WWE Hell in a Cell 25th Oct 2020 Full Highlights: WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 was live for WWE fans from Amway Center, Florida. You can find various superstars on WWE Hell in a Cell full highlights and match winners 25th October 2020 in this post.

WWE Hell in a Cell played a recap of the feud between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso as the PPV started. At the Kickoff show, we witnessed R-Truth defeating Drew Gulak and retaining his 24/7 Championship.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 TOP Moments-

  • Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso was the 42nd Hell in a Cell Match, and it was the first one to have stipulation as “I Quit.”
  • Elias has portrayed himself as WWE’s songbird; in Hell in a Cell Match, Jeff Hardy introduced him with a painful tune.
  • Otis and Tucker were involved in a brawl after Otis vs. The Miz, and Tucker escaped from the scene.
  • MVP was present at PPV’s backstage and threatened Ali before Bobby Lashley was about to face Slapjack.
  • The Retribution attacked Bobby Lashley after his match, and to save their champ, The Hurt Business showed up.
  • Bayley and Otis got betrayed by their best friends.
  • There was a change in two titles.

WWE Hell in a Cell full highlights and match winners 25th October 2020

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1. Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso: I Quit match inside Hell in a Cell for the Universal Championship

Roman showed great strength at the beginning of the match. Jey moved the champion outside by hitting him with a dive and then moved Roman into the cage’s wall. Jey repeatedly sent Roman to the cell wall, and then he countered the move by hitting a spear inside the ring.

hell in a cell 25th oct 2020 full highlights

Roman gave a warning to Jey and then kicked him on his teeth and went for taking out a chair.

Reigns gave Jey a warning before kicking him in the teeth and took out a steel chair. Uso was hit with another spear in the ring, but Jey was still holding on. Jey countered a spear before Reigns went down.

Uso then got leather straps, Heyman asked him to stop, but he didn’t listen to him. Uso started to beat Roman with the straps. Roman hits with the next spear and Jey denied saying anything. Roman went to Uso with the straps and tied Uso’s hands with it so that Uso couldn’t leave Hell in a Cell.

Uso hits with a Superman Punch, and then he took the straps to choke Roman. Jey was looking for the steel chair and got hit with a Superman Punch by Roman. Reigns then went for locking the Guillotine.

Roman moved Uso towards the apron and hits a drive-by. Roman was at the steel steps and set it up against Uso’s face for hitting a drive-by one more time.

Uso was not responding to the moves, and the referee was looking to call off the match. Roman threw out the referee from the ring. A bunch of officials, along with another referee and Adam Pearce, showed up, but they couldn’t stop Roman’s.

Roman went for smashing Uso’s head with those steps, Jimmy came and stopped him from doing so. Roman began to cry after this and then said he has no idea who he has become now and then went for locking Jimmy in a Guillotine.

For saving his brother, Jey came and said, “I Quit,” and the match was rewarded to Roman Reigns.

Result: Roman Reigns is the winner. 

2. Jeff Hardy vs. Elias

In the beginning, Elias was dominating the match. Jeff showed up and hit Elias with an Atomic Drop and took control of the game. Elias moved Jeff outside, and then Jeff returned to hit him with a dropkick. Jeff attempted to hit a massive dive but failed and ended up in the barriers.

wwe hell in a cell 2020 match winners

Elias countered a Twist of Fate, and then he hits with a powerbomb. Jeff came and hit with the Whisper in the Wind.

Jeff hits a Twist of Fate, but Elias dodged it, and he went for getting his guitar. Jeff took away the guitar from him and broke the guitar on Elias’s back. This made Jeff receive a DQ loss.

Result: Elias is the winner.

3. Otis vs. The Miz: A match of Money in the Bank Contract 

The match kicked off, and Miz was getting tossed by Otis. The Miz looked for attempting to hit with the finisher, but the Otis blocked it. Miz was moved outside by Otis and then into the commentators’ desk. Morrison showed up and created a distraction, following which The Miz got a near fall. Morrison was at the apron from there; he hits with some cheap shots.

wwe hell in a cell 2020 match results

Miz looked for the headlock, and then he hits with a big boot. Otis stood up and began to hit Miz with a massive move. Morrison interrupted in the match with the caterpillar. Morrison took Money in the Bank briefcase and looked for hitting Otis with it. The referee came and stopped him from hitting Otis with the briefcase.

Otis hit with a clothesline and was about to win the match, but Tucker moved Otis outside with the briefcase.

Result: The Miz is the winner and now the new Mr. Money in the Bank.

4. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley: A match for SmackDown’s Women Title

Banks moved away from the steel chair of Bayley and began to toss it outside the cage. Bayley was shocked to see this, and Banks controlled the match in the starting few minutes after the match started. Sasha looked for Banks Statement, but Bayley moved outside. Bayley moved Sasha inside the steel cage. Bayley hits Banks with a kendo stick. Banks moved out Bayley at the ringside and then moved Bayley to the walls of the steel cage. Sasha hits two Meteoras on Bayley. Banks brought some chairs, and Bayley returned to hit with the massive move, and once again, she was sent outside.

wwe hell in a cell 2020 show highlights

Banks placed a few kendo sticks near the steel steps, but eventually, Banks ended up going through her setup. Bayley made use of the kendo sticks and took Sasha inside the ring.

Bayley moved Sasha into the setup of a steel chair; Banks managed to kick out. Bayley had control of the match, but soon Sasha brought a fire extinguisher and began to spray it on Bayley.

Banks was crazy and looked for finishing Bayley at the ringside but smashing her into the cell wall.

Sasha hits Bayley with a frog splash, but she had a steel chair to keep her safe. Inside the ring, Bayley placed a ladder on two chairs horizontally and moved banks into the setup. Bayley moved Banks on the structure of the ladder but failed to hit the dive.

Banks hits Bayley with a Meteora and Bayley to Belly, but Bayley managed to kick out.

Sasha used a steel chair for locking in Banks Statement, and then Bayley had to tap out in the match.

 Result: Sasha Banks is the winner and now holds the SmackDown’s Women’s Championship.

 5. Slapjack vs. Bobby Lashley

Bobby started the match, and he manhandled Slapjack and moved him towards the corner. Bobby then bounced him off from the corner and hit Slapjack with a stalling suplex.

wwe hell in a cell results 2020

Slapjack successfully hits a dropkick followed by a cannonball. Bobby got hit by Slapjack with a big boot followed by a DDT.

Lashley regained the strength and hit Slapjack with a suplex and locking the Hurt Lock to win the match.

Result: Bobby Lashley is the winner, and he retains the United States title.

6. Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre: A match for the WWE Championship

While Drew was entering, Orton attacked him, and outside the cage, a brawl was initiated.

wwe hell in a cell 2020

Drew moved Randy down and moved him inside the ring by dragging him. When the match started, Drew began to dominate the game and moved Orton to the cell walls and hits Randy with the steel steps.

Soon Orton had control of the match and then set the head of McIntyre on the steel steps. He then hits the champion’s face on the cage wall. McIntyre was moved into the steel steps before he got hit with a backbreaker. Drew was back in action and went for setting up the finish, but Randy escaped. Orton was moved through the table set up, which was done before.

Randy hit with a DDT and looked for bolt cutters to cut the lock on the cage and walk out. McIntyre followed Randy; he dragged Randy back to the cell.

Randy climbed to the Hell in a Cell structure’s top, and he asked Drew to join him there. McIntyre went to the top, and Randy took out a kind of metal pipe.

Drew moved down Randy and then got hit back by Orton. Randy and the champ were attempting to climb down.

McIntyre was about to fall while he was coming down, and Orton pushed him towards the announcer’s desk. Drew began to bleed from his mouth, and Randy was staring at him at the ringside.

Both were back inside the ring, and Orton got hit with a claymore. Drew attempted for the second one, but Randy dodged it.

Orton earned the victory by hitting an RKO and become the new WWE Champion.

Result: Randy Orton is the winner and now the WWE Champion.

Concluding WWE Hell In A Cell Full Highlights And Match Results 2020

Hell in a Cell 2020 was an experience of some incredible matches in the history of WWE.

  • Roman Reigns did everything as he promised he would at WWE Hell in a Cell and showed no mercy on Jey Uso.
  • Roman Reigns defeated Jey Uso and retained his Universal Championship.
  • Otis lost to Miz, and now he does not possess his Money in the Bank Contract anymore.
  • Otis lost something even more precious than the contract, his best friend, Tucker. Tucker betrayed Otis during his match in Hell in a Cell.
  • Sasha Banks won the SmackDown’s Women Title for the first time.
  • The Retribution’s offer for The Hurt Business proved into an impressive one for The All-Mighty as Bobby Lashley retained his US Championship by defeating Slapjack in WWE Hell in a Cell match.
  • Randy Orton won the match by defeating Drew McIntyre and became the World Champion for the 14th time.

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