Here we come with another RAW episode, held on 7th September, Monday. In this post, we covered WWE RAW Show 7th Sep 2020 highlights, results, updates, and winners.

The show began with Randy Orton saying that Drew McIntyre, the WWE Champion, should hand over his title. McIntyre suffered a fractured jaw previously with the hands of The Viper and is sidelined at present.

The self-confidence of The Viper got shaken as there was a sound of sirens of the ambulance. McIntyre blasted on Randy with a massive Claymore.

WWE RAW Show 7th Sep 2020 TOP Moments

  • The Mysterio’s family finally had their Payback with a wild street fight.
  • Drew McIntyre was back, and he settled his score with the Randy Orton.
  • The Retribution sent a crystal-clear message to the WWE Universe.

WWE RAW Show 7th Sep 2020 Highlights & Results-

Check out the complete highlights, match details, results, and all that happened on Monday Night RAW 7th Sep 2020-

1. The Hurt Business vs. Cedric Alexander, Ricochet, and Apollo Crews

Cedric Alexander was entering inside the ring, and he got attacked by The Hurt Business. Apollo Crews and Ricochet came and rescued him. As the bell rang, Apollo and Shelton started, and Bobby received the tag early on. The Hurt Business had the control as MVP received the tag in and maintained the pressure on Crews.

raw show 7th sep 2020 highlights

Suddenly Cedric began to attack Ricochet at the ringside and then went for hitting a Lumbar Check on Crews; meanwhile, The Hurt Business was watching all this and smiling. Benjamin Shelton finished off Crews with the Paydirt and becomes the first winner on the Monday Night Raw.

Result: The Hurt Business is the winner.

2. Angel Garza and Andrade vs. The Street Profits

Angel Garza did not maintain alignment with his teammates Andrade and Vega after leaving them earlier week when The Retribution came and attacked. Angel Garza and Ford started, and Andrade received the tag when Ford moved down Garza using a clothesline.

raw highlights and results

Dawkins came, and Andrade was too occupied in fighting with Angel Garza.

Vega and Angel Garza were at the ringside and shouting. Angel Garza decided to leave the match. Angel Garza was looking from the entrance ramp when Dawkins moved down Andrade. Ford becomes the winner as he got the frog splash.

Result: The Street Profits is the winner

3. Billie Kay vs. Peyton Royce

Billie and Peyton were not much exciting to hurt each other, and both were countering each other’s moves. Peyton had a near fall after both attempted to slap each other. Key went for rolling up Peyton to have two counts, but Peyton managed to kick out.

raw 7th sep highlights

Royce went for hitting swinging neck breaker and marked her victory over Billie, her tag partner earlier. Royce and Billie hugged after the match was over.

Result: Peyton Royce is the winner.

4. Lana and Natalya vs. Mickie James and Asuka

James and Natalya showed up first in the show, and before the tag was made, James had the control. Lana went for a spin kick, but she dodged the hip attack. Mickie James forced a tag from Lana. Natalya came, and she moved James to their corner where Natalya and Lana double-teamed Mickie.

wwe raw results 7th sep

Lana receives a near fall on Mickie; however, Asuka just broke it. James and Lana were present inside the ring when Asuka came with a tag and hit Lana with Asuka Lock. This made Lana tap out at RAW. Natalya was struggling to get out of the hold, but she Mickie Mick Kicked her outside.

Result: Asuka & Mickie James are the winner.

5. The Hurt Business vs. Apollo Crews, The Viking Raiders, and Ricochet

Shelton Benjamin was beating Ricochet. Crews receive the tag in, and he went for hitting a standing moonsault to have a near fall.

monday night raw results

MVP entered, and he was moved to the enemy’s corner. There Viking Raider beats them with a double team move. Erik moved down Bobby but ate a spear before Shelton received a near fall on him.

Ricochet almost managed to have a pin on MVP, but Alexander broke it. Alexander kept his earlier tag partner away. Rochet was looking for a pin, and both of the trams ended up rushing in the ring. Ivar moved all of them outside. Alexander hits a Michinoku Driver and wins the match.

Result: The Hurt Business is the winner.

6. Keith Lee vs. Randy Orton

As the match began, Orton escaped from the ring. He was dragged back inside the ring by Keith. Lee went for blocking an RKO, but Orton sidestepped on the outside, which made Lee crashed into the barricades.

randy orton wwe raw

Lee went for another RKO and attacked Orton in the corner. Keith hits a power slam on Orton to receive a near fall. Orton successfully got the RKO in, but Drew McIntyre showed up, and Claymore Kicked Orton one more time, and the match got finished.

Result: Randy Orton wins via DQ

7. The Riott Squad vs. Shayna Baszler

Shayna and Riott started the handicap match. Nia Jax was present at the ringside. In the starting, Baszler was dominating, and he hits an arm drag. Morgan came, and she attempted to take out Shayna’s leg but was grounded right now.

wwe raw results highlights

Liv was getting hit while Nia Jax created a distraction. Morgan wins the match by rolling up off the distraction.

Result: The Riott Squad is the winner.

8. The Riott Squad vs. Nia Jax

As Nia was inside the ring, Shayna Baszler was the one creating distractions this time. Nia got double teamed by The Riott Squad, and Ruby almost pinned the champion.

nia jax wwe raw

Nia recovered soon and locked in a submission on Ruby Riott before she went for the Samoan Drop. Morgan moved down Nia, and lights began to flicker on RAW, and it becomes very dark. Liv moved down Jax, and a pin was made, but nothing can be seen because of the darkness.

Result: DNF

9. Murphy vs. Dominik Mysterio

Before the match started, the Mysterio family was standing at the ringside and having the Kendo stick. Murphy was tough in the beginning, and he hits with a knee strike moving Dom outside. Dom then moved Murphy to the announcer’s desk before he went for climbing up on the screens and hits a splash right from up there.

dominik mysterio wwe raw

Dominik was attacking Murphy at the stage. Murphy gained the strength back and receives some momentum as he attempted to use steel steps on Dom’s eyes.

Dom was down, and Rey Mysterio was standing next to Murphy. Rey was holding a Kendo stick, but he didn’t interfere in the match. Murphy brought a steel chair to hit Dom with, and he moved Dom into the ring post again and again.

Murphy caught Dom with ropes and was looking for Kendo Stick, but Rey didn’t allow him. Dominik’s sister and mom helped him to get free from the strings. At the ringside, Dom hits with a Sunset Flip on the table and a frog splash, but Murphy kicked out.

Dom and Rey tied Murphy in the ropes and but started beating him with the Kendo sticks. Rey asked his daughter and wife to hit Murphy, and they did so before Murphy decided to quit the match.

Result: Dominik Mysterio is the winner.

Finishing Up WWE RAW Show 7th September 2020 Highlights 

We had a great show of Monday Night RAW before Clash of Champions 2020. Drew McIntyre made a surprising comeback. Despite his severe injuries, he took out on Randy. Orton.

The Mysterio family finally have their Payback. Kevin Owens also had his RAW Underground debut. 

This is all from this week’s Monday Nights RAW. Stay tuned for the more wrestling updates.