NXT Halloween Havoc 2020 was live from the Capitol Wrestling Center, Florida. This post discusses NXT Halloween Havoc 28th Oct 2020 highlights, match winners, and results. In the commentary, we had Beth Phoenix, Wade Barrett, and Vic Joseph. Shotzi Blackheart was there as the show host. 

NXT Halloween Havoc began with the grand entry of Johnny Gargano and Damian Priest. There were a live guitarist and a massive pumpkin in the arena. Blackheart spun the Wheel and announced it is going to be Devil’s Playground match. This means there will be no DQ and no falls count.

5 Best Moments of NXT Halloween Havoc 2020

  1. Between Raquel and Rhea, the tension was prevailing for weeks. Finally, they faced each other in an intense battle.
  2. Poppy performed “Scary Mask” while Io Shirai made her entry in a jaw-dropping way.
  3. O’Reilly got attacked by Dunner. McAfee, along with Burch and Oney, came to take him out.
  4. Cameron was moved to the van, though he was looking to quit the match and bare the loss at Halloween Havoc.
  5. Cameron was seen running back to the arena where NXT Halloween Havoc was happening.

NXT Halloween Havoc 28th Oct 2020 Highlights & Results

Read about match details and winners here.

1. Johnny Gargano vs. Damian Priest: For the NXT North American Championship, a Devil’s Playground Match

While entering the ring, Johnny tore apart a hole in the giant pumpkin. The bell rang, and Damian was in control in the starting. Johnny brought in a kendo stick to hit Damian.

nxt halloween havoc 28th oct 2020 highlights

Damian moved Johnny into an empty pumpkin as he was beating him down.

Gargano moved the Broken Arrow at the commentator’s desk, and then the match was shifted out of the ring. Johnny was beating Damian with a trashcan followed by an equipment trolly. Johnny and Damian were at the makeshift stage. Johnny once again attacked Damian with the trash can.

Damian then went for hitting the finisher. Soon a masked person showed up having a steel pipe and moved him out. From the masked person, Johnny asked for a concrete tombstone and then hit Damian with it. Priest falls, Johnny crawled up to him to pin him and win the match.

Result: Johnny Gargano is the winner and the new North American Champion of NXT.

2. Jake Atlas vs. Santos Escobar

In the beginning, the match of the control was with the Cruiserweight champion. Santos hits Atlas with the running knees. Atlas returned to hit a couple of strikes and received a near fall off a forearm and a German Suplex.

nxt halloween havoc 2020 highlights

Atlas received one more near fall, this time with a top rope move. Wilde got hold of Santos’s leg. Atlas moved out Legado del Fantasma via top rope dive. Escobar hits with the finisher to win the match.

Result: Santos Escobar is the winner.

3. Dexter Lumis vs. Cameron Grimes: Part 1 of Haunted House of Terror match

Cameron showed up yelling and shouting, and in the background, Marilyn Manson was played. Dexter spooked himself a couple of times, and Lumis was stalking him from behind a tree. The referee came, and Grimes was attacked in a dark room by Lumis.

nxt halloween havoc 2020 results

Grimes was looking to get away and went for closing the door behind him. Cameron was looking for someone taking a shower, and in the end, it appears to be a monster.

Lumis and Grimes were fighting in the dark, and the monster showed up again. The monster climbed up to the back of Cameron.

Grimes somehow escaped from the haunted house and moved to a van. At the driver’s seat, Lumis was sitting. Cameron screamed and escaped.

4. Raquel Gonzalez vs. Rhea Ripley

In the beginning, Raquel was dominating the match. She got hold of Rhea via a cannonball, and then she smashed her into the plexiglass.

wwe nxt halloween havoc match results

Rhea got control of the game and went for locking in a submission hold. Rhea got dropped again to get a near fall. Rhea failed to hit Riptide and got tossed from the rope’s top. After getting too much beating, Rhea managed to hit Riptide in the ring’s center and win the match.

Result: Rhea Ripley is the winner.

5. Dexter Lumis vs. Cameron Grimes: Part 2 of Haunted House of Terror match

Cameron returned to the main set and was getting followed by the monster he met with earlier in the house. Cameron shouted and moved inside the ring, where Lumis attacked him.

nxt halloween havoc 28th oct 2020 winners

This time it was more of a traditional match, and Lumis was devastating Grimes. The zombies showed up inside the ring, and one of them got tossed by Lumis on Cameron. Lumis went for hitting his finished and moved out Cameron for good.

Result: Dexter Lumis is the winner.

6. Candice LeRae vs. Io Shirai: For NXT Women’s Championship, a Ladder, Table, Scare match

LeRae went for talking out a bag from under the ring. The bag contained some fake body parts. For beating Candice, Io used a severed hand, and both ended up on the commentator’s desk. Io was moved down after getting hit with a computer, and Candice went for taking out a ladder.

nxt halloween havoc show highlights

At Candice, Io tossed a chair. Io knocked out LeRae and hits her with a Meteora. Io dropped Candice on a steel chair.

Candice hits Io with a spinning neck breaker, and LeRae and Io moved through a table placed outside the ring. The same mask man from the Gargano match showed up and lifted Candice. Io moved out of the masked man before he and LeRae could think of doing anything else.

Candice regained the strength by being at the ladder’s top and expected to win the watch, but soon she was dropped from Shirai’s ladder.

Result: Io Shirai is the winner, and she retained the NXT Women’s Championship.

Summing Up NXT Halloween Havoc 28th October 2020 Results & Highlights

The show featured some of the brilliant matches along with the rough ones. Overall, we had a great show as Halloween’s Special this year.

  • At backstage, Drake Maverick was seen dressed up as Hulk Hogan. He shared a notorious exchange with Killian Dain.
  • The Women’s Division was among the main highlight of the show.
  • We got to see a Haunted House Terror match as Halloween’s special treat.
  • A brutal women’s match between Candice LeRae and Io Shirai.
  • A former champion returned on the show.

This is all about NXT Halloween Havoc 2020. Let us know about your experience and the best moments from the show in the comment section below.