WWE History: The Beginning & How It Was Started?

Have you ever thought about how WWE was started?


WWE History: The beginning of WWE, when did the first fight happen in the history of WWE? Who founded WWE in the beginning. Whether the fights are real or fake that you watch on your TV?

If not, then by the end of this post you will have all the info about the WWE’s epic History.

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In this post, we will talk about the following info related to WWE.

  • How WWE was started?
  • Different Eras of WWE.
  • How you can join WWE- Qualifications and other requirements to join WWE

And also the most commonly asked question, i.e. Is WWE scripted or real?

WWE History: How WWE Started?

Let’s begin with WWE history, how WWE gradually evolved with time, what were its earlier names, which was the first fight, and more.

The Background Behind WWE Evolution

WWE has its existence since 1952, and Jess McMahon initially founded it. It was formed as CWF, i.e., Capitol Wrestling Corporation (Yes, that was the initial name of WWE). Later, it was renamed WWWF, i.e., World Wide Wrestling Federation; This was when J McMahon inherited his father’s business. In 1979 it was again renamed as WWF, i.e., World Wrestling Federation by Vincent J. McMahon.

The name WWE evolved as the company lost a lawsuit brought over the initials by World Wildlife Foundation in 2002. The name WWE (i.e. World Wrestling Entertainment) was made official on 6th May 2002.

wwe history

Undoubtedly WWE is the most successful professional wrestling promotion.

Over the past several years, WWE has promoted prominent wrestlers like the great Undertaker, Randy Orton, John Cena, and much more and gave wrestling fans the best experience of watching iconic matches and exciting moments. WWE offers its fans with weekly events like SmackDown, RAW, and NXT across 150+ countries. It organizes several PPVs in a year, including popular ones like WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, Survivor Series, etc..

WWE introduced its first-ever 24/7 streaming network in 2014, which will showcase the complete WWE video library.

Era’s Of Wrestling World

Now let’s know about different Era’s in the WWE history.

Ruthless Aggression Era

The Ruthless Aggression Era ended in 2008 as WWE stopped focusing on edgier content and started showing family-friendly content. For WWE fans, it was known as the PG era.

In the Ruthless Aggression Era, World Champions were Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, The Great Khali, The Undertaker, John Cena, Rob Van Dam, and King Booker.

ruthless aggression era champions

Some other superstars of this Era were  Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Lashley, Kane, and The Miz.

Talking about the PG Era, World Champions in this Era were: John Cena, Daniel Bryan, The Miz, Sheamus, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, and The Undertaker.

Some other superstars of this era were Kofi Kingston, Jhon Morrison, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, MVP, and Shelton Benjamin.

The Reality Era

In 2011 the Reality Era marked its beginnings. In this era, the company focused on real-life events changing things and forming a storyline. Superstars who emerged as the face of this era were Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns. World Champions of this Era were John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry, Randy Orton, and Rey Mysterio.

reality era world champions

In 2016 the New Era began as women were pushed to the forefront for the first time in the history of WWE.

RAW and SmackDown had their own championships and became two different brands in 2016.

Transition Era

This Era began in 1979 and ended up in 1982. Son of Vincent J. Mcmahon formed Titan Sports Inc, and he also looked to get trademarks for WWF initials.

wwe history transition era

The Golden Era

The Golden Era existed from 1982 to1993. After losing the lawsuit in May 2002, the company realized that they now have the opportunity to shift their focus to entertainment. The company announced that the company name and wrestling promotion name will now be known as WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment.

WWE History: First Brand Split

WWE witnessed its first brand split in 2002 and it lasted till 2011. Here you can read about the brand split in detail.

WWE History: First Brand Split 2002-2011

WWE decided in March 2002 that they will be forming two different rosters now. Each group will have wrestlers coming in one of the programs, i.e., either RAW or SmackDown. For setting the rosters, every year draft lottery was conducted. The first draft was used to figure out the initial opening roster and the subsequent drafts for the rosters of the main show.

The brand split ended in 2011. In Aug 2011, in the episode of Monday Night RAW, it was announced that it would be featuring wrestlers from both SmackDown and RAW, and the show will be known as RAW Supershow.

wwe raw supershow

Championships were earlier exclusive to the one show, but it was available for wrestlers of any show to fight for it after the end of the brand extension.

The company builds WWE Performance Center, a sports medicine and training facility, in 2013.

Talking about NXT, Full Sail is its home base. In the past years, it has grown, and in 2019 it was made official that NXT will have a weekly two-hour live show on Wednesday.

wwe nxt

The second brand split took place in 2016, which is continued to date.

WWE officially announced in 2016 that brand extension got relaunched and termed it as New Era. With this extension, RAW and SmackDown started featuring their rosters, commentators, ropes, and championships. A draft was conducted in which it was finalized which wrestler will get to appear at what event.

brand split in wwe history

WWE introduced one more exciting program in 2016. This program was specially designed for the cruiserweight division of WWE.

Which Is The First Fight Of WWE?

As we know WWE has its origins since the 1950s. The first-ever show, which was held under Capitol Wrestling Centre, was in Jan 1953. Talking about the first wrestler of the wrestling world, it was Vincent J. McMahon. However, there are Some other sources claim that it was Jess McMahon.

On March 24th, 1953, a singles match between Buddy Rogers vs. Johnny Valentine at Madison Square Garden, New York, was held.

Is WWE Real Or Fake?

It’s true that the fights we see between the superstars are not real, and sometimes the outcomes of the fight are pre-determined.

is wwe real or fake

Also, this is the fact that WWE is an athletic form of entertainment, and all your favorite wrestlers are trained like athletes.

In WWE, there are wrestlers and they play the role of a fictional character on screen. Their rivalries are scripted, and the matches too. WWE has never failed in maintaining the perfect balance between reality and fiction. For more than 50 years, WWE has its existence. People question, is WWE fake? To be honest, nowadays, it is all about entertainment, and wrestling is becoming more and more natural.

In WWE’s PPV, most of the matches are some submission types matches, so it can not be said that nothing is honest in WWE.

Wrestlers fighting in regular matches might be fake. But then why are there security guards? The fights accidentally get converted to a real fight; then, wrestlers are at risk, and security is needed. We can say it’s a mixture of both because the athletic part is genuine.

WWE superstars often get asked by people for being fake or playing fake sport. However, people fail to understand that wrestlers face risk every night as they are prone to get injured. To entertain all of us, they work hard and follow the hectic schedules of their training, so yes, they truly deserve our respect.

Is Every WWE Match Scripted?

WWE superstars do rehearse their matches inside the ring but not every move is pre-decided though it is scripted.

Wrestlers usually talk to their opponents about what they are thinking to do. The moves that wrestlers perform in the ring are not decided in advance; they are trained athletes and have learned the moves in their training and act accordingly.

Who Decides That Who Will Be The Winner Of The Match?

It is believed that writers of the company finalize who will win depending on storylines, predictions, odds, fans’ beliefs, wrestler talent, and more.

Earlier in WWF and WWWF, they already planned every match result. In WWE, winners and losers are planned as matches are scripted, and most of the time, wrestlers are aware of who will win the match.

 How Can You Join WWE?

If you wish to join WWE, you can visit their website.

There you will find apply tab; click on it and follow the simple steps like filling and submitting your application form. You will have to accept the invitation and then attempt the try-out.

Can Anyone Become A Wrestler?

Well, direct recruitment usually takes place from wrestling programs of colleges or other athletics. Otherwise, you need a minimum of 3-5 years of experience in PRO wrestling if you wish to join WWE.

Some other eligibility criteria are:

You should be 18+ and must be graduated from high school. It would be best to enroll in a wrestling school once you have decided to join WWE.

Okay Did we miss anything that you want to know about WWE?

Do let us know in the comment section below. We will surely answer you back. For now, this is it. We hope you guys enjoyed reading the post on WWE History.


WWE WrestleMania 37 Night One 4/10/21 Full Show Highlights And Results

WrestleMania 37 Night held at Raymond James Stadium, Florida. You can read about WWE WrestleMania 37 night one 4/10/21 full show highlights and match results in this post.

If you do not wish to read the post, you can check out the video episode on WWE WrestleMania 37 Night One 4/10/21 full show highlights, match analysis and results.


5 Top Moments Of WWE WrestleMania 37 Night One 4/10/21

Before we begin with WWE WrestleMania 37 night one 4/10/21 full show highlights and match card detailed analysis, let us first see the top hits of the PPV.

  1. Cesaro has his ever FIRST Wrestlemania Victory tonight in the history of WWE.
  2. AJ Styles and Omos are the NEW RAW Tag Team Champions. They defeated The NEW Day- Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.
  3. Bobbly Lashley defends WWE Championship Title against Drew McIntyre.
  4. Braun Strowman took his revenge against Shane. After a series of assaults, Braun finally had his revenge against Shane at WrestleMania 2021.
  5. Sasha Banks vs Bianca Belair WrestleMania Result 2021: Bianca Belair defeated Sasha Banks and became the NEW SmackDown Women Champion.

Vince McMahon marked the beginning of the show and thanked WWE fans for supporting WWE Superstars with their presence in the arena. In an interview backstage, Shane McMahon once again made fun of Braun Strowman.

WWE WrestleMania 37 Night One 4/10/21 Full Show Highlights & Winners

Let us now check out WrestleMania 37 10th April 2021 full match card, highlights, match winners, and updates of Night 1. The first match of the night 1 kicked off. It was now time to watch the most awaited match.

