WWE NXT took place at ThunderDome, Orlando. Here we have covered WWE NXT 30th Sep full show highlights along with the match results. Read the post to know more about all that happened in NXT this week along with the match winners. 

The NXT show’s main events are NXT Women’s Champion Tag team and NXT North American Champion facing NXT’s Power Couple. Will Io Shirai and Damian Priest manage to add some needed momentum against the Power Couple of NXT? Let’s see.

WWE NXT Top Moments 23rd Sep 2020

Here are the top hits of WWE NXT 30th September 2020-

  • Swerve made a statement that he is only one in the whole WWE to defeat Escobar.
  • A vignette showed up the suspicious woman or man, marking their way to NXT TakeOver in the coming Sunday, riding on a motorcycle this time. On 4th October 2020, it will finally be revealed.
  • A video package was played depicting Kyle O’Reilly’s journey of the NXT Championship. 
  • At backstage, Austin Theory said that he should have been there in the NXT Gauntlet Eliminator previous week.
  • Kushida showed up in a vignette stating he will upgrade his game. He will punish the Velveteen Dream at NXT TakeOver.
  • Damian Priest and Io Shirai were interviewed about their match scheduled for the night in which Priest seemed to be less tensed about the Power Couple of NXT.

WWE NXT 30th Sep Full Show Highlights 2020-

Check out the match details and results here.

1. Raquel Gonzalez vs. Dakota Kai vs. Shotzi Blackheart 

Dakota Kai made a personal request to get this one-on-one match after being eliminated by Shotzi Blackheart in the previous NXT episode. The elimination happened in the NXT Women’s Title No.1 Contender Battle Royal. Both Dakota and Gonzalez were deeply shaken as Shotzi went for hitting highly complicated modified Slice Bread No. 2.

nxt 23rd sep full show highlights

Raquel attempted to bring advantage for the Dakota by involving herself in the match a few seconds later. Rhea Ripley showed up, and she neutralized Dakota’s enforcer. Blackheart dodged the facewash kick attempted by Dakota. Shotzi rolled up Kai and marked her impressive victory. 

Results: Shotzi Blackheart is the winner. 

2. Joey Pistacio vs. Cameron Grimes

Cameron Grimes was quite upset about being unable to go so far in the challenge of Gauntlet Eliminator last week. Grimes announced for his challenge, which happens to be a unique one.

nxt highlights and results

He called for Joey Pistachio to be his first opponent. Joey Strong was launched to the stage on NXT by Ridge Holland. For Joey, things were not so good, and soon he entered the ring, he got hit by a lightning-quick Cave In and had to lose the match.

Results: Cameron Grimes is the winner.

3. Cameron Grimes vs. Ridge Holland

Ridge Holland hits Cameron Grimes with kicks, massive forearms followed by a clothesline, and extirpated him. Ridge Holland did not answer to the five counts made by the referee.

nxt full show highlights

Holland got disqualified for not answering the referee’s counts; meanwhile, he was busy hitting Grimes.

Results: Cameron Grimes is the winner

4. Tony Nese vs. Kushida

Kushida also decided to use his aggressive approach as he did in the last few episodes. He went to hit Tony Nese and made Tony submit to the Hoverboard Lock forcefully. Next, Khushida was greeted by Velveteen Dream’s video message.

wwe nxt highlights

Velveteen promised for Khusida light will be exceptionally bright during their match to help at NXT TakeOver 31.

Result: Kushida is the winner.

5. Austin Theory vs. Adam Cole

At the beginning of the match, Austin Theory was hit by chops and boots followed by a neck breaker by Adam Cole. Austin rolled to the floor and made things even worse.

austin theory wwe nxt

Adam moved Austin to the steps when Austin attempted to hold Adam; the former NXT Champion escaped from his grasp and hit with a leaping enziguri. Inside the ring, Adam gets two counts via hangman’s neck breakers.

Theory was passing comments on the UE and Adam and referred them as Undisputed Crap.

Theory went for a standing moonsault and gets two counts. Adam did not continue to defense for a long time as he got hold of Austin with a backstabber.

Theory got dropped for another near fall by an Ushigoroshi and a pump kick. Austin successfully hits Adam with a torture rack blue thunder bomb but failed to keep away Adam. Theory attempted to cross the toped, but in between, he got stuck with a superkick.

Results: Adam Cole is the winner.

6. Xia Li vs. Kayden Carter vs. Kacy Catanzaro

Both of them went for the pins in turns, Kayden was looking after to maintain the pace with Li. Carter hits Xia with a springboard dropkick to get two counts. 

wwe nxt 23rd sep results

Xia moved Catanzaro to the floor and also dropped her from the apron. Inside the ring, Li luckily got two counts for a rough striking combination. Kayden moved Xia to the corner, and things began to heat up.

Li dragged Carter to the floor, dropping her off the apron to the ground below. Back inside, a rough striking combination earned Li a two-count. Carter sent Li into the corner and began to fire up.

Punches and chops bombarded li, and Kayden looked for the victory by going for roll superkick and have a near fall. Xia responded to the move with a sunset flip, but things did not work in favor, and she lost the match.

Carter rolled up Xia, and the match was rewarded to Kayden at the end. Carter eventually managed to roll up Li for the win.

Results: Kayden Carter is the winner.

7. Io Shirai and Damian Priest vs. Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano 

Before the match, Gargano Family jumped on both their opponents while they were entering. Candice and Johnny fell on the floor. The bell rang, and the game started officially; Gargano looked for ignoring a couple of substantial swinging blows from the Damian Priest.

nxt highlights and results 2020

Gargano’s head would have nearly taken off as he got hit by a Big Boot, followed by a series of clothesline. Gargano rolled up to his corner to be on the safer side. Priest tagged Shirai in the match, which forced Candice to enter in the game.

Candice avoided a German suplex and moved Io down. Shirai had the control; she hits LeRae with a dropkick and flapjack. Gargano moved to the ring, hoping to save LeRae from the problems.

Things did not work out; Damian came and hit Gargano with a roundhouse and moved him to the corner. Damian then hits with a running elbow. 

A German suplex hit LeRae. Priest and Gargano got tagged in and hit the challenger with massive heavyweight hits. Gargano broke up a combination of kicks but was hit by Io Shirai’s springboard dropkick. LeRae came running, but soon she was stuck in a cross-face.

Johnny pulled Io off of his wife and went for hitting Priest with a superkick. Candice hits with a wheelbarrow facebuster, but she failed to hit springboard moonsault.

The Priest got tagged in. Gargano hits the One Final Beat with a low blow from Candice and wins the match.

Results: Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano wins the match.

Concluding NXT Full Show Highlights & Match Results-

Here we conclude WWE NXT 30th September 2020 full show highlights and match results.  NXT had some of the concrete matches in today’s episode.

  • Kushida proved he is all set to fulfill his dreams with his performance in today’s matches.
  • Cole and Austin had a splendid match.
  • Kushida devasted a former Cruiserweight champion.
  • NXT power couple sent a message to their opponents just four days before NXT TakeOver.
  • A former RAW superstar was called by Adam Cole.

This is it from this week’s NXT highlights and match results. We hope you enjoyed watching the NXT show. Do share your views on your favorite superstar in the comment section below.