tossed Shinsuke into the Styles, who was standing at the announcer’s desk.

Jeff continues to hit Nakamura with the knee brace, followed by Twist of Fate and Wanton Bomb.

After the match, Sami Zayn came and made a surprising return with his title. He called for Jeff Hardy to announce officially about his return for the Intercontinental Championship.

Result: Jeff Hardy is the winner, and he retains the Intercontinental Championship

2. Shorty G vs. Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle was eagerly waiting to throw a challenge on King Corbin. Riddle stormed into the ring and called for King Corbin. After a while, Corbin showed up, and he graciously accepted the challenge, this was done on behalf of Shorty G.

smackdown highlights 28th aug

The Original Bro was furious from the beginning as he was looking to send a message to King Corbin. After a sequence of attacks, Matt hits King Corbin with a Bro Derek and quickly wins the match.

Result: Matt Riddle is the winner

3. Drew Gulak vs. Braun Strowman

Inside the ring, Drew was getting tossed, and The Monster hits a splash in the corner. Braun Strowman hits a senton, and then he hammered away Drew and holds him with his beard. Strowman hits Drew with a vicious running power slam and won the match.

braun strowman smackdown

Before leaving the ring, Braun singed the contract of Match at Payback, which leaves Reigns to be the left one to sign.

Result: Braun Strowman is the winner.

 4. Cesaro Vs. Kalisto

Cesaro had the control at the starting of the match, and Kalisto was hitting the sunset flip. Cesaro countered the move, and he holds Kalisto to hit with a powerbomb, but Kalisto managed to get out of it. Kalisto popped up on the shoulders of Cesaro and hits with a massive DDT and basement Rana.

smackdown results 28th aug

Nakamura created a distraction, and Dorado and Metalik moved towards him to take him at the ringside. In this chaos, Cesaro rolled up Kalisto, and he gets three counts. After the fight was over, Dorado and Kalisto indulge in a brawl.

Result: Cesaro is the winner.

5. Big E and Heavy Machinery vs. Miz and Morrison, Sheamus

Big E puts aside his singles run to team up with the Heavy Machinery to have a match against Miz and Morrison, Sheamus. Big E had his appearance scheduled on “Miz TV,” which Miz canceled as they had a heated exchange backstage before the SmackDown.

smackdown results highlights

Tucker made a significant movement, and he took all the opponents out. A Heavy Machinery member was looking for a pin; meanwhile, Sheamus rang the bell for holding the ring’s action for the moment. Sheamus becomes furious as his requests for the tag were ignored continuously by The Miz and John, and he left the ringside. Though things were not in favor of him and Morrison, Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale after Otis got tagged. Big E came, and he hits the Big Ending for pinning Miz.

Result: Heavy Machinery & Big E are the winners.

Concluding WWE SmackDown 28th August 2020

The show was the second go-home show in the two weeks. Sami Zayn made his return to the show after four long months.

Reigns confirmed his presence at the Payback to Adam Pearce. Later he guaranteed for a triple threat match and said that winning the universal title back was not a commitment it was just a spoiler.

Do let us know about your experience of this week’s SmackDown. Stay tuned with us for complete updates of the Payback.