Drew McIntyre vs Bobby Lashley WWE Championship Match

Bobby has some benefits at the starting of the match and moved Drew outside and sent him to the barricades. Drew hits with a suplex followed by a neck breaker. Lashley returned with the Hurt Lock. Drew hits with a reverse Alabama Slam and receives a near fall. Bobby hits Drew with a spinebuster. Drew soon got up and went to hit Bobby with Future Shock DDT. McIntyre hits a massive dive on MVP and Bobby after sending the champion out of the ring.

wrestlemania 37 night one 4/10/21 full show highlights

Drew tossed Bobby back inside the ring but soon got stuck in the Hurt Lock. McIntyre was unstoppable. He managed to come out of it and reversed a Spinebuster in a Kimura Lock.

Bobby got the ropes and came out of the hold. McIntyre looked for hitting with a Claymore, but Bobby once again got the Hurt Lock. Drew fought tough this time, too but failed to defeat Lashley as he continued the hold locked and made him pass out. Bobby Lashley once again became the WWE Champion and defeated Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 37.

Result: Bobby Lashley is the winner.

Women’s Tag Team Championship match

Lana and Naomi kicked off the match. Both were dominating the match in the beginning. Carmella supported Kay to receive a roll-up on Naomi. The Riott Squad showed up next. Liv Morgan got isolated, and soon Ruby broke the pin. Kay kicked off Ruby. Kay and Carmella tried their luck with the same trick with the pin, but the referee caught them up. This gave Riott Squad a chance to pin.

wwe wrestlemania 37 2021



The next team that showed up was Brooke and Mandy. Both fought tough and successfully scored the elimination. Mandy got rolled up by Liv. The final team to join the match was Natalya and Tamina. Liv was severely worn down from the fight with Dana and Rose and Ruby on the floor out of the ring.

Ruby managed to get back in the match and hits Tamina with a senton. Tamina had the upper hand, and Natalya got the tag in the match. Tamina showed up from the top of the rope to hit with a splash and score the pin. By this, she was looking forward to securing a title shot at WrestleMania night 2. No team got enough time to do anything special. Also, the match went quickly, not giving a chance to anyone for creating any issue. Tamina and Natalya won the match as Tamina hits with a splash.

Result: Tamina and Natalya are the winners.

Cesaro vs Seth Rollins

At the beginning of the match, Cesaro looked for a swing a couple of times, but Seth Rollins managed to escape from it. Cesaro then went for hitting spinning European uppercut. Cesaro dropkicked Seth as he was sitting on the top of the rope.

wrestlemania 37 night 1 match card

Rollins reversed swing many times, and then Cesaro finally succeeded in his attempt the fifth time. Cesaro got in nine swings and then locked in the sharpshooter. Seth Rollins looked for the ropes.

Seth hits with a corkscrew splash, and then Cesaro received a Neutralizer. However, it was not sufficient to keep Seth Rollins down. Out of nowhere, suddenly Seth hits with a Pedigree; however, he did not get the three counts.

Cesaro picked up Seth and hits with the UFO and then went back for the swing again. At WrestleMania 37, Cesaro got in 23 swings and finally won the match by hitting Neutralizer.

Result: Cesaro is the winner.

AJ Styles and Omos vs The New Day RAW tag team Championship match

Xavier and AJ kicked off the most awaited match. The champions had early advantages as they were taunting AJ and Olmos. AJ was isolated at the corner, and the champions stopped him from tagging Omos in the match.

wrestlemania 37 night 1 match results

AJ was getting hit, and soon he tagged Omos in the match. Omos moved down the champions, tossed them into the corners, and then ran into them, Kofi and Xavier got hit with backbreakers, and AJ jumped over the shoulders of Omos for moving out Xavier. Amos moved down Kofi and, with one foot, pinned him. AJ Styles and Omos are now the new RAW Tag Team Champions.

Result: AJ Styles and Omos are the winners.

Braun Strowman vs Shane: A Steel Cage match

Before the match, both Ryker and Elias hit Braun with the steel chairs. The match’s opening bell rang, and Shane unloaded on Braun and looked for his already injured leg.

wwe wrestlemania 37 match analysis

Braun soon took control of the match and tossed Shane all around the cage. Shane countered a Running power slam. Shane made use of the cage wall and a DDT for moving down Braun. Shane went for Coast to Coast after this. Shane looked for climbing out of the cage, but Braun did not let it happened. Braun ripped apart the cage for real to get Shane back.

Braun tossed Shane cage’s top, hit him with a running power slam, and defeated him.

Result: Braun Strowman is the winner.

Miz and Morison vs Bad Bunny and Damian Priest

Bad Bunny kicked off the match and punched the Miz. The A-Lister had control of the match. Bad Bunny managed to counter it and went for an arm drag.wwe wrestlemania 37 winners and updates

wwe wrestlemania 37 winners and updates


Miz then knocked the rapper. Big Bunny hits with a massive hurricanrana. Morrison got tagged in the match, and Miz showed up for a cheap shot. Bunny fought tough and got hit with a couple of kicks before he could tag Damian in the game.

Damian wiped out both Miz and Morrison. Damian hits the A-Lister with a chokeslam. Both Damian and Bunny looked for hitting drives. The former NXT star got hit by Miz with a Skull Crushing Finale. Bunny moved out Morrison by hitting with a Canadian Destroyer. Damian Priest and Bad Bunny won the match as Bad Bunny hits the Miz with a splash.

Result: Bad Bunny and Damian Priest are the winners.

Sasha Banks vs Bianca Belair SmackDown Women’s Championship Match 

Both Sasha and Bianca countered each other moves at the beginning of the match. Bianca Belair was seen on the verge of tears at her big WrestleMania 37 match.

wwe wrestlemania 37 10th april 2021

The boss moved Bianca outside the ring and went for hitting a huge dive. Bianca got hold of Banks, and she moved her again inside the ring. Sasha received a slam again and later locked in a submission. Bianca dodged some huge moves outside the ring and then sent back Sasha inside the ring. Bianca hits Sasha with a vertical suplex and standing shooting star.

Bianca looked for a top rope move, but Sasha caught her knees. Sasha attempted Banks Statement, and Bianca was not able to come out of it. Bianca somehow managed to reach the top, which forced the champion to let go of the hold.

There was series of attacks between the challengers, and then Bianca hits Sasha with her hair and won the match by getting the KOD. The New SmackDown Women’s Champion is Bianca Belair.

Result: Bianca Belair is the winner.

Concluding WWE WrestleMania 37 Night One 4/10/21 Highlights & Results

An amazing show it was. WWE fans got to see some of the best matches of the year.

  • Cesaro defeated Seth Rollins and broke his record of Cesaro Swing. Seth has undergone 23 swings by Cesaro.
  • It was Omos who turned the game and took care of AJ’s business after the TAG. He was undefeatable. The New DAY members could hardly fight him.
  • Bobby Lashley defeated Drew McIntyre with his hurt lock and retained his WWE Title at WrestleMania 2021.
  • In a Steel Cage match, Strowman tossed Shane from Steel Cage’s top and took revenge for the insult and words that Shane exchanged with him.
  • WWE acknowledged the match between Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair as their Main Event of WrestleMania 37.
  • First time in WWE, TWO Black Women competed for a WWE Title and WrestleMania’s main event.
  • The BOSS was not at her best, and it was Bianca Belair who capitalized on her Royal Rumble winning moment against Sasha Banks and defeating her to win the title.

So that’s all about the WrestleMania 37 night 1. Let us know in the comment section below how was your experience watching the PPV.


WWE WrestleMania 37 Universal Championship Match : Roman vs. Edge vs. Daniel

WrestleMania 37 is not so far now, and here we bring with a new post on WWE WrestleMania 37 Universal Championship Match: Roman Reigns vs. Edge vs. Daniel Bryan.

If you do not wish to read the full post, you can watch a video episode on WWE WrestleMania 37 Universal Championship Match: Roman Reigns vs. Edge vs. Daniel Bryan here.


Roman Reigns vs. Edge for WrestleMania 37 

Before we begin with triple threat match let us first check out what were earlier plans for WWE WrestleMania 37 Universal Championship Match.

Roman Reigns vs. Edge Became Official For WrestleMania 37  Initially 

The winner of 30 men Royal Rumble match turned out to be Edge. Edge was playing mind games with champions of all NXT, RAW, and SmackDown. It was challenging to figure out whom Edge will challenge until we had Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber.

wwe wrestlemania 37 universal championship match

Roman Reigns won the match, and soon after his victory, he got attacked by Edge. Edge then pointed towards the sign of Wrestle Mania and made it official.

But now, there is a twist in the storyline of Edge and Roman. Yes, Daniel Bryan is in the picture, too, now.

We had a couple of weeks full of curiosity thinking will WWE add Daniel Bryan to Universal Championship or not? Guys, it is now confirmed that Daniel Bryan will be facing Edge and Roman Reigns in a triple threat match.

The Big Match of The Show is now going to be a triple threat match. Yes, guys, The Big Dog and Edge will have some company in their match scheduled for WrestleMania 37.

So it is now going to be a triple threat match for The Universal Championship.

We will have Roman Reigns vs. Edge vs. Daniel Bryan in the main event of WrestleMania’s 37 night 2.

wrestlemania 37

The decision was made after witnessing chaotic matches at Fastlane 2021. At Fastlane 2021, Daniel threw the challenge at Roman for the title. The game had Edge as the special enforcer. Edge attacked both the opponents in the match with a steel chair when Bryan went for LeBell lock and The Big Dog was tapping out in the game.

fastlane 2021

At that time referee was not present, and there was no recording for the submission.

