Check out the WWE RAW 24th August highlights results 2020. We covered the full highlights and match winners of Monday Night RAW.  

TOP Highlights of the RAW Show 24th August 2020:

  • A great debut match on the RAW show.
  • Randy Orton received a new rival.
  • A returning superstar turned heel, and a leading faction took over the RAW underground.

Drew McIntyre starts the show at WWE Thunderdome for celebrating his title defense at SummerSlam 2020. He said that Randy was at his best, but McIntyre was much better than him at SummerSlam.

He further added to this by saying Orton calls himself the most outstanding wrestler of all time after he had beaten Edge, but now as he got defeated by Drew, it has made him even better than Randy.

Orton went for attacking McIntyre as he said he is ready for a match if Randy is up for it. Orton dragged McIntyre towards the backstage and then hits a punt on the floor. Officials came, and they attempted to stop Orton, and McIntyre took the next punt before Randy gave up finally.

On RAW at backstage, Nia Jax was spotted though at present she is suspended. Shayna Baszler was there with her, and they were exchanging harsh words and started calling ugly to each other.

WWE RAW 24th August Highlights & Match Results 2020

Here are match results and highlights of all the WWE RAW fights held on 24th August 2020.

1. Shayna Baszler vs. Bayley 

To watch the match from the ringside, Nia Jax came out before the first match of the night kicked off. In the beginning, Bayley was seen strong but not for a long time as Shayna dropped Bayley with a right hook. Sasha attempted to interfere in the match quite early this time, and Bayley got some advantage.

raw 24th august highlights

Shayna was moved out from the ring, and by now, Nia was involved, and she began to attack Baszler. Nia slammed Shayna on the apron and dragged her inside the ring; Golden Role models were cheering for her. Nia returned to Sasha and Bayley and was joined by Baszler as all began to stare down the women’s tag champs at RAW.

Result: DNF

2. Cedric Alexander vs. Akira Tozawa vs. R-Truth vs. Shelton Benjamin (c) – For 24/7 Title a fatal four-way match 

In the starting Benjamin attacked Akira, and Alexander moved him on in the ring. Alexander was moved outside, and Akira and R-Truth began to take turns and attacked the champion. Akira was moved out, and he got help from Ninjas to get back inside the ring.

24/7 championship

Shelton left the ring and got stuck as Ninjas got hold of him and stopped him from entering the ring. Akira utilized the opportunity to pin R-Truth; meanwhile, Cedric was still down. Akira marked the victory and became the new 24/7 Champion on RAW.

Result: Akira Tozawa is the winner for a fatal 4-way match and is now the new 24/7 champion on RAW.

3. Montez Ford vs. Angel Garza

The match starts, and Montez was dominating, but he got hit with a dropkick in midair. Angel Garza went for hitting the knee strike in the corner, and next, Ivar was seen walking down to the ring, and he had something in his hands.

raw highlights results

It was turkey leg he was holding he gave it to Demi and moved her away. Angel Garza was aggressive, and Montez got stuck on the top rope before he went for hitting the frog splash for achieving the winning position.

Result: Montez Ford is the winner.

4. Zelina Vega and The IIconics vs. Bianca Belair and Riott Squad

Morgan and Kay were seen in the starting, and Royce was tagged in, followed by Ruby Riott. Kay returned for a double team and a near fall, and they moved Riott at their corner and tagged in Zelina.

raw highlights

Bianca tagged in, and she cleared the ringside before moving the fight to Zelina inside the ring. Bianca was about to win, but The IIconics broke the pin. The Riott Squad moved out The IIconics, and Bianca received the Kiss of Death for marking the victory in the match.

Result: Bianca Belair and Riott Squad wins the match.

5. Randy Orton vs. Keith Lee

Keith Lee has good strength initially, and Randy was quite impressed in the starting before he went for a belly to belly suplex. Lee was moved to the ring post, and after that, Randy stomped on his hand to slow him down.

randy orton wwe raw

Keith moved Randy outside before getting hit with a draping DDT. Orton was looking for an RKO, but McIntyre dragged him from the side and started to attack him.

Result: DNF

6. Sasha Banks vs. Asuka – A Lumberjack Match for the RAW Women’s Championship

The match kicked off with Asuka dominating at the starting, and Sasha was moved out of the ring right away. Bayley was watching her back, and everyone surrounded them before we had a quick break at RAW.

sasha banks raw

Asuka hits a massive kick, and she was moved out after that. Asuka got help from the superstars, Sasha hits a dive, and she hits the Riott Squad. Asuka was going after Bayley outside the ring before the match was once again inside the ring.

Sasha hits a frog splash and receives a near fall, and next, Bayley was seen going to get a steel chair, and Shayna moved her out. Sasha got locked in the Asuka Lock, and she tapped out this time too.

Result: Asuka is the winner and retained the RAW Women’s Championship

7. Murphy and Seth Rollins vs. Dom and Rey Mysterio

Seth and Murphy got attacked by Dom and Rey as they were making their way on the show. Rey was moved to the announcer’s desk, and Dom was getting hit near the barricades before they entered the ring, and we hear the bell ringing.

seth rollins wwe raw

Dom moved Murphy outside by moving him through the ropes, and Rey took Rollins outside. Inside the ring, Rey set for the 619 but got pulled out by Murphy, and we had another break.

Rollins was hitting a Blockbuster on Rey, and Murphy got tagged in after that. Dom was back, and he hits Muprhy with a big sequence to receive a near fall. Rey Mysterio got tagged again after Seth and set up for the 619, but he was also not successful this time.

Murphy now took the tag, and he got hit by the double 619 by both Dom and Rey Mysterio, the light began to flicker on the show. Seth moved Dom down from the top rope, and The Retribution attacked.

Result: DNF

Concluding WWE RAW 24th August 2020 Results

What a great Monday Night RAW Show we had (before WWE Payback 2020) at the WWE Thunderdome with the latest live format.

The fans had many exciting moments on the show like a SummerSlam rematch, return of Aleister Black, and Keith Lee’s debut match.

Drew McIntyre has got poorly injured by Randy Orton twice on the show. He might have a career-threatening injury said by the doctors. We are still waiting for an update on him. We hope he recovers soon and makes a strong come back to the ring.

This is it from the Monday Night RAW. We hope you enjoyed reading the RAW highlights post and results. Do share your views in the comment section below.