Don’t miss out on the brothers taking on each other- Roman Reigns Vs Jey Uso Clash of Champions.

It’s official! Roman Reigns will face his cousin brother  Jey Uso at Clash of Champions 2020 on Sunday 27th Sep for the WWE Univeral Championship.

We have already covered Clash of Champions 2020 confirmed match cards. All WWE titles will be on the line in the upcoming PPV event.

Among all the title and non-title matches at Clash of Champions, it looks like Roman Reigns Vs. Jey Uso will be a fascinating one. So far, this is the one match that significantly less WWE fans have predicted after the Payback 2020.

roman reigns vs jey uso clash of champions 2020

Roman Reigns wins the title of Universal Championship just after one week of his return. His comeback at SummerSlam was not much surprising as Jey Uso winning No.1 Contender’s match was. Jey Uso took Big E in the game as before the match, Big E got injured and could not fight.

By smashing Uso at the WWE Clash of Champions 2020, Roman can create a big statement in the WWE Universe. Uso is a great challenger, and it can be said by considering his past performances and an outstanding tag team wrestler. 

Roman Reigns had made it very clear that Jey won’t get any benefit from being his cousin. At the Clash of Champions, anything can happen. In the last SmackDown Episode 25th Sep 2020, the two brothers had an exchange of words and while Uso was leaving the ring, Roman did attack him with a Superman Punch and sent a clear message. 

Roman Reigns Vs Jey Uso Clash of Champions 2020: Universal Championship Decide Between the Bloodline

In this posted we have listed three possible finishers of the match between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso.

1. Jey Uso wins at WWE Clash of Champions and becomes the new Universal Champion.

On Sunday night Jey Uso vs. Roman Reigns’ most apparent conclusion can be Roman Reigns retaining the championship, which he has. Jey Uso has potential as well to win watch and become the new champion.

It might not be easy for the tag team star to win, but he can perform out of the box and win the PPV match.

2. To make sure that Roman Reigns must win, Paul Heyman may influence the outcome of the match.

In the entire career of Roman Reigns in WWE, the most unusual moments will be having an alliance with Paul Heyman at the SmackDown.

Paul Heyman won’t hesitate to offer his services to Roman Reigns, who was once the primary opponent of Brock Lesnar, although for a short period. Practically it is Heyman’s responsibility to make sure Roman wins. He might distract the referee at the Clash of Champions so that Roman Reigns can take advantage and win the match.

3. Roman Reigns destroy his cousin before retaining the title of Universal Championship.

The chances of Roman Reigns winning the match is relatively high. The question here is exactly what will be the circumstance at the PPV, which will lead to this conclusion?

Ever Since the match has been announced officially, tension is seen between the two. This is mostly from the side of Roman. At the end of a recent SmackDown episode, The Tribal Chief attacked his cousin right before WWE Clash of Champions.

Roman Reigns shows his darker side already, and at the PPV, he might brutally destroy Jey Uso.

Will, The Tribal Chief, squash his cousin Jey Uso and win the match, or will Jey Uso welcome Roman to his Penitentiary by becoming the new Universal Champion?

Know what will be the end of the fight at WWE Clash of Champions streaming live on 27th September 2020 at 7 ET/4PT. The Kickoff show will be live one hour before the streaming of the main event. You can watch it on the official network of WWE.

We will be covering the complete match details, highlights, and winners list of WWE Clash of Champions 2020. Stay tuned for more updates.