Edge, the special guest enforcer in the match, got involved in the match and cost Daniel the match. The Leader of the Yes Movement made sure he continues to be in the title picture.

The decision of making Roman vs. Edge a triple threat match is an inspired one.

Guys, this match is definitely the most significant match which WWE can plan for WrestleMania 37 with its present roster.

WWE WrestleMania 37 Triple Threat Match

Let us see how WWE made the decision of adding Daniel Bryan to WWE WrestleMania 37 Universal Championship Match.

WWE WrestleMania 37 Universal Championship Match now a Triple Threat Match

On SmackDown 26th March 2021, the show was kicked off by Daniel Bryan. He said he was successful in making The Big Dog tap out in their match at Fastlane. However, he could not win the game because of the interference of Edge.

smackdown 26th march 2021

Daniel Bryan had a steel chair in his hands; inside the ring, he sat down on a chair and demanded a rematch with Roman. Daniel said until his wish is granted, he is not going anywhere.

Bryan continued to sit inside the ring, and then Adam Pearce showed up to talk to him.

Adam said he could not allow Daniel to have a rematch at WrestleMania 37. The leader of the Yes Movement told that he should be granted a title shot after the PPV. Adam was still not convinced.

Daniel finally said that as the event will be held in two nights, he should be given a chance to have a match with the winner of the Universal Championship match of night 1.

Edge showed up after this and did not allow Pearce to speak further. He argued that Daniel does not deserve more shots for the title. Bryan attacked Edge but soon got hit with a spear by him.

Daniel was on the floor and got hit with a steel chair by Edge.

wwe smackdown 26th march 2021

Roman Reigns asked Paul Heyman and Jey Uso to go and speak with Adam Pearce.

The Big Dog was speaking to Adam Pearce and said he was to appear on only one night at WrestleMania, and he is not going to compete more than once.

Edge told Adam Pearce that it is high time and now he should make the final decision for Daniel Bryan.

Adam Pearce finally showed up to reveal his decision. Roman, Daniel, and Edge followed him. Guys Adam Pearce confirmed that at WrestleMania 37, there would be a Triple Threat Match, and in the main event, Daniel Bryan will be included.

Soon after he made the decision, Bryan attacked Edge. The Big Dog moved the leader of the Yes Movement out of the ring.

There was a brawl, and WWE officials finally interfered to save Daniel from getting further attacked by Edge.

WWE WrestleMania 37 Universal Championship Match Winner Predictions

Guys, who should be the winner of the match, ideally Daniel, Roman, or Edge? Here we are sharing what we think why either of the three should be the winner of the match.

Why should Daniel Bryan win the match?

In the current scenario, Daniel has become the top favorite of WWE fans. Though Edge is a Hall of Famer and The Big Dog is the real face of WWE, we think Bryan will have more cheers by the WWE fans at WWE WrestleMania 37.

smackdown 26th march 2021

I believe fans now want Daniel to win the title as, in a way, it will be history repeating itself. Earlier in 2014, we have seen that Bryan made his entry in the main event as the Royal Rumble winner turned out to be Batista. Something similar happened in 2021 too.

Why should the big dog win the title?

In the past years, Roman Reigns was part of several title matches at WrestleMania. However, he had never defended his title previously in the show.

wrestlemania 37 triple threat match

There are chances that Reigns might take a beating in the beginning and then let Bryan and Edge fight. He might attack either of two and pin the remaining one. Being the head of the table, Roman Reigns should at least retain his championship once at WrestleMania.

Why should Edge win?

Around ten years back, Edge becomes the World Heavyweight Champion. At that time, he was forced to retire and get free from his duties as he was suffering from a neck injury.

wretlemania 37 universal championship match winner predictions

Now, after so many years, Edge is back in the Wrestling world once again. In 2021 Edge won 30 men Royal Rumble match. Edge might celebrate his comeback by winning the Universal Champions match. The last reign of Edge did not have a proper ending. As Edge is in good shape, this might be a reality that Edge wins the match.

It was highly unexpected that Daniel Bryan would be part of the main event at WrestleMania 2021. At the Show of Shows, Bryan might take the pin. It will be a surprise if Roman fails to defend his title and either Bryan or Edge becomes the new champion.

triple threat match at wrestlemania 37

The big dog has the Universal Championship for more than six months. So far, this is the best title reign for Roman, and there are fewer chances that WWE will end it soon. The Big Dog has to find a way to survive at WrestleMania.

It is complicated to anticipate the winner of the Triple Threat Match for the Universal Championship. If Roman Reigns losses the match, there is a high probability that his momentum will meet a dead end.

So, guys, this is all about the WrestleMania 37 which we want to share with you all.

Let us know what do you think? Who will be the winner of the match? Stay tuned with us as we will be coming up with more posts on WrestleMania 37.


WWE WrestleMania 37 Full Match Card & Predictions

The WrestleMania event will begin on Saturday 10th April, followed by Sunday 11th April. You can read about WWE WrestleMania 37 full match card, live streaming info, and predictions in this post. The PPV will be taking place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

If you are not interested in reading the whole post, you can check out the quick video episode on WWE WrestleMania 37 full match card and live streaming info.

As you know, only a few weeks are left for WrestleMania 2021, and some of the biggest matches have been confirmed already.

Start Time Of The WrestleMania Event And The Live Streaming Info

WrestleMania 37 is around the corner. Let us quickly check out how you can watch your favorite show.

When and where can you watch WrestleMania 37?

Last year WrestleMania 36 was held at WWE Performance Center with no live audience because of the widespread COVID-19. This year a limited capacity audience will be allowed. The event will be held in TWO Nights having the fights divided in Night 1 on Saturday and Night 2 on Sunday.

In the US and UK, the main event will be live from 7 PM ET, and before that, there will be an hour-long kick-off show which will begin from 6 PM ET.

For WWE fans, the PPV will be live-streamed on Peacock.

Indian viewers can catch up with the show on 11th April and 12th April. On both nights, the pre-show will begin at 3:30 am, and the main show will start at 4:30 am.

The show will be available on channels like Sony Ten 1 and Sony Ten 3. Fans can look out for other options, too, like My Jio TV and Sony Liv App.

WWE WrestleMania 37 Full Match Card Night 1 And Predictions

Here we will discuss the WWE WrestleMania 37 full match card confirmed for the biggest event of the year.

Drew McIntyre vs. Bobby Lashley

The first fight will be between Drew McIntyre vs. Bobby Lashley for WWE Championship Title.

wwe wrestlemania 37 full match card

At Elimination Chamber 2021, we have seen Drew McIntyre win the RAW Elimination Chamber match and successfully retained his title. And how The Miz cashed in his Money in the Bank Briefcase and snatched the title. However, the title did not last long with The Miz as right after one week, Bobby Lashley won the title.

After two weeks, an official announcement was made by WWE that Drew McIntyre will challenge Bobby for the title. On RAW 22nd March 2021, we saw Drew win the match against The Hurt Business, which stipulated that both Shelton and Cedric will not be allowed at the ringside at WrestleMania 37.

Prediction: We think that Drew McIntyre will be successful in claiming the title back at WrestleMania 37.

Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Belair

Sasha Banks will defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship title against Bianca Belair.

wwe wrestlemania 37 full match card night 1

On Jan 31st, 2021, Bianca Belair won the Women’s Royal Rumble Match. She used the championship title opportunity against The Boss- Sasha Banks and was challenged for a title match at WrestleMania 37. Before, at Elimination Chamber this year, we had seen Banks and Bianca teamed up in a Women’s tag team match.

However, both lost the match as Reginald interfered in the game. At Fastlane, the Women Duo teamed up for challenging the title but lost the match against Nia Jax and Shayna Balzer.

Now at WrestleMania 37, both will be having a face-off. Let’s see who comes out as the winner.

Prediction:  As per our predictions, we think that Sasha Banks will retain her championship.

Bad Bunny vs. The Miz

Ever since the bad Bunny had performed at Royal Rumble, his story has been advancing. For Bunny, Damien Priest is like his support system.

wwe wrestlemania 37

Both Damien and Bunny had attacked Miz and Morrison at almost every turn, both inside and outside the ring. The Miz took his revenge finally on Monday Night RAW by hitting Bunny with a guitar.

On RAW 22nd March, Miz threw the WrestleMania Challenge at Bunny. The Miz vs. Jeff Hardy was there on the match card of the latest episode of RAW. Post-match, Bunny responded to the WrestleMania challenge, hit The Miz with guitar, and accepted the challenge.

Prediction:  We think the winner of the match might turn out to be The Miz.

WWE WrestleMania 37 Full Match Card For Night 2 And Predictions

Let’s check out the confirmed WWE WrestleMania 37 Full Match Card for Night 2 on April 11, 2021.

Roman Reigns vs. Edge: Universal Championship match

After winning the 30-men Royal Rumble, Edge was in search of picking up his opponent. Edge played mind games with all the champions of SmackDown, Raw, and NXT.

wwe wrestlemania 37 night 2 match card

Although nobody bothered about his mind games, except Roman Reigns.

The Big Dog was always believed to be Edge’s target, and he badly wanted Edge to acknowledge him.

It was pretty uncertain whom the Edge will challenge until at Elimination Chamber; we had Daniel Bryan facing off Roman Reigns for the title. Minutes later, after Roman’s victory, Edge moved him down with a spear.

Edge pointed towards WrestleMania and made it official.

Now the TWIST?

Since Daniel was not satisfied with Elimination Chamber’s outcome and, of course, the outcome of Fastlane later, he requested the SmackDown manager to include him in the big event of Wrestlemania and make it a triple-threat match. Which was indeed considered by Adam Pearce, and he made it official on this week’s SmackDown show.

Prediction: Not sure what the match’s outcome will be, but we think The Big Dog will retain his title. Who do you think will win?

Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley for RAW Women’s Championship title

On Monday Night’s latest episode, RAW, Rhea Ripley made her debut after Asuka won the match against Peyton Royce.

wwe wrestlemania 37 night 2 match card predictions

Rhea made a fantastic debut and made sure it is a memorable one. Soon after Asuka’s victory, she was challenged by Rhea for the RAW Women’s title at WrestleMania 37.

Asuka did not waste time and immediately accepted the challenge.

Prediction: It isn’t easy to predict this match’s winner, but we think Asuka’s chances of winning the game are high.

 Randy Orton vs. The Fiend

At Fastlane 2021, The Fiend made his comeback when Alexa Bliss and Randy Orton’s match was ongoing.

wwe wrestlemania 37 live streaming info

During the match, Bray grabbed the feet of Orton from under the ring.

Later on, RAW Randy Orton summoned The Fiend. The game between the two has been made official.

Although it is not yet clear, it will be a regular match, or once again, there will be a cinematic touch added to their fight. The result of the game is difficult to anticipate.

Prediction:  In our opinion, we think that The Fiend will win the fight, and the chances are that he may cross all the limits after what Randy Orton did to him.

Matches That Could Take Place In Either Night 1 or Night 2 Of WrestleMania 2021 

The New Day vs. AJ Styles and Omos: RAW Tag Team Championship match

The New Day defeated The Hurt Business on RAW. AJ congratulated them post their match and soon threw the WrestleMania challenge on them for the RAW Tag Team Championship match.

wrestlemania matches

The New Day asked AJ if they have any idea of working together as a team. However, The New Day accepted the challenge soon. The match will be an in-ring debut for Olmos.

On this week’s RAW episode, The New Day asked a few questions from AJ about Omos, and he answered all of them wrong.

Prediction: There is a high probability that AJ Styles and Omos might defeat The New Day to become new RAW Tag Team Champions.

Braun Strowman vs. Shane McMahon

For quite a long time, issues have been prevailing between both Shane and Braun.

 wrestlemania 37

On Fastlane, it was announced that Shane had a knee injury while warming up and won’t face Braun. Elias showed up as his replacement. On the latest RAW episode after Braun Strowman and Elias’s rematch, Shane once again attacked Braun.

After the attack, it was pretty much clear that he faked about his injury earlier. After a gap of one year, WrestleMania will once again show a match that features Shane. This is the fact that Shane always tends to give WWE fans some memorable moments.

So let us hold on to our excitement and see who finally wins the match.

Prediction: We think Braun might defeat Shane and successfully take his revenge.

So these are the matches that have been confirmed for WrestleMania so far. There are more which can be added to the list.

WrestleMania 37 Match Card Predictions

Apollo Crews vs. Big E: Intercontinental Championship match

At Fastlane, Big E and Apollo Crews had a face-off in which Big E won.

wrestlemania match card

Apollo Crews attacked Big E after the match and gave a clear message though he won the game, the feud between them is far from over.

Therefore there is a high probability that WWE might plan for a match for them at WrestleMania.

The Street Profits vs. Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler: SmackDown Tag Team Championship match

After losing their title to Dolph and Robert, The Street Profits are waiting to have a rematch.

wwe wrestlemania 37 winner predictions

Sonya Deville told them when the time would be right; they will be getting a chance for the rematch.

For the match, what time can be better than WrestleMania? However, WWE has not provided any official information for the game yet.

Matt Riddle vs. Sheamus

On Monday Night RAW Sheamus attacked Matt with his own scooter. WWE might be looking for a perfect spot for Sheamus to land as he can not be out of the WWE title picture for a long time.

wwe wrestlemania 37 match card predictions


At WrestleMania, we might see a face-off between both after Matt agrees to keep his issues with The Retribution and Mustafa Ali aside.

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

For filling the two days of WrestleMania, what can be better than battle royal.

how to watch wwe wrestlemania 37

The match will mark the return of WrestleMania’s tradition. Also, the game gives a chance to those who do not have any active storyline leading towards the PPV.

Women’s Battle Royal

For the same reasons as men’s battle royal, there are chances of Women’s Battle Royal getting featured. We have seen that although women; are a core part of WWE’s shows, but they get less featured on its PPV as compared to men. WWE has so many highly talented women, and they might be planning to inline the match at WrestleMania.

So this is all we want to share with you about WrestleMania 2021.

We hope you found the post informative and liked it.

Let us know about your predictions in the comment section below.



WWE Fastlane 21st March 2021 Highlights, Winners & Results

WWE’s Latest PPV kicked off this Sunday on 21st March 2021. In this post you can read about WWE Fastlane 21st March 2021 highlights, winners and match analysis.

Here is a video episode covering WWE Fastlane 2021 Full Show Highlights And Match Results.

You can watch a full video episode on WWE Fastlane 21st March 2021 full show highlights and match winners.


4 Top Moments From WWE Fastlane 21st March 2021 Highlights

Before we begin with WWE Fastlane 21st March 2021 highlights first, let us look at the quick updates.

1.In the kick-off show, we had Mustafa Ali vs. Matt Riddle. Riddle defeated Ali and retained the United States Championship.

2.Shane got injured while he was warming up for his match. Elias met him backstage and asked him if he could be his replacement and also perform at WrestleMania.

3.We had the shocking return of The Fiend on the show.

4.The Show’s main event was Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan, and The Big Dog retained the WWE Universal Championship.

These were just the hots from the show; there is a lot more that we will share with you all.

After Mustafa Ali lost the match, The Retribution turned on Mustafa. T-Bar and Mace hit Mustafa with a double chokeslam.

WWE Fastlane 21st March 2021 Highlights, Match Card And Winners

Let us check out WWE Fastlane 21st March 2021 Highlights, complete match card, winners, and final match results.

Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair vs. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler: WWE Women’s Tag Team Title Match

After the kick-off show match, this was the first match. At the beginning of the game itself, Bianca and Sasha cornered Baszler. Both Bianca and Sasha kept switching in and out to get some benefits.

wwe fastlane 21st march 2021 highlights

Bianca looked for a couple of roll-ups. Bianca reversed a triangle hold, but she got moved down. Nia forced a tag and dropped Bianca.

Sasha Banks hits Shayna and Nia with two Meteoras. Nia moved Bianca onto The Boss as she was trying to locking Baszler in the Bank Statement. Sasha and Bianca got indulged in an argument in the middle of the match. Shayna rolled up Women’s Champion of SmackDown and won the game.

Result: Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are the winners.

Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks will not be having the WWE Women’s Tag Team Title at WrestleMania 37.

Post-match, Sasha was yelling at Bianca, and she slapped her before leaving. Bianca pointed towards the sign of WrestleMania while Sasha watched her.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Big E vs. Apollo Crews

As the match kicked off, Big unloaded on Apollo. Big E speared Crews to the floor. Big E kicked crews and further hit him with a splash. Big E looked for hitting a massive suplex, but before that, he taunted him.

fastlane 2021

Apollo Crews showed up and hit with a dropkick followed by three German Suplexes. Apollo reversed the Big Ending and looked for the pin. Although Crews rolled up Big E, it seemed like Big E reversed the pin to pick up the match’s victory.

Result: Big E is the winner.

Post-match, Apollo attacked Big E and moved him down to stand tall at the show. Although Big E retained the Intercontinental Championship, Apollo gave him a clear message that the feud was far from over.

Elias vs. Braun Strowman

As the match began, Braun looked for unloading on Elias. Braun tossed Elias outside. Ryker wanted to help, and soon he was moved inside the ring. Braun did not stop beating The Drifter.

fastlane 2021 match card

Strowman moved out Elias at the ringside. Ryker ran a distraction and gave a chance to an earlier 24/7 champion to get a DDT. Elias looked for hitting Elbow Drop and received a near fall. The Drifter got moved down as he was hit with a big clothesline.

Braun then moved him down by hitting him with a Running Powerslam and won the match.

Earlier in the day, while warming up, Shane had a knee injury. Though Braun won the match against Elias, who was Shane’s replacement, Shane must have made Braun more furious at the PPV.

Result: Braun Strowman is the winner.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins has benefits at the beginning of the match and was taunting Nakamura. Rollins announced that he was also strong and then attempted to swing Shinsuke. Nakamura reversed the move into an armbar; however, Seth countered it.

fastlane 2021 winners

Nakamura looked for hitting a couple of knee strikes and then went for hitting a knee to the midsection.

Nakamura got dropped from the rope’s top. Rollins then hits a massive dive on Nakamura. Seth Rollins hits with a Falcon Arrow to get a near fall. Seth Rollins hits the stomp, but before that, he countered the Kinshasa and won the match.

Seth Rollins has a mission on Fastlane 2021 that he wanted to teach Shinsuke that he should respect him. Rollins was victorious in accomplishing his mission by winning the match.

Result: Seth Rollins is the winner.

Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre

Drew had benefits at the starting of the match. Drew had few kendo sticks with him as the game shifted out of the ring. Drew moved Sheamus into the steel steps. Sheamus went for attacking Drew with Kendo stick and later got hit with a Glasgow Kiss.

fastlane 2021 match results

Drew unloaded on Sheamus. Outside the ring, Sheamus hits Drew with the steel steps, and then both the opponents are headed in the direction of LED boards.

Sheamus and Drew climbed up the platforms, and from there, Sheamus hits Drew with a senton and wanted to move him down. Sheamus hits with a Brogue kick followed by white noise.

Drew hits with Futureshock DDT and then a Claymore to win the match at Fastlane.

With his performance in today’s match, McIntyre has cleared every doubt and proved that he is all set for WrestleMania.

Result: Drew McIntyre is the winner.

Alexa Bliss vs. Randy Orton

While Orton was entering, he began to cough the black substance again. Alexa Bliss showed up inside the ring, and suddenly, the lights in the arena turned purple. Alexa was shooting fireballs at Orton.

fastlane 2021 full show highlights

The Viper looked for attacking Alexa while she was busy doing a lighting fixture fall. Inside the ring, Alexa once again started shooting fireballs at Randy. Suddenly from under the ring, someone grabbed Orton’s foot. Guys, The Fiend made his comeback, and he was seen wearing a mask and clothes which were almost burned. Alexa then shoved Orton, and The Fiend hit Orton with Sister Abigail and gave a chance to Alexa for pinning Randy.

Result: Alexa Bliss is the winner.

Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan

In the match, we had Edge as the guest enforcer. Roman hits Daniel with a cheap shot. Daniel locked in the armbar, but The Big Dog broke it.

wwe fastlane 2021

Roman got stuck in a submission move. He took back control of the match and hit Daniel with strikes. Roman moved Bryan to the corner, after which Daniel hits with a dropkick. Roman took the control back and received a couple of near falls. In front of Edge, The Big Dog continued to punish Daniel. Reigns looked for locking in a Boston Crab.

Bryan hits with a knee strike but failed to hit the missile dropkick. Reigns hit a spear but at that time referee was down as he got hit by Bryan accidentally. Edge came inside the ring to call off the match.

Daniel was successful in getting the Yes Lock once again. Jey Uso interfered in the match, moved out both Edge and Daniel, and saved The Tribal Chief.

Uso had a steel chair and moved out Edge. Bryan turned the tables and used chairs for hitting Uso. Roman returned and hit with a Superman punch. Bryan got the Yes Lock one more time.

The Big Dog was about to tap out in the match when Edge came and had the steel chair. Edge shouted, this is mine before he left. When the Edge left, Roman got the chance to retain his WWE Universal Championship and won the match.

Result: Roman Reigns is the winner.

Concluding WWE Fastlane 21st March 2021 Highlights And Match Winners

We saw a significant heel turn during the main event of WWE Fastlane 2021.

  • On Fastlane 2021, we had the comeback of The Fiend.
  • Things between Bianca and Sasha got heated up, and The Boss slapped Bianca.
  • Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus was a great match to watch.
  • We saw Edge turning heel and supporting Roman in retaining his title back.

Here we end the post. We hope you enjoyed reading the post. Guys, let us know in the comment section below how was your experience of watching the final PPV of WWE before WrestleMania 37.


WWE RAW 15th March 2021 Full Show Highlights And Match Results

Monday Night RAW kicked off this week at Tropicana Field on 15th March 2021. In this post, you can explore WWE RAW 15th March 2021 full show highlights and full match analysis.

If you do not wish to read the post, here you can watch full video episode on WWE RAW 15th March 2021 full show highlights and match winners.


5 Top Hot Moments From WWE RAW 15th March 2021 Full Show Highlights

Before we begin with the WWE RAW 15th March 2021 full show highlights and match results, here are the quick hot moments of the Monday Night RAW this week.

1.Braun Strowman challenged Shane for a match tonight. The game, however, ended up in disqualification after Shane poured a bucket of slime on Braun.

2.Matt Riddle had a face-off with Mustafa Ali and retained US Championship.

3.AJ Styles and Omos challenged The New Day for the RAW Tag Team Title match at WrestleMania. Kofi accepted the challenge, but before that, he asked them if they even have any idea of working together.

4.At backstage, Bobby Lashley and MVP were present. They said whatever will happen with Sheamus tonight, the same will happen with Drew soon at WrestleMania.

5.Alexa Bliss said that Randy Orton had to face her at Fastlane if he wants the earlier Women’s Champion out of his life.

Bobby Lashley said he is looking forward to finishing off Drew McIntyre and the entire RAW locker room. The Miz showed up, and he was trying to explain to Bobby he won’t perform well after having stomach cramps right before the match.

WWE RAW 15th March 2021 Full Show Highlights And Winners List

Let us check out all the WWE RAW 15th March 2021 full show highlights, match analysis, and winners list.

Drew McIntyre vs. The Miz

McIntyre had a Glasgow Kiss at the beginning of the match and moved The Miz at the corner for beating him. Drew hits with a clothesline. Morrison showed up, and he distracted Drew by getting hold of his legs.

wwe raw 15th march 2021 full show highlights

McIntyre destroyed the sunglasses of Morrison when he threw them on him. Drew hits The Miz with The Alabama Slam. The referee came and moved away Morrison leaving The Miz alone for facing Drew.

The A-Lister looked for hitting the Skull Crushing Finale but failed. Drew moved The Miz outside. Drew hits The Miz with spine busters and then smashed his face on the steel steps.

Drew got the Furthreshock DDT followed by a Claymore. Drew didn’t go for pinning the Miz after this and pointed towards the sign of WrestleMania. Drew went for the Hurt Lock meanwhile sent a clear message to Bobby. Drew McIntyre wins the match.

Result: Drew McIntyre is the winner.

Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose vs. Lana and Naomi

Dana and Naomi kicked off the match. At the beginning of the game, Mandy Rose received the tag.

wwe raw 15th march 2021

Mandy hits former Women’s Champion with a massive suplex. Lana showed up and began to dominate the match. Lana hits with a bulldog, followed by a double knee.

Lana went for hitting a neck breaker to receive a near fall. Mandy Rose broke the tag.

Asuka interrupted in the match. Shayna looked for attacking Asuka at the ringside. Asuka unloaded on Shayna Baszler, soon WWE officials came and separated both.

Inside the ring, Dana Brooke hits with a spinning neck breaker and wins the match.

Result: Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose are the winners.

RAW Tag Team Championship match: The New Day vs. The Hurt Business

Xavier Woods and Cedric Alexander started the match. At the beginning of the game, The New Day was in control, and they isolated Alexander. Benjamin showed up and began to dominate the game. Benjamin hits Xavier with a knee strike.

wwe raw 15th march 2021 winners

Shelton moved the member of New Day into the steel steps. Kofi Kingston made the tag, but before that, he hits with a missile dropkick.

Xavier Woods was present inside the ring. Kofi tagged in and went for hitting Shelton with the Trouble in Paradise. Kofi moved Cedric out of the ring.

Xavier hits with the elbow drop and then hits with a double team finisher on Shelton and picks up the match’s victory.

Result: The New Day is now the new RAW Tag Team Champions.

Jaxson Ryker vs Damian Priest

Jaxson moved Damian to the corner and pounded on him at the beginning of the match.

wwe raw 15th march 2021 results

Ryker looked for hitting a suplex, but Damian hits with a Broken Arrow. Damian picked up the victory in the game by going for Hit The Lights.

Result: Damian Priest.

Braun Strowman vs. Shane Mcmahon

Shane showed up and was passing comments on Braun while doing stretching and warming up. The former Universal Champion became furious and began to hit Shane.

wwe raw

Before the opening bell for the match could ring, Shane was moved to the barricades by Braun. Shane moved Braun over the commentator’s desk and hits him with an elbow drop. Shane went to get buckets of slime present inside the ring and poured it on Strowman. Shane taunted and threatened Braun before leaving.

Result: DNF

Asuka vs Shayna Baszler

The match was all about payback for Asuka as a few weeks ago, Shayna attacked The Empress of Tomorrow with a jaw-shattering kick.

wwe raw results

After escaping from a kirifua clutch, Asuka rolled up Shayna for winning the match, but Asuka looked for an entirely new level of brutality. Asuka went for crushing the face of Shayna into the turnbuckle. It seems like Asuka took tooth for tooth revenge by doing so. Asuka wins the match.

Result: Asuka is the winner.

Mustafa Ali vs. Matt Riddle

At the beginning of the match, Riddle was in control. Ali tossed Matt to the commentator’s desk. Ali kicked Riddle when he was rolling back inside the ring. Ali got hit with a swinging neck breaker.

raw live

Ali looked for hitting a neck breaker. Riddle responded to the move by hitting with a Pele kick followed by Bro-ton.

Riddle failed to hit the Final Flash and got rolled up by Ali. Matt Riddle hits with Bro-Derek for winning the match and retained the US championship.

Result: Matt Riddle is the winner.

Sheamus vs. Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley, The WWE Champion, and Sheamus showed up at red brands’ clash of titans to have a face-off with each other having their common enemy Drew McIntyre at the ringside.

wwe raw this week

Sheamus left Lashley in a shock by going for a White Noise Finale. The All-Mighty responded to the move by hitting with a spear and won the match.

Result: Bobby Lashley is the winner.

3 Top Predictions For WWE RAW 22nd March 2021

1.For WrestleMania 37, we might get official confirmation for Damian Priest and Bad Bunny vs. The Miz and Morrison.

At WrestleMania 37, there might be a tag team match between Damian Priest and Bad Bunny vs. The Miz and Morrison. We can say this by seeing what Miz did with Bad Bunny on today’s episode. We think on WWE RAW 22nd March 2021, WWE might make this match official.

2.The match card might have Mandy Rose vs. Nia Jax

In today’s episode, we saw Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke defeated Naomi and Lana. For the Women’s Tag Team Championship, Mandy and Brooke are the top contenders. We think WWE might plan a match between Mandy Rose and Nia Jax in Monday Night RAW’s next episode.

3.A feud between Asuka and Charlotte Flair might get developed.

As we are heading towards WrestleMania 37, Asuka now needs a new feud. We think the rivalry is going to develop between Asuka and Charlotte Flair. We believe Charlotte Flair won’t be left off the Wrestlemania 37. WWE might plan RAW Women’s Championship match Asuka vs. Charlotte for the PPV.

Concluding WWE RAW 15th March 2021 Full Show Highlights And Match Analysis

The Monday night raw this week witnessed two titles changing hands right before Fastlane.

  • AJ Styles and Omos challenged the New Day for the RAW Tag Team Title match.
  • Asuka was back, and she took her revenge on Shayna.
  • Matt Riddle defeated Mustafa Ali and retained the US championship.

That’s pretty much it about the WWE RAW 15th March 2021. We hope you had a good time reading the post.



WWE RAW 8th March 2021 Results, Highlights & Match Analysis

WWE Monday Night RAW was live aired from Tropicana field this week. In this post, we have discussed WWE RAW 8th March 2021 results, winners list, and full highlights.

Here you can watch complete video episode on WWE RAW 8th March 2021 results and show highlights:

4 Top Moments Of WWE RAW 3/8/21

Before we begin with WWE RAW 8th March 2021 results and match analysis, let’s go through a quick overview of the RAW episode this week-

1.WWE Champion Bobby Lashley was successful in defending his title against The Miz in a re-match.

2.In WWE Women’s Tag team match, Reginald helped Nia and Shayna.

3.Braun showed up on the show and demanded that Shane and WWE show respect for him.

4.Shane ridiculed Braun Strowman. AJ called Orton weak, following which he got challenged by Randy to have a match later on the night.

This was just an overview; there is a lot more that happened on Monday Night RAW.

WWE champion Bobby Lashley was present at backstage as the show began. He said he is looking forward to walk out of WrestleMania as the champion.

WWE RAW 8th March 2021 Results And Match Analysis

Let us check out what happened on this week’s Monday Night RAW, which matches were there on the card, the winner’s list, and WWE RAW 8th March 2021 results.

Bobby Lashley vs. The Miz

Before Bobby Lashley went for his rematch against The Miz, Bobby talked about 16 years of his life how he waited to be known as WWE Champion. Lashley stated that he is looking forward to setting an example of The A-Lister; it will be a warning to all in the locker room who thinks to face Bobby or go behind his title.

wwe raw 8th march 2021 results

The Miz came and said things were not in his favor, and dire circumstances made him lose his WWE Championship. He said he was forcefully made to defend the title two times the same night with the second time as Lumberjack Match. Bobby Lashley punished The Miz badly throughout the match. Bobby drove Miz into the canvas and then attempted for the Hurt Lock. The Miz tapped out in the game after this. The All-Mighty made it clear that he is going to stay.

Result: Bobby Lashley is the winner.

Post-match, Drew McIntyre said he might be the next challenger of Bobby tentatively.

Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre: A no disqualification match

Drew’s former friend turned into a bitter enemy after he attacked McIntyre backstage. Post attack, Drew asked for an impromptu match against Sheamus. After what he did, Drew began to hit Sheamus before the bell rang to take revenge on Sheamus. Drew made it clear that it is going to be a brutal match between them.

wwe raw 8th march 2021

The opponents crossed all the limits and use steel ring steps, kendo sticks, commentators desk, steel chairs, thumbs to the eye, and much more. Drew and Sheamus picked up steel ring steps and moved forward to collide with one another. Both competitors were totally out of control, and WWE officials had to call off for the bell to end the match.

Result: DNF

Xavier Woods vs. Shelton Benjamin

It was announced that in the next episode, The New Day would have a face-off with Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin in a RAW Tag Team Championship match.

wwe raw 8th march 2021 highlights

The match began, and when Shelton moved his attention towards Kofi Kingston, who was standing outside the ring, Xavier utilized the opportunity and rolled up Shelton. Xavier got the three counts in the match and earned the victory shortly.

Result: Xavier Woods is the winner.

Slapjack vs. Matt Riddle

On WWE RAW 1st March 2021, The Retribution leader, Mustafa Ali, defeated Matt Riddle in a non-title match. After the game, it was announced that Ali would be facing titleholder the following week.

wwe raw 8th march 2021 winners

Matt Riddle received a near fall and then hit with the Final Flash second time. Riddle hits with Bro Derek to pick up the victory in the match.

Result: Matt Riddle is the winner.

Naomi and Lana vs. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler

On last week’s SmackDown episode, we saw Sasha Banks slapped Reginald, and earlier, Carmella fired him. Before the match, Nia Jax introduced Reginald as their new sommelier. The investment proved to be worthy in the game. In the match’s final moments, Naomi’s attention shifted to Reginald.

wwe raw live

Jax utilized the opportunity, knocked off Naomi from the apron, and then moved Lana into the canvas to become the match’s winner. Reginald, although, had to pay a painful price for his interference in the game.

Result: Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are the winners.

Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles

Randy had the benefits at the beginning of the match and moved AJ outside the ring. Randy slammed AJ onto the commentator’s desk. Styles moved Randy outside and hit him with the Phenomenal Forearm. Styles moved Randy to the corner and went to attack his knees. AJ made use of rope to hurt Randy more.

wwe raw full show highlights

Randy was struggling to get on his feet, and AJ had a chokehold in. Randy blocked a Phenomenal Forearm, and Styles looked for Calf Crusher. Randy broke the hold successfully. AJ got hit with draping DDT. Randy was setting up for the finisher, but Omos moved Styles out of the ring. Alexa Bliss was spotted. She lit a match, and then the ring post exploded. Randy began to throw up the black substance again, and AJ hits with Phenomenal Forearm for winning the game.

Result: AJ Styles is the winner.

3 Top Predictions For WWE RAW 15th March 2021

1.Keith Lee might make his comeback.

Keith Lee has not shown up since the last few weeks. We think on WWE RAW 15th March 2021; he might come. There are no updates regarding Lee’s injury, so chances are he is doing fine and make his comeback soon.

2.Rhea Ripley might show up.

Rhea Ripley will join the RAW roster; this has been made official by WWE. For the last few weeks, WWE has been advertising that Rhea Ripley will be coming soon. We think in the next episode, she might come.

3.For Fastlane, Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus might get confirmed.

In today’s episode, we saw Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus was a brutal no disqualification match after Sheamus attacked McIntyre backstage. We think WWE might plan a rematch between them which might happen at Fastlane.

Concluding WWE RAW 8th March 2021 Results And Complete Show Highlights

One more great episode of RAW we had this week. An incredible match we got to see between Drew McIntyre and Sheamus.

  • WWE teased a feud between The Fiend and Shane.
  • The Miz had a face-off with Bobby Lashley in which he lost.
  • As the show’s main event, we had a fantastic match between AJ Styles and Randy Orton.

So this is all about the WWE RAW 8th March 2021 results and updates. We hope you liked reading it. Let us know in the comment section below how was your experience of watching this episode.


WWE SmackDown 5th March 2021 Winners And Show Highlights

WWE’s SmackDown new episode held on 3/5/21 at Tropicana Field. In this post, you can read about WWE SmackDown 5th March 2021 winners and complete match analysis.

Here you can check out the video episode on WWE SmackDown 5th March 2021 results and whole show highlights.


6 Top Moments From WWE SmackDown 3/5/21

The Friday night just got over with a fantastic show of WWE SmackDown. Here you can check out the top moments of the blue brand’s latest episode before we begin with WWE SmackDown 5th March 2021 winners and show highlights.

1.Jey Uso and Daniel Bryan once again had a face-off and this time inside the steel cage. Guess What? Who was the winner? Guys, Daniel Bryan, won the match, and now he will be facing Roman Reigns at Fastlane.

2.Apollo Crews asked for a rematch for Intercontinental Championship against Big E.

3.King Corbin did not want to team up with Sami Zayn this week and challenged The Street Profits for a match with anyone member.

4.Seth Rollins made a statement backstage that Cesaro hits him last week as he is not willing to embrace the vision.

5.The Boss slapped Reginald later on the show.

6.Apollo Crews showed up on the show with guards and a spear in his hands and said now he is the Real Apollo Crews.

Daniel Bryan kicked off the show. Before Daniel showed up, there was a quick recap of Roman getting challenged by Edge for WrestleMania. Bryan said his total concentration is on his match with Jey Uso as by winning the game, he could get a chance for Universal Championship match at Fastlane.

Guys, hold on to your excitement as there is a lot more, which we will be sharing with you in this post.

WWE SmackDown 5th March 2021 Winners And Full Show Highlights

Now let us check out WWE SmackDown 5th March 2021 winners and what all happened on this week’s show.

King Corbin vs. Montez Ford

Last week King Corbin teamed up with Sami Zayn in a match against The Street Profits and got defeated. King Corbin did not want to team up with Sami this week.

wwe smackdown 5th march 2021 winners

Corbin challenged to have a game with either member of The Street Profits for a singles match.

Sami Zayn showed up on the blue brand and began to talk before King Corbin came. The Street Profits agreed to King Corbin’s challenge and moved aside Sami. Sami seemed to be unpleased by this.

At the beginning of the match, King Corbin hit a spine buster and then moved Ford to the corner. Corbin was dominating the game. Ford looked to have a sleeper hold in. Corbin countered the hold. Corbin got hit with a dropkick followed by a standing moonsault.

King Corbin earned the victory in the match by hitting with the End of Days.

Sami Zayn looked for Corbin’s help in his match, but it seemed like Corbin was not in the mood to return the favor.

Result: King Corbin is the winner.

Sami Zayn vs. Angelo Dawkins

Before the match with Sami, Angelo knocked Sami off the apron and straight into King Corbin. Corbin was furious after this and decided to leave and let Sami face his opponent all alone inside the ring.

wwe smackdown 5th march 2021 highlights

The Master of Strategist was successful in coming out of the Silencer. Ford started to mess up with the documentary crew members present outside the ring, and there was a distraction. Dawkins got a chance to roll up Sami and win the match.

Post-match, Sami was furious and began to beat one member of the documentary crew.

Result: Angelo Dawkins is the winner.

Dominik Mysterio vs. Chad Gable

At the beginning of the match, Dom moved Gable out of the ring. Gable returned and received a near fall. Dom moved Gable into the turnbuckles. Dom failed to hit Gable with Tornado DDT.

wwe smackdown

Gable almost received the pin but failed as Dom countered and had the roll-up pin for winning the match easily at the blue brand. Otis was present at the ringside and was looking to assist Chad. Rey showed up and moved him out and then send him to the commentator’s desk.

Result: Dominik Mysterio is the winner.

Shayna Baszler vs Bianca Belair

Soon after the announcement that Bianca will face Women’s Champion of The SmackDown The Boss at WrestleMania and will team up with the titleholder in a face-off with Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions at Fastlane,

Bianca fought with Shayna along with The Boss, Nia, and Reginald all together at the ringside.

 smackdown 5th march 2021 updates

Bianca Belair got moved outside the ring at Reginald’s feet. She was highly pissed and tossed Reginald at the ringside. Nia went after Reginald, but she ended up moving Sasha outside. Shayna looked for utilizing the opportunity and hits with a khirifuda clutch. Bianca left and hit the KOD for picking up the match’s victory.

Result: Bianca Belair is the winner.

Post-match, The Boss, slapped Reginald for interfering in the match.

Murphy vs. Cesaro

In the previous episode of SmackDown, Seth Rollins said that Cesaro does not possess the Killer Instinct, after which Cesaro swung him for about a minute.

wwe smackdown winners and updates

On today’s episode, Seth Rollins joined the commentary team as Murphy went to have a face-off with Cesaro.

Cesaro went for hitting Cesaro Swing and then made him tap out on the match to the Sharpshooter.

After the smoke got cleared, Seth Rollins and Cesaro were spotted starring at each other. Seth Rollins gave a standing ovation to the victorious superstar.

Result: Cesaro is the winner.

Jey Uso vs. Daniel Bryan

On last week SmackDown, Daniel Bryan lost the opportunity for the Universal Championship match. This week Daniel Bryan was once again all set to have a game with Jey Uso, but this time, it would be inside a Steel Cage.

jey uso vs daniel bryan wwe smackdown

If Daniel Bryan turned out to be the winner, he would get a chance to face Roman Reigns at Fastlane for the WWE Universal Championship match. If he does not win the game, he will be asked to declare Roman Reigns as the table’s head.

Inside the cage, both the opponents had a brutal match and tried everything possible they can.

After the opponents went to take action to the new heights, Daniel hit with a butterfly suplex and then moved Uso onto the canvas.

This gave Daniel a chance to secure the “Yes” Lock and made Uso tap out in the match.

Result: Daniel Bryan is the winner.

3 Top Predictions For SmackDown 12th March 2021

1.For Fastlane, Big E vs. Apollo Crews, might get officially confirmed.

WWE officially announced that Big E would be making a comeback in the upcoming show of SmackDown. Today Apollo Crews asked for a rematch against Big E. We think WWE might plan for a match between them at Fastlane.

2.The match card might have Otis vs. Rey Mysterio.

On today’s show, we saw Dominik Mysterio defeated Chad Gable. When Otis looked for interfering in their match, Rey moved him aside and sent him over to the commentator’s desk. We think WWE might plan a singles match between Rey and Otis in the next episode of SmackDown.

3.If Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks happens at SmackDown 3/12/21, Reginald might help Nia.

In today’s episode, Sasha slapped Reginald and made it clear she is no longer interested in being paired with him. Nia Jax said to Shayna that she thinks Reginald is cute. If WWE adds Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks in the match card of the next episode of SmackDown, chances are Reginald might support Nia and cost The Boss her match.

Concluding WWE SmackDown 5th March 2021 Winners And Highlights

What an unexpected end of the show it was. Daniel Bryan will now face Roman Reigns on 21st March 2021 at Fastlane for the Universal Championship Match.

  • As the show’s main event, we had a fantastic steel cage match between Jey Uso and Daniel Bryan.
  • When Murphy asked Rollins to assist him, Rollins told him to go away. It is clear that Seth Rollins is still upset with Murphy.
  • Bianca Belair and Mysterios earned the big victory on the show.
  • Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan for the Universal Championship Match at Fastlane is now confirmed.

This is all about the WWE SmackDown 5th march 2021 winners and match analysis we want to share with you. We will be back soon with our next post. Keep visiting us to get updates on recent wrestling events.



WWE NXT 3rd March 2021 Match Results & Full Show Highlights

WWE NXT latest episode was live on 3/3/21 from Capital Wrestling Center. This post is on WWE NXT 3rd March 2021 match results and detailed match analysis.

You can quickly go through the video episode on WWE NXT 3rd March 2021 match results and show updates if you are not willing to read the post.

5 Top Moments from WWE NXT 3/3/21

Here you can check out WWE NXT  3rd March 2021 match results and full show highlights in a nutshell.

1.Finn Balor vs. Roderick Strong was the show’s main event, and Finn has a big victory over Roderick Strong.

2.After winning the match, Finn had set the stage for having a face-off with Adam Cole in the coming week.

3.Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler once again become the WWE Women’s Tag Team.

4.Tommaso and Timothy were moved down by Oney and Danny in an exceedingly physical encounter.

5.LA Knight was present on the show. Ever- Rise and Breezango got attacked by Legado Del Fantasama.

For this week’s NCT show Two Tag Team Championship matches were decided. Sadly Wes Lee of MSK was injured and the NXT tag team championship matches were removed from the match card. Although we had Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax on the show to have a face off with Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai.

With this quick overview of the show now, it is clear that quite a fantastic show it was this week. Read the full post to know what more happened on your favorite show.

WWE NXT 3rd March 2021 Match Results And Show details

WWE NXT 3rd March 2021 match results and complete show highlights have been discussed here. The match card had some of the most interesting matches this week.

Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan vs. Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher

At the beginning of the match, Timothy used his mat-based arsenal to attack both the opponents. Later he went for tagging Tommaso in the game.

wwe nxt 3rd march 2021 match results

After joining the game, Tommaso too complimented his teammate’s pattern and blasted with crisp strikes. Tommaso and Timothy got derailed because of the Imperium’s presence. Ciampa and Timothy were distracted, and Timothy missed making the much-required tag. Oney moved Tommaso outside and, along with Danny, dropped Timothy by going for a combination of DDT. Danny and Oney earned the victory in the match.

After the match, Tommaso was seen frustrated over what Timothy did in the game and how he failed to make the tag because of Imperium’s presence.

Result: Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch are the winners.

Ember Moon w/Shotzi Blackheart vs Aliyah w/Robert Stone and Jessi Kamea

Robert Stone was going through horrible flashbacks after she saw Blackheart and Moon. Ember went after Aliyah initially, but there was a distraction by Robert Stone Brand, which gave Aliyah a chance to catch Ember.

wwe nxt 3rd march 2021 match winners

The move did not impact Moon as it appeared to be, and soon she responded by hitting a spiking release back suplex. Ember and Aliyah were fighting on the floor, soon Robert once again got the attention of the earlier Women’s champion of NXT. Aliyah got laid out as she got hit with a running boot. Robert and Jessi seemed to be anxious after this. Aliyah got hold of Ember with a running boot, but it was not sufficient to keep Ember down. Ember Moon won the match via pinfall.

Result: Ember Moon is the winner.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler vs Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez

Shayna Baszler and Dakota Kai do not have good relations, and from the past of NXT, this rivalry is getting renewed. Shayna and Dakota were all set to face each other inside the ring and intensely began things. Shayna attempted a similar move which she used for breaking Dakota’s arm a few years back.

wwe nxt 3rd march 2021

Dakota dodged the move and slapped Shayna defiantly. After the entry of Raquel Gonzalez, things changed inside the ring. Now there was a showdown between WWW’s two most powerful women Nia and Gonzalez, in the ring post. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, the WWE Women’s tag team champions, won the match.

Result: Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are the winners.

Cameron Grimes vs. Bronson Reed

Before the match, Reed faced LA Knight on his way, and LA played a significant role in decision-making in this match. Grimes looked for buying of the Colossal One, but Reed could not be bought.

wwe nxt 3rd march 2021 live

Grimes went for a Collision Course and got hold of Reed. Grimes wanted to get for a cross face, but soon NXT’s resident powerhouse broke it out. Reed hits Grimes at the corner with a body splash and then clothesline, and these moves turned Grimes inside out. Grimes looked for leaving the ring and go outside but failed as he got hit by a suicide dive. Reed moved Grimes back inside the ring, and LA Knight ran a distraction. Grimes got a chance to get hold of Reed with Cave In and won the match.

Result: Cameron Grimes is the winner.

Legado del Fantasma moved out Breezango and Ever Rise

On the NXT show today, there was a match scheduled between Ever Rise and Breezango, which never happened, and all thanks to Legado del Fantasma.

wwe nxt 3/3/21

He attacked both of them.

Finn Balor vs. Roderick Strong

Strong moved the fight to the NXT Champion. It seemed like Balor has not yet broken away from The Undisputed Era. Finn moved Roderick down to the mat and began to attack his left arm.

wwe nxt 3rd march 2021 highlights

Strong successfully hits Finn with a backbreaker. Throughout the commercials, the earlier champion of NXT North America hit Balor and got moved down to the mat after getting hit with an arm wrench.

Balor maintained the pressure and almost kicked Strong’s left arm. Roderick Strong was successful in cracking the spine of Finn once again.

Strong unloaded on Finn and hit him with a pendulum backbreaker and got two counts. Balor got hit with Olympic Slam and powerbomb. Balor failed in blocking the Stronghold.

After few minutes, Finn countered into a rollup. Balor hits with a leaping double stomp. Finn moved Roderick to the corner by hitting him with a shotgun dropkick, and further looked for Coup De Grace. Strong could not stop Finn. Balor then hits with 1916 DDT. Finn Balor earned the victory in the NXT main event.

Result: Finn Balor is the winner.

Concluding WWE NXT 3rd March 2021 Match Results And Show Updates

So this is all about WWE NXT 3rd March 2021 match results and highlights. Excellent matches we got to see.

  • The main event of the show was worth watching.
  • At the top of the ramp, Fin saw Adam Cole.
  • In the next episode of NXT, Finn will be facing Adam.

Guys What do you think who is going to win? Will Adam Cole be able to dethrone The Prince or not? Let us know what you think will be the final result of this match in our comment section below.

Here we end the post; take care of yourself. Bye.


WWE RAW 1st March 2021 Highlights, Winners & Match Analysis

WWE RAW’s latest episode was held at Tropicana Field on 3/1/21. This post is on WWE RAW 1st March 2021 highlights, match results, and complete match details.

If you do not wish to read the entire post, your can quickly go through the video. Here is a video episode of WWE RAW 1st March 2021 highlights, results, and news.

7 Top Hots From WWE RAW 1st March 2021 Highlights And Match Details

Let us first take you on a quick tour of what all happened on the show, and then we will begin with the detailed WWE RAW 1st March 2021 highlights.

1.Braun Strowman was forced to team up with Adam Pearce, which he did at last reluctantly.

2.Flair talked about her ambitions for WrestleMania.

3.Bobby Lashley fought tough for his WWE Championship opportunity.

4.Earlier on the show, Miz complained that he has a severe stomach ache.

5.Bobby Lashley confronted Miz and told him there is no way by which he could escape from the match.

6.The show’s main event was Bobby Lashley vs. The Miz.

7.Randy Orton was spotted backstage, and he seemed to be okay after what happened last week, and behind him, on the screen, Alexa Bliss was talking about getting him back.

Guys, this was just an overview of the red brand’s latest episode. There is a lot more which we will be sharing with you in this post.

The show began with Drew McIntyre. Drew said that The Miz tricked him at Elimination Chamber, and soon he will be taking his title back from him. Drew also said that tonight he will be facing Sheamus.

WWE RAW 1st March 2021 Highlights And Match Results

Here you can read about complete WWE RAW 1st March 2021 Highlights. We have discussed all the matches along with the final match results.

Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre

Inside the ring, things between Sheamus and McIntyre were already heated up; it was visible as both the opponents couldn’t wait for the opening bell to ring and started throwing haymakers.

wwe raw 1st march 2021 highlights

Sheamus had benefits when McIntyre got moved outside with a Brogue Kick. The match took a massive turn as the King Of Claymore Country begins a beatdown over the commentator’s desk. Sheamus countered a Furtureshock DDT, and McIntyre came out of a White Noise.

McIntyre hits with a Futureshock, and Sheamus hits with an Alabama Slam but guess what? Both the opponents kicked out. Drew returned and hit with a Claymore and won the match after having quite a long game with Sheamus.

Result: Drew McIntyre is the winner.

Naomi vs. Nia Jax

After winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship opportunity, Lana and Naomi looked forward to building some momentum. And Nia wanted to smash that momentum.

wwe raw 1st march 2021

Jax fought off the early few attacks and dropped Naomi with an earth-shattering slam, and meanwhile, she sent a message to a Lana in this process.

Result: Nia Jax is the winner.

RAW Tag Team Championship match: Adam Pearce and Braun Strowman vs. The Hurt Business

As the match kicked off, Braun moved both the opponents out of the ring. Braun tossed Cedric at the corner and then stomped on him. Cedric countered a spear and moved Strowman into the ring post. The Hurt Business looked for a two-on-one assault but failed as Braun moved them out and hit Shelton with a Running Powerslam.

wwe raw 1st march 2021 results

Braun was about to receive the pin, but soon Shane came, and he insisted that Braun should tag Adam Pearce in the match. Braun made the tag unwillingly after Adam attempted to pin Shelton. Shelton picked up the victory in the game by rolling up Adam Pearce.

Result: The Hurt Business is the winner.

Elias vs. Damian Priest

Elias got cornered by Damian at the beginning of the match as both looked for a collar elbow lockup. Elias was then tossed on the ropes, and then The Drifter passed comments on the Bad Bunny.

wwe raw 1st march 2021 live

The control of the match was still with Damian. Elias then moved the earlier North American Champion of NXT throat first onto the ropes. The Drifter utilized the opportunity and cornered Damian. Ryker hits with a shot from the apron.

Damian returned, and he unloaded on Elias and then went for hitting Broken Arrow so that he can get a near fall. Elias attempted for a knee strike to get a near fall. Damian Priest won the match as he hits with a Bell Clap and Hit the Lights.

Result: Damian Priest is the winner.

Bobby Lashley vs. The Miz

The Miz claimed that Lashley had waited for quite a long time before his title match, and he should get a title shot at WWE’s WrestleMania. Both MVP and Lashley ignored miz, and the game began.

wwe raw 3/1/21

After the bell rang, Miz ran outside the ring and took his title along with him backstage. The referee counted him out after this. Bobby Lashley won the match via count-out. But Guys, according to the rules of WWE, Miz is still the champion.

Result: Count out.

Shayna Baszler vs. Charlotte Flair

Flair fearlessly talked about the intentions she had for the RAW Women’s Championship. Jax and Baszler made The Queen aware that the way to WrestleMania runs through both of them.

wwe raw 3/1/21 news

At the beginning of the match, Shayna had the upper hand and received a near fall. Lana and Naomi were spotted watching the game from backstage. Flair fought back and attempted for the Figure Four, but she got moved outside the ring. Flair won the match by hitting the Natural Selection.

Result: Charlotte Flair is the winner.

The Lucha House Party and Matt Riddle vs. The Retribution

After claiming the United States Championship, Matt Riddle was all set to have a brodown with Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik in a face-off against The Retribution.

wwe raw 3/1/21 show updates

T-Bar begins the match by hitting Riddle with a chokeslam. The Lucha House Party contributed to reversing the game with their high flying action. Gran and Dorado won the game by hitting with a double team move and a frog splash by Gran.

Result: The Lucha House Party And Matt Riddle are the winners.

Mustafa Ali vs. Matt Riddle

After the members of The Retribution tasted failure in a six-man tag team match, The Leader, Mustafa Ali, decided to take the matter into his own hands.

watch wwe raw 3/1/21


The Original Bro seemed to finish the game after he hits a Final Flash Knee strike, but there was a flurry of distraction from outside the ring, which gave Mustafa a chance to hit with a top rope back crusher and won the match.

Mustafa shouted at other members that if they follow his lead, they can achieve something huge.

Result: Mustafa Ali is the winner.

The Miz vs. Bobby Lashley

Finally, it was time to witness the most awaited match of the night Bobby Lashley showed up. He took the frustration out and captured the WWE Championship opportunity from the Miz.

wwe raw 3/1/21 match results

The All-Mighty did not disappoint at all. The A-Lister looked for any possible way to run outside, but the Red Brand’s superstars standing outside made sure to keep him inside.

The Miz had no option to go anywhere, and he straight landed into the waiting arms of Bobby Lashley. Bobby went for the Hurt Lock and won the match.

Result: Bobby Lashley is the winner.

3 Top Predictions For RAW 8th March 2021

1.Braun Strowman might have a face-off with Shelton Benjamin

In today’s episode, Shelton and Cedric defeated Adam Pearce and Braun. After today’s match, Braun seemed to be unhappy with both Adam Pearce and Shane McMahon. In the next episode, we think WWE might plan a singles match between Braun Strowman and Shelton Benjamin.

2.For Fastlane, Mustafa Ali vs. Matt Riddle might be announced officially

Today Mustafa Ali defeated Matt Riddle. We think Mustafa may get a chance for the WWE United States Title match. The chances are that this match might occur at the next PPV of WWE, which is Fastlane 2021. WWE might plan to announce this match for Fastlane in the WWE RAW 8th March 2021.

3.Charlotte Flair might get attacked by Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler

Charlotte Flair defeated today Shayna Baszler. We think Nia and Baszler might look for taking revenge in the upcoming episode of RAW. Either inside the ring post or backstage, Charlotte might get attacked.

Concluding WWE RAW 1st March 2021 Highlights And Results

Wow! There were a lot of surprising moments on the show tonight.

  • Watching Bobby Lashley fighting for the WWE Title Championship opportunity was sheer pleasure.
  • Flair teased about the title challenge at WrestleMania.
  • Miz was not successful in holding the WWE Title opportunity.

Guys, this is all we would like to share with you all about WWE RAW’s latest episode held on 1st of March 2021. We hope you had a good time reading the post.